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    • HI Martin, French in the know say it’s 10,000 by now. Cazeneuve, the vomit-inducing islamo-collaborating Interior Minister of France (who personally hunts Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine – Pierre Cassens and Christine Tasin) with one proces after another for “lèse majesté” has just sneaked in a new law which does away with the notion of “ILLEGAL” migrant (I dont know the details as I’m not online too much atm). The way I understand it is that not one of those savage invadors are from now on “illegal” and consequently – I guess – their entitlement to social services etc. increases nor can they be deported (it’s not as if France deported invadors anyway, even if they are repeat criminal offenders).

      • OT – me too.
        I read that too. Total abdication of responsibility, bought by the fiendish Soros. Citizens who accept this passively will perish. It’s that simple.

        Africans are not a net gain for us or for Europe. When they learn to use the toilet after a few generations, they start with Black Lives Matter.

        Calais is fascinating. There’s more there than meets the eye.
        Why tolerate it? What’s their mission in the UK?

        • What’s their mission in the UK?

          Good question, the Jungle there has the same population of most of the refugee camps” military aged men who are willing to commit any type of violence necessary to reach their destination. My guess is that they were ordered there and don’t want to make their superiors mad.

  1. British churches should have ‘BOUNCERS’ on doors to prevent terror attack, says expert (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “CHURCHES should have ‘bouncers’ on the door during services to help protect them from the threat of terror attacks, new counter terrorism advice has warned.

    According to new guidance, smaller churches are at greater risk of being attacked than larger places of worship.

    The new advice from an adviser to the Home Office suggests churches should install CCTV and attack alarms to help protect church-goers and clergymen.

    The 12-page document recommends churches to put “someone on the door of your church welcoming people into the building during service who can close the front door in an emergency”.

    The document adds: “Make sure that someone is stood by the door before, during and after the service, whilst the congregation is present.”

    It comes as the risk of terror attacks on British shores is believed to have been increased since two Islamic State terrorists brutally murdered Father Jacques Hamel in his church in France…”

    • If I hear “SYYYYRIAN REFUGEEEES” again I will scream “Allah-u-Akbar”. “Syrian Refuge” really has become the generic name for “Only Muslims will be accepted”. Who can blame the nearly-out-of-the-closet Obama, when even that other people smuggler, the fake Pope, leaves Christians behind and picks muslims to come with him on his plane. And lets not even mention Merkel.
      In conclusion to my little rant: “Syrian Refugees” is another name for Merkel-Muslims, PopeFranz-Muslims, Obama-Muslims, Trudeau-Muslims, and Adolf-Erdogan-ISIS-jihadis.

      • >> OT >> I couldn’t watch.
        I’m trying to stay healthy in this stressful period before the election. That means avoiding topics certain to raise the blood pressure. It’s fine now: this is just a precaution to be fighting fit, if that’s what it takes.
        -No human (hah!) interest stories about “SYYYYRIAN REFUGEEEES”
        -No Soros, no Clinton, no Kerry, plus, plus, plus
        -No reports about Jew-hate, even disguised as Israel-hate.
        -No CNN, Bloomberg, NYT, WashPost, WSJ, Vice, list keeps growing…Fox may be added soon…

          • Fox repeats clips, includes excessively long segments of characters I’m boycotting. (I fast-forward.)
            We’re getting more “fair and balanced” reporting – which means another unchallenged enemy platform.

        • I know what you and Johnny mean, it is the only TV news network I can stand and it is getting too many liberals, I pray things will change after Trump wins the election but am afraid it won’t.

    • [ .... speaking of the pope ....this just out now :.... ]

      Migrants and refugees at the heart of Pope’s new ‘Motu Proprio’

      The new “Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development” was instituted in a Motu Proprio published on Wednesday in the Osservatore Romano.

      It will come into effect as from 1 January 2017 and will be especially “competent in issues regarding migrants, those in need, the sick, the excluded and marginalized, the imprisoned and the unemployed, as well as victims of armed conflict, natural disasters, and all forms of slavery and torture”.

      On that same date, four Pontifical Councils dedicated to charity and to the promotion of human development will cease to exist and effectively be encompassed in the new institution.

      The Pope has appointed Cardinal Peter Turkson as Prefect of the new dicastery. Turkson is the current President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace – one of those destined to be suppressed.

      As Pope Francis highlights in the Motu Proprio: ‘the Church is called to promote the integral development of the human person in the light of the Gospel’, thus the Successor of Peter must ‘continuously adapt the institutions which collaborate with him.’

      One of the sections of the new dicastery is an expression of the Pope’s particular concern for refugees and migrants and of his deep belief that in today’s world integral human development cannot be promoted without special attention for the phenomenon of migration. For this reason, this particular section is placed ad tempus beneath the direct jurisdiction of the Pope.

      [ i guess that when he says “integral” he means “global” like in globalization and “justice and peace” may be in fact something more like “no justice no peace” ]

      Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio
      by the Supreme Pontiff Francis

      In all her being and actions, the Church is called to promote the integral development of the human person in the light of the Gospel. This development takes place by attending to the inestimable goods of justice, peace, and the care of creation. The Successor of the Apostle Peter, in his work of affirming these values, is continuously adapting the institutions which collaborate with him, so that they may better meet the needs of the men and women whom they are called to serve.
      So that the Holy See may be solicitous in these areas, as well as in those regarding health and charitable works, I institute the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. This Dicastery will be competent particularly in issues regarding migrants, those in need, the sick, the excluded and marginalized, the imprisoned and the unemployed, as well as victims of armed conflict, natural disasters, and all forms of slavery and torture.
      In the new Dicastery, governed by the Statutes that today I approve ad experimentum, the competences of the following Pontifical Councils will be merged, as of 1 January 2017: the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, and the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers. On that date these four Dicasteries will cease exercising their functions and will be suppressed, and articles 142-153 of the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus will be abrogated.
      I decree that what has been set out in this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio have the force of law, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, even if worthy of special mention, and that it be promulgated by publication in L’Osservatore Romano, therefore published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, entering into force on 1 January 2017.
      Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 17 August 2016, the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Fourth Year of my Pontificate.

      Rome reports propaganda :

      More Muslim leaders are publicly condemning Islamic radicals

      • ISIS names Pope ‘enemy number one’ for being a ‘NON-BELIEVER’ (express, Aug 31, 2016)

        “THE Pope has been named by Islamic State (ISIS) as “enemy number one” in the latest issue of its propaganda rag.

        ISIS, otherwise known as Daesh, has named the leader of the Catholic Church as the ultimate foe of the bloodthirsty regime.

        Pope Francis, real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was branded a “non-believer” by the twisted group in their monthly publication.

        The 79-year-old is also accused of “defending” homosexuals, adding it is “immoral” in their article, entitled ‘in the words of the enemy’.

        The barbaric troupe continued their ideological rant, criticising Pope Francis for “seeking dialogue with moderate Islam”, including Ahmed al Tayeb, an Arab preacher of the prestigious Islamic university Al Azhar in Cairo, Egypt.

        The imam was labelled an “apostate” – someone who renounces religion – by ISIS, who criticised his comments on Christianity calling it “a faith of love and peace”.

        ISIS has previously released a video showing the end of the world and suggests they are planning an assassination of the pope.

        A clip shows tanks advancing on a post-apocalyptic Rome, with a voiceover claiming Isis will take over the city, take women as slaves and destroy all crucifixes.

        The Argentinian national has previously refused warnings to wear a bullet proof vest amid threats from Daesh…”

    • Pope assumes responsibility for migrants in Vatican reform

      Pope Francis is showing his profound concern for refugees by assuming direct responsibility for migrant issues in a new Vatican department that merges four Vatican offices into one handling peace, the environment and human trafficking issues.

      […]Francis named Cardinal Peter Turkson to lead the department. The Ghanaian cardinal currently heads the Vatican’s justice and peace office and has been the front man for Francis’ landmark environment encyclical. While Turkson is in charge of the overall office, the Vatican said Francis would personally oversee migrant issues.

      […]Francis has made clear that the refugee crisis facing Europe, the Middle East and the Americas is the priority of his pontificate and has vowed to fight what he calls today’s “globalization of indifference.”

      […]He prayed at the U.S.-Mexico border and said anyone who wants to build a wall there isn’t Christian.

      […]The new office is likely to be the most high-profile since the issues it deals with — the environment, migration, the sick, prisoners, modern-day slaves — are those closest to Francis’ heart.

  2. Turkey will NEVER join European Union while Erdogan is in charge, EU bureaucrat claims (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A TOP European Union bureaucrat has said Turkey will not join the bloated Brussels bloc while president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an remains at the helm.

    Turkey began talks to join the EU way back in 2005 but talks have not progressed in 11 years.

    However Germany’s European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger did not rule out the possibility of Turkey joining in the future.

    The bureaucrat said: “It will probably be an issue for the period after Erdogan.

    “Given the current conditions, accession is not realistic until well into the next decade.”

    German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel echoed the views of Oettinger, saying he did not think he would see Turkey joining the bloc during his political career…”

  3. Today at Frankfurt Airport a passenger entered the security area before the security check had been completed. 1/1 (tweet from Frankfur Airport). Airport was partially evacuated.

    – German media ” a woman with two children entered the security area” (
    – media later “a woman entered the security area” (that’sReuters) OR a men entered the security area (Daily Mail)
    – finally (a passenger disappeared) OR (a woman is questioned by police) OR (a passenger is questioned by police)


    • Germany on ALERT as Frankfurt Airport evacuated amid bomb threat (express, Aug 31, 2016)

      “FRANKFURT Airport was evacuated this morning due to a bomb scare, after a passenger ran off while being scanned for explosives at a security check.

      Two sections of Terminal 1 at the huge German airport were put in lockdown, after a woman accessed a restricted area.

      According to airport sources, she “walked off” while being screened at a security check this morningat around 10am.

      Police are unsure as to whether this breach was intended or accidental. The woman has since been found and is now being questioning.

      Police searched the terminal but re-opened the terminals after not finding any suspicious items.

      A spokesman said: “The primary goal of the measures is to get the terminal clear. Security is our highest priority.”

      The airport, which is the biggest in Germany and the third-busiest in Europe in terms of passenger numbers, Tweeted: “Today at Frankfurt Airport a passenger entered the security area before the security check had been completed.

      “Therefore the German federal police cleared departure hall A as a preventative measure. Passengers will be rechecked prior to departure.”

      Panicked passengers took to social media to express their alarm.

      One person in the airport posted: “What a mess evacuation of #frankfurt #airport. No information.Thousands passengers don’t know where to go. Nobody knows anything.”…”

  4. Turkey won’t agree truce with Syrian Kurdish militia, despite U.S. unease

    KARKAMIS, Turkey (Reuters) – Turkey will not agree a truce with Kurdish militias in Syria as it considers them terrorists, officials said on Wednesday, after strains emerged with the United States over clashes between Turkish forces and the U.S.-backed Syrian fighters.

    Washington has been alarmed by Turkey’s week-long incursion into Syria, saying it was “unacceptable” for its NATO ally to hit militias loyal to Kurdish-aligned Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that Washington supports to fight against Islamic State.

    U.S. officials on Tuesday welcomed what appeared to be a pause in fighting between Turkish forces and rival militias, although Ankara denied assertions from Kurdish fighters in Syria that a temporary truce had been agreed.

    “The Turkish Republic is a sovereign state, a legitimate state. It cannot be equated with a terrorist organization,” EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik told state-run Anadolu news agency, adding this meant there could be no “agreement between the two.”

    His comments were echoed by President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, who said Turkey would continue striking Kurdish militia until they withdrew from the region where Turkish forces are fighting.

    • Russia says it killed key Islamic State leader in Syria

      MOSCOW, Aug 31 (Reuters) – Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Wednesday that Russian air strikes in Syria had killed one of Islamic State’s most prominent leaders, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, on Tuesday.

      The ministry said that Adnani was one of up to 40 rebels killed by the air strikes in Syria’s region of Maaratat-Umm Khaush, in the Aleppo province.

      On Tuesday, a U.S. defence official told Reuters the United States targeted Adnani in a strike.
      Russia calls on Turkey not to strike Syrian Kurds, others fighting ISIS

      MOSCOW – Russia called on Turkey to avoid strikes in Syria on opposition and ethnic groups, including Kurds, who fight ISIS, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Wednesday.,7340,L-4848681,00.html

    • White House says has no evidence Russia killed Islamic State leader

      ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE, Aug 31 (Reuters) – The Obama administration is not aware of any facts suggesting Russia was involved in the death of prominent Islamic State leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday.

      Moscow had claimed that Russian air strikes in Syria had killed Adnani. U.S. defense officials said earlier that Russia’s claim is a “joke.”

          • I’m not sure I trust any of them. The left owns the media there.

            Israel Hayom is the exception. That’s owned by an American billionaire who supports Bibi. It’s wildly popular, quick, and superficial. Editorials by neoconservative fossils.

            Arutz Sheva
            I like it because it has a more religious mainstream feel to it than other papers in English. Observes Sabbath. Editorials from Gatestone people like Giulio Meotti.

            For the most immediate, I look for links at farr rrright-wing blogs. There’s always quick correction for inaccuracy.

          • Just found a terrific article on the decline & fall of Israeli media!
            The accelerating erosion of the post-Zionist Hebrew media
            Haaretz, Israel’s oldest Hebrew daily newspaper, was established in 1918 by a group of left-leaning businessmen. In 1937, Salman Schocken bought the newspaper and it was edited by his son Gershom until his death in 1990.

            Although its circulation was never high when compared to the tabloids Maariv and Yedioth Ahronoth, it has for many years been regarded as the most influential intellectual newspaper in Israel with its readership including leading political and economic elites. It was considered a liberal newspaper although its economic section was conservative, and it published many outstanding feature articles.

            After Gershom died, his son Amos assumed the role of chairman, CEO and publisher. In August 2006, 25% of the shares of Haaretz were sold to the German publisher M. DuMont Schauberg, whose father was a Nazi party member and whose publishing enterprises promoted Nazi ideology.

            Although he passionately denies being post-Zionist, Amos imposed his radical left-wing ideology onto the newspaper which has now been transformed into a vehicle that provides much of the anti-Israeli sentiment and even anti-Semitic lies and distortions that are a boon to our adversaries.

            It is difficult to comprehend the depths to which this once highly regarded newspaper has descended. There are still a number of level-headed commentators, such as Ari Shavit and Shlomo Avineri, and occasional “fig leaf” conservative columns contributed by Moshe Arens and Israel Harel. But the opinion section is overwhelmingly dominated by delusional anti-Zionists…

            These demonic views of their own country would be more appropriate for publication in the Palestinian media than in an Israeli newspaper.

            Furthermore, even the reporting became as opinionated as op-ed articles, frequently totally distorting news events and placing Israel in the worst possible light. The reporting has also become selective in its news coverage, a prime example being the suppressed coverage of then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s alleged corruption, in order not to create problems for the Gaza disengagement.

            If Haaretz was restricted to an Israeli audience, its impact would be minimal as it has a small circulation and few Israelis are influenced by what it publishes.

            The real problem is the English language edition and its internet site, which is monitored by diplomats and reproduced by the global media. It serves to demonize and delegitimize Israel to countless internet readers throughout the world who are under the illusion that they are reading a reputable liberal Israeli newspaper. Pro-Israel Diaspora activists who would normally have protested the bias and even the anti-Semitic slant of anti-Israeli media outlets, have been confronted by editors who defended their approach on the grounds that it reflected the editorial policies of a respected daily Israeli newspaper.

            The damage is incalculable. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that in recent years, the newspaper has caused more harm to the image of Israel than the combined efforts of our adversaries. Nothing demonstrates this more than the front-page headlines in 2009 based upon unsubstantiated evidence from the discredited Breaking the Silence group which first promoted the lie that Israeli soldiers were committing war crimes.
            The article is sensational, worth reading in full.

  5. Mitsubishi Heavy discusses U.S. armored vehicle tie up after losing sub deal

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is in talks with an unidentified U.S. company over a possible partnership to develop an armored vehicle that for the first time could see a Japanese firm build arms for a foreign customer, a senior executive said.

    MHI is moving forward in the talks in the wake of its failure, as part of a Japanese government bid, to win a $40 billion contract to sell submarines to Australia.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration had hoped that the contract would be Japan’s first major export deal after ending a decades-old ban on foreign arms sales in April 2014.

    A partnership with a U.S. firm may prove an easier route into overseas markets for the globally inexperienced company.

    “The U.S. is the easiest overseas market for us to do business in,” Hisakazu Mizutani, the head of MHI’s Defense and Space Systems business told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

    Better known as the maker of the World War Two-era Zero fighter, Japan’s leading defense contractor has hitherto developed kit exclusively for the nation’s Self Defense Forces (SDF), which controls the rights to that technology.

    • I won’t object as long as the vehicles are build in the US, having any military equipment build overseas is a bad idea, in case of war the supply lines could be cut.

  6. North Korea executes vice premier in latest purge: South

    SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea has executed its vice premier for education and rebuked two high-ranking officials, South Korea said on Wednesday, which, if true, would mark a new series of measures by leader Kim Jong Un to discipline top aides.

    Kim took power in 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, and his consolidation of power has included purges and executions of top officials, South Korean officials have said.

    South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee said the government had confirmed the execution of the education official, Kim Yong Jin, “through various channels” but declined to provide details.

    Kim Yong Chol, the influential head of the North’s United Front Department which handles inter-Korean relations, was made to undergo “revolutionary measures,” Jeong told a briefing.

    Another ruling party official in the propaganda department was also reprimanded, Jeong said.

  7. Sweden in ISIS threat: Sleeper cells warning as MEP blasts there IS a link to migration (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A SWEDISH MEP admitted there was a link between migration and terrorists in her country as the sheer number of those moving in means it is near impossible to integrate people into society.

    Kristina Winberg admitted there are now sleeper cells and lone wolves in the country after welcoming a record 160,000 people into the Nordic country in 2015.

    The MEP called for more work to be done to help integrate migrants to stop them living in “despair” and turning to radicalisation.

    She told European Parliament’s Civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee this morning: “All of these terror attacks are a great tragedy.

    “We have seen a change in the type of attacks, we in Sweden have got border protections which means it is more difficult to get in but we have these sleeping cells and these lone terrorist attackers who are already in our member states.

    “Perhaps we should look at the great flows of migration into Europe and see if there is a link.

    “In my country I have seen there is a link, there is a lack of jobs, people are living in despair, it is difficult to integrate people into society. Does the Commission see a link between the high levels of immigration and radicalisation?”

    Sweden has seen a soaring level of migrant crimes after a swell of migrants during the height of the crisis 2015.

    The police have even launched “Don’t touch me” bracelets in the country to try and stop the number of migrant sex attacks in the country.

    During the debate, MEP Ana Gomes said more should be done to stop radicalisation.

    She said: “It is about investing in social services to stop people who might go astray.

    “Debates about the burkini only play into the hand of the radicalisation propaganda.”

    One MEP said at it is a critical moment for security within the EU.

    Denmark and Sweden were cited as the best places tackling radicalisation, particularly in prisons.

    They said that a better screening of migrants is necessary to prevent the potential infiltration of terrorists, such as sharing of finger prints.

    MEP Jimenez Becerril Barrio said: “Unity is out best weapon, we have to stop legitimising terrorism and sensationalising it.

    “People think that being a terrorist is about having a status, I have heard very few people talking about the victims on all this.

    “We are never going to abolish it entirely but this doesn’t mean we should give up.

    “Terrorists are quite simply murderers.””

  8. Europe’s new breed of terrorist – WOMEN: Female attacker likely as police ‘ignore’ them (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A FEMALE terrorist could strike NEXT on the streets of Europe because authorities turn a blind eye to unsuspecting women jihadis who are capable of unleashing a trail of mass destruction, a US researcher has warned.

    Dr Karla Cunningham issued the chilling caution as she said women are the “new breed of terrorist” because they are able to get “closer to targets” and “evade counter terrorism measures”.

    Worryingly, the international affairs analyst claims female terrorism is often “rarely acknowledged” because officials often “fail to anticipate the emergency and range of female militant actors”.

    Writing in a report entitled Studies in Conflict and Terrorism: Countering Female Terrorism, she accused security personnel of “ignoring the wider security implications” of militant women and society of dismissing women as “aberrant and not a ‘real threat’”…”

  9. BREAKING: Two dead after car being chased by police ploughs into pedestrians in Penge (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “TWO people have died after being hit by a car being chased by police in southeast London.

    Police said the car was “in collision with a number of members of the public” in Lennard Road, Penge, in the London Borough of Bromley.

    Two members of the public were pronounced dead at the scene.

    Another two are believed to have been injured.

    Officers are awaiting updates on further injuries.

    Witnesses described frighting scenes in which the car being chased ploughed into pedestrians on the pavement.

    A man who lives nearby, said: “It was a horrific scene on a sunny afternoon in a sleepy place.”

    An eyewitness told Sky News she understood the car being chased was part of an “abduction” incident involving a baby from the nearby Sainsbury’s.

    She said she saw a woman running out of the supermarket shouting: “My baby, my baby.”

    Scotland Yard confirmed the driver of the car has been arrested and remains in custody at a south London police station.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Directorate of Professional Standards have been informed.

    Enquiries are continuing.”

  10. ‘We have it rammed down our necks’ Hopkins slams multiculturalism after carnival stabbings (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A FURIOUS Katie Hopkins has slammed multiculturalism after six stabbings and hundreds of arrests at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

    Police have revealed 454 people were arrested at Europe’s biggest street party where revellers were stabbed, sexually assaulted and beaten in a shocking catalogue of violence.

    Caller Michael in Ealing, London, phoned in to Hopkins’ LBC show to defend the two-day event, which saw more than a million people hit the streets for music, dancing and partying.

    Outraged by the caller’s assertion that incidents at other large events go unreported, the controversial presenter declared she “doesn’t buy multiculturalism at all.”

    “We’ve been looking at other events, like the football, like Chinese New Year, like an event for Scottish people. We’ve tried to find comparable statistics and we can’t,” the host fired back.

    “This seems to be one of the most violent events. We’ve tried to find statistics that make it look okay [but] it doesn’t look okay.”

    Michael said the carnival was all about multiculturalism…”

    • Chicago used to have a fireworks display along the lakefront for the July 4; we no longer have that. There are those that believe that Black criminal activity against the influx of white suburbanites finally convinced the Mayor to cancel that under the pretext of saving money. The forerunner of BLM in destroying American culture.

      • Tony Blair gets his wish of ‘rubbing their faces’ in multiculti.
        Chicago is like Detroit. Somalis have been seeded in what were once lovely cities across the northern midwest. They’re ruined now, too. So fast!

  11. Brussels tries to dig itself out of migration hole by REVOKING refugee residency (express, Aug 31, 2016)

    “BRUSSELS is controversially attempting to dig itself out of its huge migration hole by bringing in proposals to forcibly send refugees home.

    Eurocrats, speaking at the European Parliament today, have pushed forward bombshell plans to continuously evaluate the residency status of people who have been granted asylum in a landmark move to bring the migration crisis under control.

    Other proposals include “harmonising” huge swathes of asylum policy as EU superstate dreamers bind all nations by the same set of rules.

    Under the incendiary proposal a new EU asylum ministry would keep a watchful eye on the situation in refugees’ countries of origin.

    If it was deemed to have improved so much that the country was now considered ‘safe’, refugees who had previously been granted asylum would have their residency permits revoked and would be sent home.

    Under the plans those ordered to leave would have just three months to seek an alternative legal status in Europe, such as being allowed to stay in their host country on family and human rights grounds.

    The dynamite suggestion is an attempt to discourage the huge levels of migration to Europe and to reassure populations in countries like Germany and Sweden, which have taken in huge numbers of predominantly Muslim refugees.

    However, it was slammed by MEPs who argued the measure was inhumane and risked radicalising migrants because they would not be able to integrate with the constant threat of repatriation hanging over them.

    Politicians hammered Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission for the proposal during a debate in the European Parliament today, with many vowing to vote it down.

    A Commission spokesman told the Civil Liberties Committee that Europe should only grant protection to people “for as long as it is needed” adding that the new directive would bring in an “obligation” for member states to regularly reevaluate asylum status.

    Countries would have to decide whether it was safe to send a refugee home every time they reviewed their residence permit, according to the official, who said: “If the situation changes in the country of origin, people may lose their status as a refugee.”

    German MEP Brigit Sippel said: “Where there is a threat that is no longer existent in the country of origin the asylum seeker could be sent back, so I’m wondering to what extent member states are prepared to invest massively in early stage integration when at the back of their minds they’re thinking is it really worth it because I might have to send that refugee back?

    “The question that arises is there’s always this idea in the back of the mind of the employer that the refugee might be sent back after a year so how many employers will really be prepared to take on such a worker?”

    Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikstrom said the Commission proposal was a “race to the bottom, to the lowest possible standard”.

    She raged: “Many of the key proposals are not acceptable. They lack not only the basic respect for European values of solidarity and international law they even lack the respect for human basic dignity.”

    Meanwhile Italian MEP Barbara Spinelli added: “We’re on very shaky ground here.”

    And British MEP Jean Lambert, of the Greens, said there would be no incentive for refugees to integrate or get a job “when you could be out in a year’s time”, adding: “We have some very grave misgivings about the direction of travel.”

    The highly controversial suggestion is part of a raft of proposals by the EU Commission to improve Europe’s asylum system and bring the spiralling migrant crisis under control.

    Eurocrats want the 28 states to sign up to the same centralised list of ‘safe countries’, to agree to uniform standards at migrant reception centres and to all agree to process asylum applications within six month, after which refugees would automatically gain access to the labour market.

    All member states would also have to offer migrants free legal advice and translation services, personal hearings for their asylum claims and the automatic right to appeal negative decisions.

    But they were greeted with dismay by Swedish MEP Kristina Winberg, who said her country had “shouldered a lot” and should be able to set its own migration policies.

    She blasted: “I don’t think it’s up to the EU to decide it’s up to member states to decide, so I’m against this proposal.

    “In Sweden we have people that have come via Greece. They’ve got mobile telephones, they can go to websites and see where the best destination is, because it’s not about getting to the first safe country.

    “It’s about going to the country where you’ve got the best social benefits. They hear that you get 300 euros a month in Germany, or if you’ve got family maybe 400, so they select the best country from that point of view.

    “Sweden has good conditions – you have the right to a pension and childcare and child benefit – so perhaps we should get rid of this asylum shopping.”

    MEPs on the Civil Liberties Committee debated the proposals today. They will have to be agreed by the whole EU Parliament and member states before becoming law.”

  12. China Overtakes US in Scientific Articles, Robots, Supercomputers
    Anatoly Karlin • August 29, 2016

    Nothing illustrates China’s meteoric rise as some well chosen numbers.

    By the end of the 1990s, China had come to dominate the mainstays of geopolitical power in the 20th century – coal and steel production. As a consequence, it leapt to the top of the Compositive Index of National Capability, which uses military expenditure, military personnel, energy consumption, iron and steel production, urban population, and total population as a proxy of national power. Still, one could legitimately argue that all of these factors are hardly relevant today. While Germany’s fourfold preponderance in steel production over Russia may have been a critical number in 1914, China’s eightfold advantage in steel production over the US by 2014 is all but meaningless in any relevant comparison of national power. The world has moved on.

    By the end of the 2000s, like Victorian Britain in the mid-19th century, China became the workshop of the world, overtaking the US in both manufacturing and coming very close to it in terms of PPP-adjusted GDP. As a consequence, this was when China also overtook the US on a wide range of consumer welfare and ecological impact indicators, such as exports, CO2 emissions, Internet users, energy consumption, car sales, car production, and number of patents issued. Still, its presence in the hi-tech sector was still pretty modest, and innovation was low. This was not yet an economy that could furnish first-class armaments, or inspire far off peoples to carry out color revolutions in its name.

    But as of this year, China is hurtling past yet another set of inflection points – the hi-tech component of its economy, roughly comparable to any of the major European Powers a mere decade ago, is now about to converge and then hurtle past that of the US by the end of the 2010s (even if in per capita terms it remains considerably behind, like South Korea 20 years ago).

    This process can be proxied by three indicators: Number of scientific articles published, operational stock of industrial robots, and number of supercomputers.

    [See link for rest.]

    • Stolen technology, a pronounced absence of creativity, slave labour–great country, indeed. Time for their comeuppance.

      Yes, their investment in gold is astounding. Number one gold producer in the world despite the fact they must rape the low-producing land to achieve this. But of course they always have their eye on money. Only thing that matters to a good communist.

      • They’re also cracking down on internet news and all social media. Harping on the importance of avoiding contamination by “Western culture”. If they’re so awesome-terrific, why are they so afraid?

        • They are afraid because they know their economy is one of the weakest in the world and that their only way to stave off a collapse is to invade their neighbors to steal assets and women to keep their young men quiet. They also know the worlds economy is heading towards a catastrophic collapse and if they aren’t fighting before it falls they many not survive long enough to go to war.

          Most of the world is facing something similar but on a smaller scale but are facing invaders in place that will react to a collapse violently.

          Things are slowly heading down but will speed up once one major nation falls into a full fledged civil war. The big question is which nation will it be?

  13. Iranian Revolutionary Guard general killed in Aleppo (reuters, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A brigadier general from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards had been killed during fighting in Aleppo, Iranian news sites reported Wednesday

    Ahmad Ghulami was killed on Tuesday by “takfiri terrorists”, a label used by Shi’ite Muslims to describe Sunni Muslim militants, according to the Tasnim news site…”

  14. Yemeni Rebels: 16 Civilians Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrikes (abcnews, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit a house in the northern city of Saada in the early hours of Wednesday, killing at least 16 civilians, Yemen’s rebel-controlled state news agency reported.

    The airstrikes were part of an ongoing air campaign led by Saudi Arabia that aims at dislodging Shiite rebels, known as the Houthis, from the Yemeni capital and northern regions of the country…”

  15. Syria war: Turkey hits out at US over Kurds comments (BBC, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Turkey has hit out at the United States over criticism of its ongoing role in the conflict in Syria.

    Turkish forces have targeted so-called Islamic State (IS) inside Syria, but have also gone after Kurdish fighters in the same region.

    The pursuit of Kurdish forces, whom Ankara considers terrorists, has led to criticism by the United States.

    Ankara summoned the US ambassador on Wednesday over comments the foreign ministry called “unacceptable”.

    A US military spokesman had expressed hopes on Tuesday that, rather than see Turkey pursue Kurdish fighters, “all parties involved are going to stop shooting at each other and focus” on IS.

    “Turkey is a sovereign state, it is a legitimate state,” said EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik, echoing comment by Turkey’s foreign ministry.

    “To suggest it is on a par with a terrorist organisation and suggest there are talks between them, that a deal has been reached between them, this is unacceptable.”

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Wednesday that “operations will continue until all terrorist elements have been neutralised, until all threats to our borders, our lands and our citizens are completely over”.

    Hurriyet reported that US ambassador John Bass was summoned to the foreign ministry on Wednesday morning.

    While Ankara and Washington are allies, the US depends on Kurdish forces for support in attacking IS in northern Syria.

    However, Turkey has insisted Kurdish militia, which it regards as terrorists, retreat east across the Euphrates river.

    Turkey has been fighting a Kurdish insurgency in its south-east for decades and fears Kurdish gains in northern Syria will fuel Kurdish separatism at home.

    Turkish forces and allied factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) forced IS out of the Syrian border city of Jarablus a week ago and have since pounded neighbouring villages held by Kurdish-led, US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

    The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG), which dominates the SDF, says its forces have withdrawn, and that the Turkish action against the group was a “pretext” for occupying Syria.

    At the weekend, the US Defence Secretary Ash Carter called on Turkey to stay focused on the fight against IS and not to engage the SDF.

    He said the US was “very supportive” of Turkey’s general counter-IS activities and its efforts to secure the border – but not the area south of Jarablus.

    Separately, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticised EU states for their response to a failed coup in the country last month.

    Ibrahim Kalin said it was unacceptable that EU countries had not sent high-level representatives to Turkey after the coup attempt, which the presidency says was planned by supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a powerful US-based Muslim cleric.

    EU officials had spoken of their concern at a crackdown led by Mr Erdogan on state institutions in the wake of the coup attempt.”

  16. Polish Minister: We Will Not Expose Poland to Terrorism (abcnews, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Poland has denied entry to a group of Chechens because the country is sealing its border to protect the nation and Europe against the threat of terrorism, its interior minister said Wednesday.

    Mariusz Blaszczak was commenting on Poland’s refusal this week to admit some 200 Chechen migrants who were trying to cross the European Union’s external border from Brest, Belarus.

    On Monday night, a group of Chechens camped in Brest protesting the denial to enter Poland and demanded to speak to Polish authorities, according to Poland-based Belsat TV. A spokesman for Poland’s local Border Guard, Dariusz Sienicki, told The Associated Press Wednesday that the group had returned to Belarus.

    Human rights groups say torture, abductions and extrajudicial executions have been widespread during the rule of Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov and the Chechens say they aim to enter the EU through Poland to seek asylum. Most travel on to Germany or other western European countries.

    Speaking on Polish TVN24 Blaszczak said that as long as he is the interior minister and the conservative Law and Justice party is in power “we will not expose Poland to the threat of terrorism.”

    “The point is to ensure security for Europe,” he said.

    He did not explain why he linked the Chechens to terrorism…”

  17. Sorry if this is a repost:

    Dale Hurd from CBN – “As many as one million White English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs”. And the grooming circuit remains unchanged by lack of police and government measures. Excellent report.

  18. Denmark And Austria Push For Laws Blocking Migrants On Border (breitbart, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Sweden, Denmark, and Austria are seeking tough new powers to deter migrants, the latter two proposing to instantly turn back so-called asylum-seekers at their borders.
    The Austrian government announced Tuesday they are receiving advice on how to turn back migrants within an hour, as well as capping the number of asylum requests it accepts, EurActiv reports.

    On the same day, the Danish government proposed a law giving police the power to reject “asylum seekers” at their borders in times of crisis – times such as last year, when a million strong wave arrived after the German Chancellor suspended the Dublin agreement and invited unlimited numbers into the continent.

    The Danish government are said to be inspired by a law in neighbouring Norway, adopted in June this year, and politicians said they needed to prepare for a situation where the Dublin regulation would cease to work in the future.

    Sweden’s left-wing government, meanwhile, said on Tuesday it would try and adopt more moderate measures, cutting grants given to local authorities to house young, unaccompanied “asylum seekers”…”

  19. Couple Brutally Attacked For Ordering Ham On Their Pizza (breitbart, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Two men who attacked a young couple for eating a pizza topped with ham have been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

    Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid, both 27, launched a brutal attack on the pair after warning them they would “go to hell” because the pizza they were eating contained ham.

    The victims left Le Mix Bar, a nightclub in Cambrésis, France, where they had spent the evening, and ordered pizza from a nearby food vendor. They were approached by Boussaid and Bouzid soon after, who offered the young couple cocaine…”

  20. Turkish Paper In France Shuts Down Due To Pro-Erdogan Death Threats (breitbart, Aug 31, 2016)

    “A France-based Turkish newspaper has closed down its operations after receiving hundreds of death threats due to their criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an.
    Zaman, which is openly critical of the Erdo?an regime in Turkey, announced its closure on Tuesday saying that the “disturbing trend of events” following the failed coup had created an atmosphere that made it impossible for the journalists or editorial staff to continue their work, reports Kurier.

    The French office’s nine employees, along with readers, are said to have been in danger due to what the paper called “security risks”. Editor Emre Demir said that it was Erdo?an’s AKP party who were behind the over 200 death threats they and their readers had received…”

  21. Migrants Sexually Harass Young Teen Girls In Swimming Pool (breitbart, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Migrants in Germany are accused of sexually harassing several young girls at a swimming pool in Essen over the weekend.

    Yet more migrants stand accused of trying to sexually abuse underage girls at a swimming pool in Germany. In the German town of Essen several girls at an outdoor pool, aged between 12 and 13 years, are said to have been approached by migrants over the weekend who tried to sexually abuse them.

    Two incidents occurred on Saturday and Sunday at the Grugabad swimming pool, the largest outdoor pool in the city, reports Die Welt…”

  22. What if Chaos Were Our Middle East Policy?
    Chaos may be our best defense against the Caliphate.

    Sum up our failed Middle East policy in a nine-letter word starting with an S. Stability.

    Stability is the heart and soul of nation-building. It’s the burden that responsible governments bear for the more irresponsible parts of the world. First you send experts to figure out what is destabilizing some hellhole whose prime exports are malaria, overpriced tourist knickknacks and beheadings. You teach the locals about democracy, tolerance and storing severed heads in Tupperware containers.

    Then if that doesn’t work, you send in the military advisers to teach the local warlords-in-waiting how to better fight the local guerrillas and how to overthrow their own government in a military coup.

    Finally, you send in the military. But this gets bloody, messy and expensive very fast.

    So most of the time we dispatch sociologists to write reports to our diplomats explaining why people are killing each other in a region where they have been killing each other since time immemorial, and why it’s all our fault. Then we try to figure out how we can make them stop by being nicer to them.

    • This is an interesting idea, why don’t we pursue the policy of creating chaos in the Middle East? In a lot of ways this is semi what Putin is doing so why not help the process along based on the theory that the more chaos the better. A lot of reporters would scream about the innocent civillians being killed but the current policy isn’t helping them so maybe this one will.

      • Israelis talk about it.

        Nobody’s overly upset about the Yemenis killing each other. That’s their alternative to birth control. Their sponsors buy ammunition, etc. from us and from our friends. Keeps us in jobs, kinda nice.

        We wouldn’t have to create much – just stop propping up the rogues in that gallery. ‘Civilians’ doesn’t translate to tardish. Nor do any of the Geneva Convention protocols.

        • And we could claim we are stopping supporting the rogues because of moral principles. The only thing that would bother me is what would continue to happen to the non Moslems, a genocide we are letting happen.

          • No one made us responsible for everyone everywhere. We do have commitments elsewhere – like in the So. China Sea region. Japan, South Korea, etc.

            Here’s where what I think of “positive tribalism” would kick in. Maybe Tea Party conservativism is an expression of that. Private initiatives, containment of government.

            Tribalism could work with small government, where, for example private Christian charities reach out to fellow Christians. They would be lobbying their governments, sponsoring refugees, fighting back because of a deeply felt identity with fellows in peril.

            The antithesis is the socialist entitled, atheist anomie that’s destroying Europe. With the anti-Pope as figurehead, his coat-of-arms the wrecking ball.

            Lord Jonathan Sacks, retired Chief Rabbi of the UK, was quoted in 2013:

            [T]he cause which he discusses with the deepest concern of all is the persecution of Christians in the Middle East – a plight, he argues, which is getting virtually no attention in public life.

            “I think this is a human tragedy that is going almost unremarked. I don’t know what the name for this is, it is the religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing.

            “We are seeing Christians in Syria in great danger, we are seeing the burning of Coptic churches in Egypt. There is a large Coptic population in Egypt and for some years now it has been living in fear. Two years ago the last church in Afghanistan was destroyed, certainly closed. There are no churches left in Afghanistan.

            “Between half a million and a million Christians have left Iraq. At the beginning of the 19th century Christians represented 20 per cent of the population of the Arab world, today two per cent. This is a story that is crying out for a public voice, and I have not heard an adequate public voice.”

            It is striking that this is an issue which does not directly involve Jews at all.

            But being Jewish, “you cannot but feel this very deeply and personally”, he says. “I think sometimes Jews feel very puzzled that Christians do not protest this more vociferously.”

            I understand gay people’s fears, says Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

  23. Richard: If we want to create CHAOS in the middle east we need to start in Iran.

    Iran’s Ongoing Military Buildup
    Laughing in the face of Washington’s “concern.”

    Last week Iranian naval vessels subjected U.S. warships to what U.S. officials called “harassing maneuvers risking dangerous escalation.”

    In an incident last January, Iran illegally detained a group of U.S. sailors—using the fact that their boats had veered into Iranian waters as a supposed justification.

    In last week’s incidents, Iran couldn’t even use that excuse since the American ships were in international waters.

    First, on Tuesday, Iranian ships buzzed the USS Nitze, a destroyer, in the Strait of Hormuz. They “ignored repeated radio, whistle and flare warnings from the Nitze and slowed their approach only when they were within 300 yards of the U.S. ship.”

    And in last Wednesday’s even more serious incidents, ships of the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) harassed two U.S. coastal patrol ships and a U.S. destroyer in the northern Persian Gulf.

    Finally one of the coastal patrol ships, the Squall, had to fire three shots in the general direction of one of the IRGC ships to get it to stop chasing after the Stout, the destroyer.

  24. CANADA – Friday aUG 26 2016 -Ontario Premier: “An honour to join Zunera Ishaq, meet with ICNA Sisters”

    Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, accompanied with Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, met on Friday, August 26, 2016 with female activists of the Islamic Circle North America Sisters (ICNA Canada) in Scarborough.

    She posted pictures featuring herself wearing the traditional Muslim veil, the hijab, alongside a group of Muslim women who wore hijab and niqab[…]

    pic on this page :

  25. Anti-immigrant party overtakes Merkel’s CDU in German state election poll

    The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) has overtaken Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) in a pre-election poll in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Cicero magazine said on Wednesday.

    The poll, conducted by the Insa Institute for the monthly Cicero, forecast the AfD would win 23 percent of the vote in Sunday’s state election, compared to 20 percent for the CDU, which would mark a huge setback for Merkel in her home state.

    “It would be a complete meltdown for the Christian Democratic Union if a new party was able to establish itself on a statewide level to the right of the Union, and actually exceed its size,” Cicero wrote on its website.

    Germany remains deeply unsettled, with anti-immigrant sentiment rising, after 15 people were killed and dozens wounded in five separate attacks between July 18 and 26. Two attacks were claimed by Islamic State militants, and three of the assailants were asylum seekers.

    Critics have seized on the attacks to criticize Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, under which hundreds of thousands of migrants, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, entered Germany in the past year.

    Cicero’s poll showed the left-leaning Social Democrats (SPD), part of Merkel’s ruling coalition in Berlin, led in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 28 percent of the vote. The SPD heads the state’s current governing coalition.

    The latest polling results would allow the current SPD-CDU coalition government to continue to govern the northeastern state, with a combined 48 percent of the projected vote.

    more at link

  26. MEMRI TV – Qatari Professor: Terrorism Is Not a Reaction to Political Injustices

    comment on the youtube page :

    William Tyndale

    Unfortunately this man seems to think the murderers who knew Mohammed personally created a ‘righteous’ society. Hum. Not really, they murdered each other for a start. One of them beheaded a man and raped his widow in the blood. Furthermore the ‘righteous’ society failed to build even ONE village or town let alone a civilisation. Instead they DESTROYED countless cities, obliterated Egypt entirely, and turned the once ‘cradle of civilisation’ into a desolate tribal backwater. The Muslims lived it up until all the wealth and prosperity was gone. It is now over 1,000 years since those once illustrious places have produced even ONE thinker and NO contributions at all to ANY subject of intellectual merit.

    If the Quran is so open to interpretation then it means whatever anyone wants it to mean. Islam can be judged by its fruits. The fruits are fanatically pious men who saw off children’s heads, burn men alive in cages, drown them, throw them off buildings, massacre them in ditches, take school girls as sex slaves. THIS is the fruit of Islam. The tree should be ripped up from its roots and destroyed. Until then it gives its bitter harvest.?

  27. ASSANGE: American Media ‘Erecting Demon’ By Shielding Clinton

    Whistleblower says Democrat will ‘put nooses around everyone’s necks as soon as she wins’

    (Washington Times) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday accused “the American liberal press” of “erecting a demon” by shielding Hillary Clinton from criticism.

    Mr. Assange took part in an hourlong interview with The New York Times on Facebook Live to discuss his role in influencing the 2016 presidential election.

    He told journalist Jo Becker from the Ecuadorean embassy in London — where he has evaded extradition to Sweden for five years over sexual assault charges he calls political retribution — that reporters were doing the nation a disservice by not properly covering Mrs. Clinton’s record.

    “The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks as soon as she wins the election, which is almost certainly what she’s going to do,” Mr. Assange said.

    The newspaper pushed Mr. Assange on his own potential biases, to which he replied that WikiLeaks‘ “enormous range” is not highlighted in the news. He said that his organization has exposed high-level corruption in numerous countries via the release of 10 million documents, including money-laundering schemes and the “oil-money mill” in Russia.

    WikiLeaks released almost 20,000 emails from seven accounts belonging to DNC staffers in July. Critics of the group and its 154 staffers say it works to undermine the presidential aspirations of the former secretary of state.

    “We don’t target the West. We are an investigative publisher,” Mr. Assange said. “We also represent whistleblowers who want to speak to the public like a lawyer to the greatest court in the world, the court of public opinion. We don’t target anyone.”

    Mr. Assange, who claimed Ms. Clinton was creating “a neo-McCarthyist hysteria” over his links to Russia, told Fox News on Aug. 26 that the most explosive material on her will be released before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

    • Today on FOX (outnumbered) I heard a woman say she was more afraid of Trump then of Hillary, from what she said she was believing the Hillary propaganda. I am not sure what to think of Assange but I agree with him that if Hillary is elected she will put a noose around everyone’s neck.

  28. Denmark: Police on manhunt for suspect after three people shot in Christiania

    Police have begun the search for the suspect of a shooting in the Christiania district, Copenhagen, on Wednesday night, which saw two police officers and one civilian injured.

  29. Morocco’s king drains water supply from French villages (thelocal, Aug 31, 2016)

    “When the Moroccan king brings his entourage of 300 to a small French village, the villagers are left thirsty.

    King Mohamed VI has spent the past week in his second house in Betz, a town of about 1,000 residents in the department of Oise to the north east of Paris.

    And the king has brought with him an apparently thirsty entourage of 300.

    So desperate for water, in fact, that they’ve helped drain the local water pumps dry.

    As a result, the locals have been asked to stop drinking the tap water as village’s consummation of water has exceeded its production…”

  30. CDU-CSU bloc says Germany needs new laws on ‘child marriage’ (DW, Aug 31, 2016)

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-wing bloc is looking into a plan to fight “child marriage,” German media report. CDU and CSU deputies will hold a closed-door meeting Thursday to discuss what they say is a growing issue.

    The Christian Democrats and their Bavarian allies in the Christian Social Union are looking into measures against the problem that they have identified as ” child marriage,” defined as unions in which at least one partner is younger than 18 years old.

    “The priority of child welfare and the equal treatment of men and women are pillars of our society and our understanding of our values,” legislators from the right-wing bloc wrote in a strategy paper quoted in Thursday’s edition of the “Passauer Neue Presse.”

    That paper estimates more than 1,000 such unions have been registered in Germany – largely connected with the influx of foreign migrants to the country over the last year.

    “The annulment of foreign child marriages must be the policy going forward,” the lawmakers added. “When the youth office becomes aware of a child marriage in the future, it must file a petition for annulment,” they wrote.

    In the past, German officials had decided whether to recognize marriages in which at least one partner is younger than 18 on a case-by-case basis. Sixteen- and 17-year-olds had been allowed to tie the knot with a court’s approval. The new regulations would raise the marriage age to 18.

    The discussion comes as Germany looks at a host of potential new regulations governing familes and religious expression.ssion.”

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