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14 Replies to “A day at the office for a German immigration officer”

  1. “We need an immigration law”, she says. “But they always block it from above”.

    I know exactly what she means and how she feels, because I also wonder what the heck is going on. I have no idea, really, why all the Western governments are united in their zeal to see Islam predominate in their own countries. It’s so dumb, and yet it’s so true. Like, why does Skippy Trudeau get up every morning thinking, “We need a few hundred-thousand more possible Jihadi terrorists in Canada right away. Better get to work…” Why is it our responsibility to take in millions of anti-Assad Sunnis when Safe Zones in the region are the better plan, with financing already assured. It makes no sense. Why is this happening? It just makes no sense…

    I wonder what our world would look like if a little red light came on around everybody who’s been “helped” by a nice man from Saudi Arabia. How many tenures have been obtained, student loans and mortgages paid off, political opportunities created? And, of course, once you’ve been “helped” you’re forever vulnerable to blackmail for doing so.

    • The answer is VERY obvious…The ONLY reason they invited a murderous religion in the backdoor is two-door…The ELITES are committed to drastically reducing your population by declaring ‘war’ on you via a foreign enemy…That way they themselves have committed no atrocity…Secondly… without chaos and turmoil you will NEVER submit to the rules of their New World Order…Sound ridiculous??? It is far from that…This is all part of the many stages of torment they have planned for you… Conspiracy??? Have you forgotten the slow but steady stages Hitler took before you ever realized you were in dire straits with no way out??? Was it glorious for your ancestors? It won’t be for you either…

  2. The line that distinguishes ape from human is rather blurry with those … “gentlemen”, isn’t it? It’s a wonder that in addition to masturbating in front of the infidel women, they aren’t relieving themselves on the waiting room floors ….

    As one adds more and more such enrichment to a society, it will go from being hardly effected, to somewhat effected, to contaminated, and eventually be transformed to a point where the contamination itself is the society.

  3. It is funny to hear a 50 year old German immigration officer say of freedom and equality: “It’s everything we fought for”.

    She doesn’t have a dead young grandfather in Belgum and a father traumatized by abandonment and bullying in an orphanage that may stay with him to his grave.

    The British actually know what fighting for freedom is – that she had received on a plate – which is why they voted for Brexit. The line drawn with their politicians.

    She should leave before she is raped or killed or becomes one of them.

  4. The telling point is the one she makes about the majority of the “refugees” are young males, this is an invasion of military aged and to an extent military trained people who are being deliberately placed in Europe to create chaos to the European nations will be easier to conquer. I want everyone to remember the ships full of light and heavy infantry weapons that have been interecpted on their way to Europe. There is a large trained army that is to be the cadre for a much larger army that will be armed with the smuggled weapons and what can be seized from the European Armies.

    • Couldn’t you just see a line of those “refugees” going at a truck full of small arms? Do you have a hard time picturing those guys handling the equipment expertly and cleaning out the truck in minutes? Just watching them all pick up stones at the same time ought to be enough. They are an army…

      • Remember the videos from last year when they were marching through Europe on the way to Germany? The formations looked like infantry units on route marches. The only thing missing is the weapons, and don’t forget that between 100,000 and by this time probably 200,000 of the young male “refugees” have gone missing. They are in hiding waiting for the orders to attack, when the order comes it is going to be a very bloody time and the nations that don’t allow their citizens to own weapons are going to pay the price for their stupidity.

  5. In truth, the mud-species muslims are merely a symptom…it is the talmudic-tribe who’re the disease, for it is they who finance the agendas..It is they who howl for ever more regime change, evermore (neo-con) nation building and evermore WAR!!!

    It is they who financed / created the diversity cults, as a stalking-horse to weaken & chip away at our moral foundations…by mandating we tolerate, that which is an anathema, to a smooth functioning, intelligent & moral society.
    They have hijacked ethics, empathy & compassion and rendered them a weapon to be used against us…because they alone are allowed to “define” our lexicon!!!

    They are hell bent on destroying Western Civilization and the philosophy which founded it….(i.e.) Christianity.

    …and this time around, if we fail to rise up and eradicate…this enemy of GOD & humanity…we are consigning our progeny, to a future of horrors, slavery…and a miserable DEATH.

    • For the rest of the people at this site:

      I will leave this comment up for a while because it doesn’t do any good to pretend that people like this do not exist, or that they will have no effect.

      Antisemitism is a particular kind of paradigm. It has no relationship to facts or history. There is no connection between the Jewish religion or its teachings, history, scripture etc. and the things that cause the hatred. As a consequence, antisemites actually invent materials to focus hatred against Jews. A people that I am pretty confident, that like Adolph Hitler, probably cannot define what being Jewish is and so would have to resort to making the ludicrous assertion that a Jew is someone with one Jewish grandparent, without defining what that would mean.

      Having said all that, what is true must be addressed.

      Jewish people are over represented in the cadre of communists pretty much like black people are over represented in professional sports. On pretty much all teams. This is because intellectual pursuits to Jews are roughly analogous to sports for people of African decent.

      There are Jews who are hell bent on destroying Western civilization. But not because they are Jews. Because they are communists.

      There are an equal or greater number of Jewish people who fight for Christendom and civilization. I know. I work with a lot of people that fit that exact description. More than I can say because their work requires security. But people who assist in our defense in every sector are Jewish.

      In fact, the Jews referred to by the post above are in fact nearly always anti-Israel. To be anti-Israel is to be antisemitic. A cursory look at Jewish scripture will show that, to quote a convert to Judaism I know, “All Jewish people have an umbilical cord to Israel and Jerusalem in particular”.

      Sadly this is not true. The people who “Hunter” speaks of in his middle paragraph are without exception anti-Israel because Israel is a free market, successful nation state which is roughly ethno-nationalist and this is anathema to communists.

      A case could be made that Zionists, both Jews and non Jews, want Israel because it is historically correct, but also because Israel is a kind of solution to historical pogroms against the Jewish people since the Roman caused, diaspora.

      I suppose a case could also be made that the Jews and non Jewish communists that want the end of classical civilization, the nation state and Israel etc. are also seeking a solution to genocide by removing the lines that make people different and so there would be no casus beli. Of course this is ludicrous and sophomoric at best. And must lead to the most brutal form of totalitarianism where defending one’s life, culture and people is replaced by your “own” government exterminating large segments of the population for not going along with the program.

      In any case I will likely remove his comment sooner rather than later. I do not see the percentage in having my living room polluted with this kind of material. The internet overall is becoming so full of it that even Microsoft’s experimental social-media AI program had to be removed from the internet not once but twice for picking up on it and joining in.

      So it isn’t like he doesn’t have a platform.
      But for the moment, ill leave it with my response.

      • Mr. Eeyore…sir,

        Methinks, you do your readership a disservice, insomuch that you’ve discounted any merit, per my opinion.

        FYI, I too am Catholic (SSPX)…at least per the Bishop Williamson side of it…and btw, I am NOT a subscriber to NSDAP ideology….although their Nationalist ideas are appealing, I think we can dispense w/ the Socialistic side of their dogma.

        That said, please allow me the courtesy of answering your rebuttal…

        Three lessons of history, sir…that guaranteed the existence / survival of Christianity…

        1.) The efforts of the Frankish king Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) to introduce & expand the Christian realm in France / Spain & Germany…& his defeat of a Moorish (muslim) army invading northwards from Spain…see history per an early 700A.D. timeline.

        2.) Charlemagne’s defense of Christianity & the battle of Tours, where an invading Muslim army was routed.

        3.) The “Inquisition”…that much reviled historical / religious ‘glitch’…wherein the church embarked on an effort to rid itself…and all medieval Europe, of the heavy, parasitic burden of talmudic money lending (usury)..and the Moreno false converts, that had infiltrated Christendom.

        …yes there are other important events and dated milestones. But, if one impartially analysis history…the above stands out.

        I find it interesting that shortly after the conclusion item #3….you had the Renaissance (in Europe)…call it the flowering / birth of enlightened Western Civilization, which manifested itself…only after the talmud-types were removed from the backs of Europe’s populace & driven underground.
        Indeed “Shylock” experienced tough times…yes?


        Just so you know, my beef is NOT w/ those akin to Benjamin Friedman / G. Atzman types…but those who claim Abrahamic lineage w/o the genome-type.

        …as they were identified by Christ…as those belonging to the synagogue of satan. Hence, his enemies…are my enemies also.

        Ditto…yours also…& the rest of humanity…as well.


        Do your research, sir….& may GOD bless your endeavors.

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