A funeral for a Canadian mentally ill jihadi, a pop quiz and more: Links 1 on August 28 – 2016

1, London Mosque gives proper muslim burial shaheed style, for Canadian mental patient who just didn’t get a good job. 

2. Germany charges teenage girl who stabbed policeman with supporting Islamic State

A 16-year-old girl who stabbed a policeman at a train station in Hanover was acting under orders from Islamic State, German federal prosecutors said on Monday.

Safia S., a German-Moroccan dual citizen who is in prison awaiting trial, was charged with attempted murder and with being a supporter of the jihadist group, prosecutors said.

She travelled to Istanbul in January, where she met members of the group who planned to help her enter Islamic State-controlled territory in Syria.

While in Istanbul, she received orders from Islamic State members to carry out a “martyrdom attack” in Germany, prosecutors said.

She stabbed and seriously wounded the policeman in February after she was brought back to Germany by her mother, the prosecution said in a statement.

(This might be a good time for Germany to consider a Wilders approach to mosque control)

3. Brussels crime lab blown up, no casualties. Not Islam.

(I’m posting this story because it shows government-media hypocrisy so clearly. When they try and obfuscate and deflect from Islamic terror we see their language. As if they are fully and willfully unaware of the difference between a criminal act, which seeks to benefit the criminal, from a political act of war, which seeks to destroy our entire system. This article very clearly points out that this was a criminal act and not connected to terror. Yu know how you know they are telling the truth? No one died.)

4. Professional football player who was raised by white parents, converts to Islam, joins BLM (same thing really) and starts trashing the nation that gave him money, power, celebrity and more sexual opportunity than Islam’s founder Mohamed. One can only hope that the team has a flagrante delicto clause with this guy that covers this kind of behaviour.

5. Switzerland begins to enjoy the fruits of diversity.

6. Islamic State killed 60 at a school compound they bombed in Yemen.

7. Germany: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs couple, police say “no indication of any political motive”

Every day this denial and willful ignorance grows more outrageous and absurd. The resolute refusal to admit that jihadis have declared war on the West places authorities in an increasingly ridiculous position, but they don’t seem to notice or care.

German police6

“Man detained after stabbing picnicking couple in Germany,” Associated Press, August 28, 2016 (thanks to Karen):

Police say a 26-year-old man has been detained after stabbing a picnicking couple in western Germany.

8. Today’s pop quiz. What country did this riot of Muslims against the host population of Europeans take place in?

Thank you Kathy, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Pym Purnell, Xanthippa, Oz-Rita Maria J., Tundra Tabloids, and many more.

There are some very interesting posts being worked on. The mayor of a Corsican town who wanted all muslims out, I can’t imagine why, died in a motorcycle accident today. CCTV footage never coming I’m sure. And lots more.

Islam explained in 4 questions:


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  1. 4. Professional football player who was raised by white parents, converts to Islam, joins BLM (same thing really)

    Wow! Talk about lambs to the slaughter. One can’t help but admire the seamlessness with which Black Lives Matter is being merged with militant Islam. Thankfully, Malcolm X was assassinated before he could do much real damage, but his evil plan may be about to come to fruition in the twenty-first century. What a gift for the Jihadis having millions of American citizens just stop being American and start being Muslims – just like that. I wonder if George Soros thought this one up all by himself…

    But the greatest danger is that the kids in general will start seeing Islam as being the new adult-irritating new craze, like tattooing and tagging and being a Vegan. Then we may be looking at hearing the call to prayer every morning and seeing the hand-chopping and the adulteress-stoning on the nightly news. We could actually lose this…

  2. The BLM jihadists is just another internal enemy, a leftist controlled and bankrolled Islamic group that wants to destroy the US. Fortunately a lot of blacks are starting to understand what is happening and are fighting back.

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