Canamerican couple prisoner video, another attack in France by a “Mentally ill” muslim, Czech TV debate: Links 1 on August 30 2016

1, Another mental patient from a Muslim country attacks a 20 year old police officer in Toulouse France.

(It truly is amazing how a person’s most confidential mental health records can be accessed by the media before they even get his name. Brave new world indeed.)

2. Here is a TV debate between a rational lawyer in the Czech republic and what has become known in Europe as, “a Sunshiner”, a quasi pejorative for someone who uses flowery language to support all things foreign and especially multiculturalism.

What is interesting is that it was filmed on Czech TV in August 2015 but not released till just over a week ago. Special thanks to Xanthippa for translating it and Gates of Vienna for the text editing.

WARNIG: The rhetoric of the “Sunshiner” may cause some hypertension in reasonable people. Please watch responsibly. 

3. Here is an old battle song from Poland which seems oddly appropriate again, even though it appears to have been written in, or around, Roman times. Ava Lon, who translated and timed the words for us, may want to explain the details of it in the comments. But meanwhile its interesting that it was redone and uploaded more recently.

4. Video made by what appear to be Canadian prisoners of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They manage to express what their captors want said, while transmitting their incredulity at the nature of it quite well.

I do not know the back story on who they are yet or how they happened to come to be there. But those thinking of visiting a Muslim country may want to watch this video first.

Are US schools and other institutions being rapidly tranformed into institutions of cultural Marxism?

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Ava Lon and so many more who work daily, and often all day, to try and find and decode the data that can give some indication of how the world actually operates today.

More of course is in the daily links post and more to come as well from the Los Angeles conference from August 21st. There are still quite a few very interesting speakers, even if they are a little less well known. The next one, is quite an interesting man from France.Hopefully this afternoon.

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  1. re #2 Czech lawyer debates a sunshiner on TV
    ff 8:22

    I personally think, I think this is truly an escape; even if we accepted that, we will still not have any ability to stop this. After all, this is something that is happening against the will of all the European states.
    There is no state that is sponsoring it. After all, we are not going to shoot at them!

    ===>maybe you should shoot at those without papers – they are likely soldiers of the caliphate – the invisible state

  2. Excellent work translating. Thank you! Yes, a few must be shot to slow the invasion. It’s the only way. This is hijrah. This is jihad. Europe is not helpless.

  3. No, 3
    I had no idea that the song was a battle song. As far as I know, the words were written by J. Czech and author of the music and the singer was Przemyslaw Gintrowski. Song Barbarzyncy was written around 1980 but the album “Kamienie” ( Stones) which included this song was published in 1991. The song itself is timeless, so it can be interpreted in many ways. It can well be interpreted as a description of Western society in present time.

  4. US Evaluating Taliban Video of Captive Couple in Afghanistan

    The State Department said Tuesday it is evaluating a video released by the Afghan Taliban showing a Canadian man and his American wife warning that their Afghan captors will kill them and their children unless the Kabul government ends its executions of Taliban prisoners.

    The video, which has not been independently verified by The AP, shows Canadian Joshua Boyle and American Caitlan Coleman, who were kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012, calling on Canada and the United States to pressure the Afghan government into changing its policy on executing captured Taliban prisoners. Coleman has told her family that she gave birth to two children in captivity.

    “I would tell you that the video is still being examined for its validity,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in response to a question at his daily briefing. “We remain concerned, obviously, about the welfare of Caitlan and her family, and we continue to urge for their immediate release on humanitarian grounds.”

    The video, which was uploaded Tuesday on YouTube, came to public attention through the Site Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist activity online.

    In a statement Tuesday, Global Affairs Canada spokesman Michael O’Shaughnessy said the government was aware of the latest video. He said the government will not comment further or release any information that might risk endangering the safety of Canadian citizens abroad.

    In the video, the scraggily bearded Boyle said the couple’s captors “are terrified of the thought of their own mortality approaching, and are saying that they will take reprisals on our family. They will execute us, women and children included, if the policies of the Afghan government are not overturned, either by the Afghan government or by Canada, somehow, or the United States.”

    Coleman, wearing a black headscarf, added: “I know this must be very terrifying and horrifying for my family to hear that these men are willing to go to these lengths, but they are.”

    A phone message left at a number listed for Coleman’s family in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, was not immediately returned.

    The couple set off in the summer of 2012 for a journey that took them to Russia, the central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and then to Afghanistan. Her parents, Jim and Lyn Coleman, last heard from their son-in-law on Oct. 8, 2012, from an internet cafe in what Josh described as an “unsafe” part of Afghanistan.

    In 2013, the couple appeared in two videos asking the U.S. government to free them from the Taliban. The Colemans received a letter last November in which their daughter said she had given birth to a second child in captivity.

    “I pray to hear from you again, to hear how everybody is doing,” the letter said.

    In July, Jim Coleman, speaking to the online news service Circa News, issued a plea to top Taliban commanders to be “kind and merciful” and let the couple go.

    “As a man, father and now grandfather, I am asking you to show mercy and release my daughter, her husband, and our beautiful grandchildren,” Jim Coleman said. “Please grant them an opportunity to continue their lives with us, and bring peace to their families.”

    • […] Coleman and her husband met on the Internet in 2011 and soon married. The couple’s family told the Associated Press that they spent months traveling in Latin America, living among indigenous Guatemalans. Boyle grew his beard out, and some children began calling him Santa Claus.

      “They really and truly believed that if people were loved and treated with respect that that would be given back to them in kind,” Linda Boyle, Boyle’s mother, told the AP. “So as odd it as it may seem to us that they were there, they truly believed with all their heart that if they treated people properly, they would be treated properly.”

      The couple decided to set off for a more challenging adventure in the summer of 2012, going from Russia through several Central Asian countries and then into Afghanistan. Coleman was pregnant, and the couple planned to return from abroad before they gave birth. In emails to their family, Coleman and Boyle, who’s Canadian, said they understood they were heading into dangerous areas.

      The couple’s communications ended in early October 2012, and their bank accounts were cleaned out. Initial reports speculated that since there’d been no demand for ransom or claim of responsibility by a terrorist group, the couple may have been killed. BOYLE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN MARRIED TO THE SISTER OF OMAR KHADR , a Canadian who’d spent 10 years as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But officials said there is no connection between that previous relationship and Boyle and Coleman’s captivity.

      Coleman’s father, James, has made impassioned pleas to whomever might be holding his daughter, asking them to free her, his son-in-law, and his grandchild. He said the couple may have gone into Afghanistan to help aid workers, describing his daughter as both “naive” and “adventuresome.”[…]

      from this page :

    • the star – APRIL 02 2009

      A break-in, slaying and Khadr marriage mystery

      Link to notorious family raises suspicion after burglary at judge’s home.

      Joshua Boyle recently wed Zaynab Khadr, the sister of Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr. Boyle is the son of tax Judge Patrick J. Boyle

      […]As for their son Joshua’s marriage, they said they have welcomed their new daughter-in-law and Zaynab’s daughter from a previous marriage into their family.

      Her 25-year-old husband says she has been unfairly vilified. “If you take any person and the worst statement they’ve made at a difficult time and you repeat it ad nauseam in the press, anybody can look like a supervillain,” Joshua Boyle said in an interview this week.

      Boyle, a recent University of Waterloo graduate, met Zaynab in 2008 after becoming interested in national security cases and human rights issues. He later offered to work as a spokesperson for the family and issued press releases during Zaynab’s October 2008 hunger strike on Parliament Hill as she tried to raise awareness about her brother’s detention.

      […]Boyle said he would not discuss his religious beliefs or where the couple was married. Although he was raised in a Mennonite community in Waterloo, his parents are active within Ottawa’s Catholic community, while the Khadr family is Muslim. Zaynab said she did not want to comment for the article.

      The marriage is Zaynab’s fourth and her first in Canada. Her father, Ahmed Said Khadr, had arranged her previous marriages beginning when she was just 16, as he shuttled his children around Canada, Pakistan and Afghanistan

      Globe and Mail – JUNE 04 2014

      Canadian held in Afghanistan: Who is Joshua Boyle?

      One of her marriages was attended by Osama bin Laden, according to Khadr herself.

      […]They met on the Internet: he emailed her in 2008 and “to introduce himself and offer support,” according to the 2009 Globe and Mail article.

      […]Boyle said his parents, both fundamentalist Christians who live in Ottawa, supported his relationship with Khadr.

      “My family is supportive of my marriage and of their extended family, and they believe in the need for justice for all Canadian citizens. We have faith in God and we have faith in justice and we have faith in the Canadian people to do the right thing,” he told Maclean’s.

      U.S. officials dismissed his marriage to Khadr as having any sort of connection to his and Coleman’s abduction.

      One official called it a “horrible coincidence,” according to AP.

      […]Terry Ritchie, the mayor of Perth-Andover, wrote in a 2013 Facebook post Boyle’s “co-workers here knew he had converted or was converting to Islam.

      “He was given special breaks from his job as a customer service representative to pray at appropriate times, co-workers say,” the post from Ritchie read.

      […]“He said they were interesting (places), that the dangers are exaggerated and he can do good there. He did work with humanitarian organizations,” he said.

    • National Post – FEBRUARY 02 2016

      Zaynab Khadr, outspoken oldest sibling of Omar, DETAINED IN TURKEY

      Zaynab Khadr, the famously outspoken eldest child of Canada’s most notorious family, who has publicly praised Osama bin Laden and yearned for her own martyrdom, has been detained in Turkey. It is not clear whether she has been arrested or charged, and Turkish diplomats in Ottawa could offer no details on Monday.

      […]“To protect the privacy of the individual concerned, further details on this case cannot be released.”

      […]When she arrived in Toronto from Pakistan in February 2005, RCMP officers met her at the airport with a warrant. In her baggage, they found a Toshiba laptop computer with al-Qaida videos, information about weapons, video clips from the Chechen conflict zone and the 2003 bombing of a British/American civilian compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and songs with such translated titles as I am a Terrorist and Strike and Kill the Infidels.

      […]In a separate set of luggage shipped by Zaynab from Pakistan to Toronto, police also found a mobile hard drive with propaganda videos and a terrorist training manual.

      […]She has been married four times. Her first was as a teenager when the family was living near Peshawar. Her father Ahmed betrothed her to Khalid Abdullah, a Sudanese-Egyptian who was suspected in the 1995 car bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad. Ahmed was also arrested for this bombing, and was freed to return to Canada when Pakistan dropped the charges for lack of evidence, not long after former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien intervened with former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on his behalf.

      […]Her second marriage took place in Kabul, where the Khadrs lived in a big home in a neighbourhood called Karti Parwan. According to journalist Michelle Shephard, Zaynab shared a wing of the house with her new husband, Yacoub al Bahr, a Yemeni fighter whose real name is thought to be Sameer Saif. Their marriage became notorious because al-Qaida leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri were among the well wishers.

      […]Her third husband was Joshua Boyle, a former University of Waterloo student who was kidnapped near Kabul in 2012 and is believed to be a hostage of the Taliban along with his current American wife, Caitlin Coleman.

      He had been the family spokesman during her 2008 Parliament Hill hunger strike to protest Omar’s continued detention, and they married in early 2009. Soon after, police investigated a suspicious break-in at the home of Boyle’s father, Patrick, a federal tax court judge in Ottawa, during which obvious valuables were left behind, and shots were fired.

      “Perhaps somebody is unhappy that the Boyles are highlighting to the public just how human the Khadrs really are,” Boyle wrote at the time.

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