Knife controls urgently needed in Germany, Indonesia and beyond as Muslims go on stabbing sprees: Links 1 on August 28 – 2016

1, Top Ten list for the Counter Jihad from Rebel Media

This is quite a list really. Worth clicking over to see.

2. The jungle in Calais:

3. Abdi hagi Yusuf speech at Black Lives Matter – Toronto at SIU HQ in Mississauga, ON

4. Germany stabbing: Woman fighting for life after knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked couple at German music festival

Cops arrest 26-year-old man who slashed couple with picnic knife as seriously injured hubby overpowered him


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The couple were enjoying a picnic at a music festival by a canal in Oberhausen, Germany, when they were attacked

Her 57-year-old husband was seriously injured but managed to overpower the attacker who was then arrested by police officers in Oberhausen.

The attack took place just after 7pm on Saturday evening near Stadion Niederrhein,

Police officers say the suspect is a 26-year-old from Duisburg, Germany.

Local media said the man went on a “rampage” at the canal side music event.

(Germany clearly needs picnic-knife control. No civilized country would let people walk about willy nilly with a picnic knife within easy reach. Registration for picnic knives and laws about locking them up when not in use must be deployed now and for the love of god, never bring one to a picnic)

5. Hundreds gather in Australia to protest muslim only estate in a Melbourne suburb.

6. “Man” (clearly a Muslim” attacked a priest giving mass in increasingly Islamic Indonesia.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Maria J., Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, Richard, Shabnam, Kathy and many many more who have sent in valuable news items normally not found, certainly in Canadian news, which is more of an anesthetic than it is informative.

Again, today will be a day of heavy editing duties. Please dig deep into the daily links post for some links that give a more solid sense of the state of the world than, well anything the CBC or BBC will ever tell you.

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5 Replies to “Knife controls urgently needed in Germany, Indonesia and beyond as Muslims go on stabbing sprees: Links 1 on August 28 – 2016”

  1. The list was informative, and partially depressing, please remember the more attacks there are the more the true motives of the Moslems are revealed.

    The Jungle at Calais that situation is going to require military action to clear the place and keep it clear. What struck me was the videos (on the list) that showed the violence the refugees are willing to use to try and get to Britain. Is the welfare in Britain that much better then in the rest of Europe or are they members of some military organization that has ordered them to get into Britain at all costs by a certain date?

  2. 3- Listen to this bastard whining. He’s given a cushy government job BECAUSE he’s black, the right to speak freely, and what does he do? He attacks the terrible cops and the terrible treatment the country that adopted him gives him. He should have his arse kicked right back to Somalia. Let him whine to his countrymen for sympathy. It makes my blood boil.

  3. he needs the dan greenfield 2 hyena soloution. lock his ass in a room
    with 1 hyena. if he still won’t listen .. add another hyena .

    Vlad it is a pleasure being on your blog. thanks for all the exhausting work .
    the vids & all are outstanding ..

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