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  1. Promised prosperity never arrived in Russian-held Crimea, locals say

    ARMYANSK, Crimea (Reuters) – More than two years after Russia annexed Crimea and promised its 2 million people a better life, residents say prices have soared, wages and pensions have stagnated and tourists have fled.

    The sunny and mountainous Black Sea peninsula is back in the news, with Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing Kiev of sending infiltrators across the border to wreck its industry. But locals say the damage has already been done by Moscow’s neglect.

    “We joined Russia and they stopped giving a damn about us,” Yevgeny, a worker at a titanium plant in the town of Armyansk told Reuters.

    “People are naive. They thought that if we were part of Russia, everything would be Russian. Prices have now jumped to the Russian level, but wages have stayed the same. That’s the main problem.”

    Fearing reprisals from his boss, Yevgeny declined to give his surname, as did other workers who spoke to Reuters.

  2. Hundreds swelter in Hong Kong protests at perceived election meddling

    HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hundreds of protesters rallied on Sunday against Hong Kong’s disqualification of six candidates from legislative elections, the latest outpouring of anger at a perceived tightening grip on the city’s freedoms by China.

    The former British colony was handed back to China in 1997 under an agreement that gave ultimate control to Communist Party rulers in Beijing while promising Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy.

    But Beijing’s refusal to grant full democracy, which prompted widespread street protests in 2014, has triggered tension with growing calls for Hong Kong to split from China.

    “Against the political filtering (of candidates), give us a fair election,” chanted the demonstrators in sweltering heat of 32 degree Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit).

    Police estimates put the number of demonstrators at 760, while organizers said 1,300 took part.

    The government took the controversial decision to invalidate six candidates’ nominations on the grounds that they could be advocating for Hong Kong independence, an idea anathema to Beijing. But only three of the six showed up on Sunday.

  3. Germany tightens Swiss border controls: Swiss minister

    ZURICH (Reuters) – Germany has tightened border controls with southern neighbor Switzerland to choke off a flow of illegal immigrants, Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer said, calling it evidence that Germany has withdrawn its welcome mat for migrants.

    Germany’s interior ministry confirmed border staffing had been reinforced.

    More than a million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere arrived in Germany last year. The mood towards them has soured after a spate of attacks on civilians last month, including three carried out by migrants.

    Switzerland itself has cracked down on migrants — many of them African — trying to enter from southern neighbor Italy after crossing the Mediterranean. Humanitarian groups are scrutinizing if the stance violates human rights conventions, which Swiss officials insist they will safeguard.

    Maurer, who as finance minister oversees border guards, used the tougher German line to justify Switzerland’s approach of sending back to Italy up to 1,000 migrants a day trying to transit to Germany or other points north without valid papers and without applying for asylum in Switzerland.

  4. German minister wants facial recognition systems at airports, train stations

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Interior Minister wants to introduce facial recognition software at train stations and airports to help identify terror suspects following two Islamist attacks in the country last month.

    Speaking to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere said internet software was able to determine whether persons shown in photographs were celebrities or politicians.

    “I would like to use this kind of facial recognition technology in video cameras at airports and train stations. Then, if a suspect appears and is recognized, it will show up in the system,” he told the paper.

    He said a similar system was already being tested for unattended luggage, which the camera reports after a certain number of minutes.

    Other countries are also looking at such technology, but Germans have traditionally been skeptical of surveillance due to abuses by the Stasi secret police in East Germany and the Gestapo under the Nazis.

    Germans are on edge after jihadist militant group Islamic State claimed two attacks in July, one on a train near Wuerzburg and one at a music festival in Ansbach, in which asylum-seekers injured 20 people.

    • Rather important video in German language, where a police union speaker talks about some extended criminal families (kriminelle Grossfamilien) who of course are implicitly of Arab and or Muslim ethnic origin…

      • I wish I remembered more German, crime families of Islamic background would be the logical people to go to if you wantedto smuggle weapons and important people into Europe.

  5. France: “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People”

    The slaughter of French priest Father Jacques Hamel on July 26 in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray was significant. The church where Father Jacques Hamel was saying mass was nearly empty. Five people were present; three nuns and two faithful. Most of the time, French churches are empty.

    Christianity in France is dying out. Jacques Hamel was almost 86 years old; despite his age, he did not want to retire. He knew it would be difficult to find someone to replace him. Priests of European descent are now rare in France, as in many European countries. The priest officially in charge of the parish of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Auguste Moanda-Phuati, is Congolese.

    The reaction of the French bishops was also significant. Speaking in their name, Georges Pontier, chairman of the Conference of Bishops of France, called on Catholics for a day of fasting and prayer. He also asked Muslims living in France to come to church to “share the grief of Christians.” He added that Muslims are welcome in France.

    The decision to deliver a message of brotherhood is consistent with the spirit of Christianity. The wish to welcome Muslims to France but to leave completely aside that the assassins of Father Jacques Hamel acted in the name of Islam and jihad seem signs of willful blindness, severely pathological denial, and a resigned, suicidal acceptance of what is coming.

  6. Here is how the Clinton Foundation will not accept foreign money

    This year’s headline from The New York Times: “If Hillary Clinton Wins, Foundation Will Stop Accepting Foreign Donations.” Next year’s headline: “Clinton Foundation Accepts $250 Million in Foreign Donations.”

    Call me a cynic, but I think this is totally possible. I can even imagine how the reconciliation between these two seemingly conflicting headlines would go. We can imagine the usual Clinton apologists saying something like this:

    “Well, $75 million was donated after the election in November but before the inauguration in January, and we always meant that the new rules would take effect after the inauguration. Another $100 million contributed from foreign countries and corporations was donated to the Clinton Foundation affiliate in Canada, so there is obviously no conflict. Hillary is not president of Canada. The fact that the money spent three hours in the Canadian bank before it was transferred to the United States or that Chelsea and Bill and whoever just live with a Canadian bank’s checking account and credit cards doesn’t matter. If the right-wing conspirators want to complain about accounting practices, the Clintons can’t be expected to stoop to that petty level. Of course, as promised, Bill Clinton has refrained from giving paid speeches. The $25 million that was received was in no part speaking fees, but only ‘appearance fees’ and a travel expense reimbursement from donors who had already made their contribution. He just stopped by to say thanks.”

    They’ll continue: “Of course, another $25 million or so came to Chelsea, but no reasonable person can dispute that she is worth every penny. She has become, in effect, a strategic adviser for various international entities, and her expertise is very much in demand. And she has done innumerable selfless good works for which people felt inclined to give her a gratuity. Next, the $25 million that came in from the rulers of Moneystan all came from their New York real-estate company, so that’s not ‘foreign’ at all. Besides, everyone knows the Clintons thought about honeymooning in Moneystan. So there you have it: The foundation has not accepted any money from a foreign government or corporation. The Clintons have gone beyond what other First Families have had to report and endure, but there is just no way to satisfy some of their bitter, partisan critics.”

    You read it here first, folks. There will be about 10 minutes of outrage, and then everyone will shrug and move on.

    Note that this was published in a paper that is very left leaning and supports Hillary. Even some of them don’t think she will stop taking bribes.

    • I peeked at the wPost headlines this morning. For them the election’s over, and we’re into “setting the agenda” for “landmark legislation.” Like holding gun manufacturers liable for…
      …well, everything ‘nice’ people don’t like.

      • WaPo-With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda

        […]The most significant unknown — and one that would determine to a great extent her ability to govern successfully — is how poisonous the political climate might be after a defeat of Trump, who has already begun complaining that the election system is “rigged” against him.

        […]Clinton has lately been telling Democratic audiences about her growing support among Republicans and touting what she says is a record of successfully working across the aisle to get things done. Her campaign regularly trumpets Republican endorsements and GOP disavowals of Trump.

        […]Clinton has predicted that Democrats will retake the Senate and narrow the Republican majority in the House, a result that would potentially ease but not guarantee passage of some Democratic initiatives.

        […]If Democrats do retake the Senate, longtime Clinton ally Sen. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) is expected to become majority leader.

      • The latest polls (which the LSM is not reporting) put Trump ahead by 3 points. We are about 70 days until the election and anyth9ing can happen. From what I am reading on the blogosphere Hillary is in as much or more trouble then Trump. The Black Lives Matters people are telling their followers to vote for the Green Party, other blacks are publicly supporting Trump. This election is going to be a major mess with a lot of people not telling the pollsters the truth because they are afraid of the violence occurring to those who openly support Trump.

        If Trump wins the leftist will start a home grown terror campaign and if Hillary wins there will be total chaos.

          • They need to check at random by hand counting some of the ballots, if they find a problem then all of the ballots need to be hand counted and they need to check all other machines in that area and possible the state.

            I am praying that the election is semi honest but am as worried as your are.

            This may be why the LSM is continually reporting that Trump has already lost, getting the people ready to believe a hacked and stolen election.

          • Some Dems are also saying Trump is going to hack the election setting the ground for a law suit if their hack doesn’t steal the election for Hillary. Expect a major mess no matter who wins, the Dems are insisting on turning us into a Third World nation.

          • Yucki if the poll in the video below is correct I don’t think the Dems have guts enough to hack enough machines to steal the election.

            I repeat if the poll is correct

        • Only if the left doesn’t get enough donations from the car manufactures.

          Your argument has been made many times by the pro gun advocates, the gun control freaks answer with the statement that cars aren’t designed as weapons.

  7. Iraq executes 36 men for massacre of military recruits near Tikrit

    Iraq has executed by hanging 36 men who were convicted over the killings of up to 1,700 military recruits at former US base Camp Speicher near Tikrit in 2014.

    The scale of the massacres committed by the men only became clear in 2015, when the base was recaptured by Iraqi forces from ISIL, which continues to control Iraq’s second city, Mosul.

    Family members of the recruits, who were kidnapped before being put to death, were invited to witness to executions. At least 400 were shi’ites,

    • Iraq hangs dozens for Isil’s 2014 Speicher massacre

      Iraq on Sunday hanged 36 men convicted over the 2014 massacre by Sunni jihadists and allied militants of up to 1,700 military recruits, officials said.

      They had been found guilty of involvement in the “Speicher” massacre, named after a base near Tikrit where the recruits were kidnapped before being executed in a massacre claimed by the Islamic State terror group.

      “The executions of 36 convicted over the Speicher crime were carried out this morning in Nasiriyah prison,” a spokesman for the governor’s office in Dhiqar, the province of which Nasiriyah is the capital, told AFP.

      “The governor of Dhiqar, Yahya al-Nasseri and Justice Minister Haidar al-Zamili were present to oversee the executions,” Abdelhassan Dawood said.

      “They were transferred to Nasiriyah last week after the president approved the executions,” he said, referring to the necessary green light from Fuad Masum.

      Following the death of more than 300 people in the worst ever single bomb attack to strike Baghdad last month, Haider al-Abadi, the prime minister, had said he wanted to expedite the execution of inmates sentenced to death in terrorism cases.

      The Dhiqar governor confirmed to AFP that the executions were carried out by hanging.

      His spokesman said that around 400 of the Speicher massacre victims were from the Dhiqar province, which is predominantly Shiite and located in Iraq’s south.

      “Tens of relatives attended the executions,” said Mr Dawood. “They shouted Allahu Akbar (Allah is greatest), they were happy to see those people dead.”

      Among them was Najla Shaab, a 30-year-old woman whose husband was killed in the massacre, leaving her to raise their children alone.

      “Thank you God, it’s a fair punishment for the worst crime, a triple crime of killing, throwing bodies in the river and burying people alive,” she told AFP by phone.

      One of the sites of the massacre was the former river police building inside former president Saddam Hussein’s palace complex in Tikrit.

      Video footage subsequently released by Isil showed an assembly-line massacre in which gunmen herded their victims towards the quay, shot them in the back of the head and pushed them in the water one after the other.

      The trials that have led to Iraq’s latest batches of death sentences have been severely criticised by rights groups as failing to meet basic standards.

      Amnesty International had slammed Iraq’s systematic resort to the death penalty following the execution of 22 other people in May this year.

      “The use of the death penalty is deplorable in all circumstances, and it is particularly horrendous when applied after grossly unfair trials marred by allegations of confessions extracted under torture as is frequently the case in Iraq,” Diana Eltahawy, the group’s Iraq researcher, said.

      The United Nations had criticised Mr Abadi’s call to speed up executions, which according to Amnesty already topped 100 for 2016 before Sunday’s hangings.

      “Fast-tracking executions will only accelerate injustice,” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said earlier this month.

      The Speicher massacre is considered one of Isil’s worst crimes since it took over large parts of the country in 2014.

      Combined with a call by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country’s top Shiite cleric, for Iraqis to take up arms against them, the Speicher massacre played a key role in the mass recruitment of Shiite volunteers to fight the jihadists.

      video ….. this morning in Nasiriyah prison :

  8. Morocco king urges diaspora to reject Islamist extremism (BBC, Aug 21, 2016)

    “The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has called on Moroccans living abroad, many of them in Europe, to defend a tolerant form of Islam and reject extremism.

    It was his first address to the five million Moroccans in the diaspora since the recent attacks in Europe by Islamist militants.

    European citizens of Moroccan origin were implicated in some attacks.

    Condemning the murder of innocent people, the king singled out the killing of a priest in France.

    Two followers of so-called Islamic State (IS) slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel, 84, during Mass at his church in a suburb of Rouen.

    “Killing a priest is forbidden by religion,” King Mohammed said in his speech on Saturday evening.

    “Murdering him inside a church is unforgivable madness, for he is a human being and a religious man – even if he is not a Muslim.”…”

  9. Twin Suicide Bombs Claimed by al Shabaab Kill 20 in Somalia (nbcnews, Aug 21, 2016)

    “More than 20 people were killed on Sunday when suicide bombers from the militant al Shabaab group detonated two car bombs at a local government headquarters in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region, witnesses and officials said.

    Residents of the town of Galkayo in north central Somalia said they heard two loud blasts in quick succession followed by heavy gunfire.

    “There were two huge bombs. The first one was a truck bomb, followed a minute or so (later) by another car bomb. My brother was injured at the scene,” Halima Ismail, a local resident, told Reuters.

    Islamist al Shabaab, which has carried out a series of deadly attacks in the Horn of Africa country as it seeks to topple the Western-backed government, claimed responsibility for the bombings…”

  10. Syrian rebels prepare attack from Turkey on Islamic State town (reuters, Aug 21, 2016)

    “Hundreds of Syrian rebels are preparing to launch an operation to capture a town held by Islamic State at the border with Turkey, a senior Syrian rebel said on Sunday, a move that would frustrate Kurdish hopes to expand further in that area.

    The rebels, Turkey-backed groups fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, are expected to assault Jarablus from inside Turkey in the next few days, said the rebel official, who is familiar with the plans but declined to be identified.

    “The factions are gathering in an area near the border (inside Turkey),” the rebel said.

    Jarablus, located on the western bank of the Euphrates river, is the last significant town held by the militant Islamist group on Syria’s border with Turkey. It is 34 miles (54km) east of al-Rai, a border town the same rebel groups recently took from Islamic State…”

    • Top US commander warns Russia, Syria

      (CNN)In the most direct public warning to Moscow and Damascus to date, the new US commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria is vowing to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if regime warplanes and artillery again attack in areas where troops are located.

      “We’ve informed the Russians where we’re at … (they) tell us they’ve informed the Syrians, and I’d just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened,” Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend told CNN in a telephone interview Saturday from his Baghdad headquarters.

      Townsend is the first senior military commander to speak on the record about the US possibly challenging the Syrian Air Force in the wake of an incident just days ago.
      Townsend, who took command this week, made the remarks following what defense officials described as an “unusual” incident Thursday in northern Syria in which the regime of President Bashar al-Assad used warplanes to attack an area near where US special operations forces were operating in support of Kurdish forces, which are the Americans’ key ally in the conflict.

      Several US troops had to be quickly moved, and US jet patrols over northern Syria have been beefed up.

      Townsend also said in the interview that he plans to keep up the pressure on ISIS and laid out an ambitious military goal: He told CNN he hopes the US-led coalition can “defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria in this next year.”

      Townsend emphasized he is aware that may be ambitious, but he added, “That’s my goal. I am intent to do that.”
      When asked how he would define the defeat of ISIS, the general said it would be when the so-called caliphate no longer exists and does not control significant population centers.

      “Do I think ISIL will be gone from Iraq and Syria?” he asked, using another acronym for ISIS. “No. But I want them out of the cities.”

      Townsend was blunt in discussing the senior leaders of ISIS.
      “I want them dead or on the run in a hole somewhere in the desert, and significantly less of a threat,” he said.

      Meanwhile, ISIS is still planning global attacks, Townsend said, adding that the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, remains in charge and continues to issue orders that are communicated and followed.

      Baghdadi and other ISIS leaders are being “actively hunted,” Townsend said.

      The US has long believed senior leaders are in and around the city of Raqqa in Syria, the ISIS-proclaimed capital of its caliphate. Townsend said local Arab and Kurdish fighters, trained by the US, could start moving into areas outside Raqqa in coming weeks.

      • Obama and Kerry are about to get us into a shooting war with Syria, this means we will once again be fighting Russian proxy’s with one or possibly two hands tied behind our backs. World events are heading towards a major war, one that we are unprepared to fight and one that Hillary won’t fight.

        • Let’s just hope some quiet foot-dragging on the part of sensible military professionals makes that nightmare impossible.

          There are NO good guys in Syria. A handful of pathetic dhimmified minorities, deformed by eons of oppression. Rescue fantasists can start in any of the other tardish hellholes – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc.

          Kurds might get the nation they deserve, but they might not. We’re not behaving honorably with them, but that’s an old story. Their enemies are our oily allies; they’ve bought think-tanks and subsidized academic research that informs policy in Washington D.C.

          Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t champion their cause, we’re so weak. Whatever leverage we had has been thrown to the dogs. They certainly can’t trust Putin. Now he’s kissy-face with the Turk, disgusting. But I don’t know enough about them to opine.

          My thoughts are identical to those stated by J.E. Dyer (though she’s more diplomatic): focus on keeping our people out of harm’s way, protect them from a C-in-C who despises their very existence.

          • Your analysis is spot on, the left of all Western nations has created a nightmare (for lack of a stronger word) that is going to haunt us for the rest of this Century and it we don’t find some better solution then appeasement or small guerrilla wars it will probably haunt us next Century. f

      • I am not a fan of Bill O’Rielly and in fact I shut off my cable so I no longer am able to see his show. However, when Syria gassed their citizens, crossing the infamous “red line” Obama had laid down, O’Reilly advocated bombing all of Syria’s air fields to rubble.
        It was doable back then before the Russian intervention in Syria. I sure wish we had done it.
        What f’ing a-holes Obama and his staff are. Can you imagine the number of lives that could have been saved had the west reacted decisively back then?

        • Go back to the beginning of WWIII, think about the number of lives that would have been saved if Jimmy Carter and been decisive when Iran seized our Embassy? This was the action that told the Moslems that when Liberal Democrats are in power the US won’t fight.

    • Yemen’s ex-president says could work with Russia to ‘fight terrorism’

      DOHA, Aug 21 (Reuters) – A newly-formed governing council in Yemen could work with Russia to “fight terrorism” by allowing Moscow use of the war-torn country’s military bases, Yemen’s former president said on Sunday.

      Ali Abdullah Saleh, a former counter-terrorism ally of the U.S. who was toppled by mass protests in 2011, told state-owned channel Russia 24 that Yemen was ready to grant Moscow access to air and naval bases.

      “In the fight against terrorism we reach out and offer all facilities. Our airports, our ports… We are ready to provide this to the Russian Federation,” Saleh said in an interview in Sanaa.

      The ex-strongman may lack the clout to implement such an offer. But officials from the party he heads now run a political council that controls much of the country along with the Houthi movement allied to Iran.

      For the first time last week Iran let Russian jets take off from its territory to bomb armed groups in Syria.

      Russia is the only major country that maintains a diplomatic presence in Yemen where a 16-month war between a Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi rebels has killed over 6,500 people and raised the prospect of famine in the Arab World’s poorest country.

      The war has allowed Islamist militants including al Qaeda and the Islamic State to flourish, even though the United States has for years launched drone strikes against groups in Yemen.

      Russia abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution in 2015 that imposed an arms embargo on the Houthi rebels.

      Moscow’s relations with Yemen date back decades and until the break-up of the USSR, thousands of Soviet military advisers and trainers worked in the formerly-independent south.

      On Saturday tens of thousands of Yemenis rallied in the capital to show support for the Houthi-led bloc as the head of the group’s new governing council vowed to form a full government in the coming days.

      In an apparent response to the Houthi show of force, ambassadors from the G18 group of nations, including Russia, that has backed U.N. peace talks to end Yemen’s civil war issued a statement condemning “unconstitutional and unilateral actions in Sanaa.”

      • (The ex-strongman may lack the clout to implement such an offer. But officials from the party he heads now run a political council that controls much of the country along with the Houthi movement allied to Iran.)

        This is a major development and is probably part of the price that Russia is paying for the use of the Iranian air bases. This action will place a major military presence in the south of Saudi, one allied with their enemy Iran. My take on this is that Iran is probably getting ready for some major move such as closing the straits or making a major attack on Saudi. granted these are worst case scenarios but events are building towards a major clash in Europe and the Mideast. A clash we are unprepared for and one that will leave Russia in the catbirds seat for several years to at least a decade.

          • He doesn’t have to jump in, all he has to do is place a large number of Russian troops and equipment in Yeman that will draw a lot of the Saudi mercenary army down to that area softening up the Northern Border for Iran.

            Think about it, if a large number of Russian troops are in Yemen and Saudi doesn’t move a lot of men and equipment down there the Yemeni rebels will be free to make cross border raids. If they move enough personal and equipment to keep the rebels on their side of the border the Norther Border is weakened for Iran if they want to attack. If they don’t Saudi still has to spend large sums of their currently limited money to hire more mercs and buy more tanks, personal carriers and artillery as well as small arms and ammo.

            No matter what Saudi is weakened either militarily or economically, a win win for Putin.

  11. Erdogan to Complain to U.S. Over Gulen Extradition Delay (bloomberg, Aug 21, 2016)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to complain to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden about the delay in extraditing an Islamic cleric accused by Turkish authorities of masterminding last month’s failed coup.

    The U.S. position on Fethullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, is “overshadowing our strategic partnership,” Erdogan said in televised comments on Sunday.

    “Turkey’s never asked from America to provide documents or proof on criminals that they’ve wanted us to extradite — we’ve given them the terrorists they wanted,” he said.

    Erdogan’s comments come a day after his Prime Minister Binali Yildirim warned that the Gulen issue was “destroying” bilateral ties with its NATO ally, as Turkish officials seek to increase the pressure ahead of Biden’s visit to Turkey on Aug. 24. President Barack Obama’s administration has said clear evidence of criminal activity is needed to satisfy U.S. due-process requirements as well as provisions of the U.S.-Turkey extradition treaty…”

    • “Turkey’s never asked from America to provide documents or proof on criminals that they’ve wanted us to extradite — we’ve given them the terrorists they wanted,”

      Turkey knows we can’t just give the man to them but they are insisting on that. Erdogan is putting things in play for him to have justification to order the US our of Syria and to pull out of NATO.

      Here are some things that are occuring right now, think about them and connect the dots.

      1) Russia moves 40,000 military personal and heavy weapons to the border with Ukraine.

      2)Turkey stages a fake coup and is setting the groundwork to order the US out of Turkey.

      3) Russia announces it is moving men and equipment into Yeman to prop up the rebels that the Saudi coalition has been kicking around.

      4) Various intel outfits in Europe warn of major terror attacks.

      5) China starts putting air defense bases around the areas they are claiming but which are outside (often way outside) the areas that they have any type of a historical claim to.

      6) Russia is reinforcing their presence on the Islands they grabbed from Japan at the end of WWII.

      Connect the dots and see what picture you put together.

      Feel free to add in anything I have forgotten

  12. Migrants to be offered FREE degrees at top university while Britons amass huge debts (express, Aug 21, 2016)

    “REFUGEES and asylum seekers could get a free place at one of Britain’s top universities alongside a new wave of British students struggling to cope with the burden of huge student debts.

    Russell Group member Bristol University has offered scholarships and softened the application process for refugees and asylum seekers as part of a scheme to integrate those escaping conflict into education.

    Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, said: “We know there are factors that make it difficult for people from refugee and asylum-seeking communities to apply to university.

    “Their previous studies may have been interrupted, they might not have evidence of their previous qualifications or their qualifications are not transferable.

    “Our scheme has been designed to accommodate these factors, so please don’t let them stop you from applying.”

    It comes as many working class students are put off the idea of going to university due to the huge debts incurred – with many leaving higher education after taking on more £40,000 of debt.

    For six out of 10, cost is the main thing stopping them from going to university or dropping out when they get there, according to new research from NotGoingToUni…”

  13. Shocking truth of Britain’s asylum system as judge warns we are heading for DISASTER (express, Aug 21, 2016)

    “AN ASYLUM judge who has spent years buried under false claims has spoken out to warn Britain the asylum system is BROKEN – and heading towards disaster.

    Speaking anonymously, he has spent more than 20 years deciding whether or not applicants may stay in Britain, but has now warned politicians do not take the problem seriously, and the country is facing disastrous consequences.

    And some of the cases the judge and his colleague have seen “beggar belief”.

    The judge gives examples including a Muslim man who lived in Britain with his wife and children, before going back to his homeland to marry three more women and father more children.

    Writing for the Mail on Sunday he said: “Those later children then claimed British nationality, even though we don’t recognise polygamy in our marriage laws, and the mothers also claimed the right to come over here with the children on the basis of a right to family life.”

    He said the obligation was imposed on the UK Government by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    The judge added: ”Astounding as it might seem to you or to me, they were successful on appeal.”

    He works in a major British population centre said he was once proud of his role – but now despairs at the state of the nation.

    He said: “You must believe me when I say this: our immigration controls are broken and the country cannot cope.

    “Britain has a proud tradition of helping the oppressed, which is why I am pleased to have spent the past two decades reviewing the cases of people seeking a place of safety.

    “In my time, I have seen a number of moving and entirely deserving cases, victims of torture meted out by oppressive regimes, for example.

    “My rulings have helped them stay here to build new lives.

    “Such people still need our support today, but to describe them as a minority of those who appear before me is a tragic understatement because the truth is that the great majority of the claimants at my tribunals are not attempting to escape persecution at all.”

    He said these people were merely economic migrants and added: “Often, the stories they tell me are palpably false and in some cases absurd, and I have no hesitation turning them down.

    “Yet – and this is the truly frustrating part – only a tiny proportion, between five and ten per cent of the people I recommend for removal, are ever taken from these shores.”

    Government figures released last week show thousands of false and retrospective asylum claims are clogging up the system…”

  14. Germany Abandons Hundreds Of Deportations Because Migrants Scream Before Flight

    Germany hasn’t been able to execute hundreds of deportations because migrants refuse to take flights, government figures show.

    The country, which has taken 1.5 million refugees since the start of 2015, is desperately trying to deport more rejected asylum seekers to ease pressure on authorities. The government plans to reach 100,000 deportations by the end of the year, but hundreds of refugees have managed to stay by resisting to fly to their home countries.

    More than 330 deportations have been abandoned since January 2015, because the migrants have shouted, refused to fasten their seat belts or told the pilot they are not traveling on their own free will, according to figures from Germany’s interior ministry.

    Another 160 ordered deportations fell through because the airline refused to take them as passengers, and 108 escaped because they were sick.

    Germany’s Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere called for new legislation in June to make deportations easier, as he revealed refugees commit crimes in order to extend their stay in the country.

    “A massive rise in the number of deportees would only occur if these procedural shortcomings are fixed,” de Maiziere said in June, according to Deutsche Welle.

    Deportations of convicted criminals are also a struggle for authorities. A recent eviction of three refugees back to Guinea cost $138,000, because they were considered violent and had to go on a chartered plane.

  15. Report: Germany to require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of catastrophe

    A civil defense plan to be debated by the cabinet would require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of a catastrophe. The plan says people should prepare for an unlikely event that “could threaten our existence.”

    For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to encourage its citizens to prepare for a catastrophe or armed attack by stockpiling food, water and other supplies, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” reported on Sunday.

    Citing the government’s “Concept for Civil Defense” paper to be discussed by the cabinet on Wednesday, the government will require people to stock 10 days worth of food and five days of worth of drinking water.

    The civil defense strategy would require citizens to have a sufficient supply of food, water, energy, money and medicine to wait out a period until the state would be able to initiate a response to a catastrophe or attack.

    A spokesperson from the interior ministry declined to comment on the contents of the paper until a Wednesday press conference.

    The 69-page report said an armed attack on Germany was unlikely. However, as a precaution people should “prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence and cannot be categorically ruled out in the future,” FAS quoted the report as saying.

    The civil defense strategy was originally commission by a parliamentary committee in 2012, but its release comes amid a raft of new security measures in the country.

    So will die Bundesregierung im Kriegsfall reagieren

    Was, wenn morgen Krieg wäre? Die Bürger sollen wieder Vorräte anlegen. Auch der Schutz staatlicher Organe gegen bewaffnete Angriffe wird in einem Konzept der Bundesregierung wieder zum Thema.

    Die Bundesregierung will die Bevölkerung wieder zur Vorratshaltung animieren, damit sie sich im Falle schwerer Katastrophen oder eines bewaffneten Angriffs vorübergehend selbst versorgen kann. „Die Bevölkerung wird angehalten, einen individuellen Vorrat an Lebensmitteln von zehn Tagen vorzuhalten“, heißt es in der „Konzeption zivile Verteidigung“, die das Kabinett am Mittwoch beschließen soll. Das berichtet die Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (F.A.S.) unter Berufung auf den Text, der vom Bundesinnenministerium erarbeitet worden ist und der Zeitung vorlag.

    • Germany to chart first civil defence plan since Cold War (thelocal, Aug 21, 2016)

      “Germany will introduce its first civil defence strategy since the end of the Cold War, calling on the population to stockpile enough food and water for several days, according to a report Sunday.

      The plan, which makes civilian backing of troops a priority while boosting the resilience of buildings and increasing capacity in the healthcare system, is due to be adopted by the government Wednesday, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) daily.

      Contacted by AFP, an interior ministry spokesman confirmed that the cabinet was due to adopt a civil defence strategy but declined details about the concept or comment on the newspaper report.

      The strategy noted that “an attack on German territory requiring conventional defence is unlikely,” but said the country should be “sufficiently prepared in case of an existence-threatening development in the future that cannot be ruled out,” according to the 69-page strategy quoted by the FAZ ..

      “The population will be encouraged to stockpile food for ten days,” it said, adding that five days’ worth of water — at an estimated two litres per person per day — should also be set aside.

      Haunted by its Nazi past, Europe’s most populous country has for decades been particularly cautious about defence issues.

      But this year it set out a new military roadmap outlining Germany’s ambition to assume a bigger defence role abroad, within the frameworks of NATO and the European Union.

      A string of attacks at home in July including two claimed by the Islamic State group has also sparked a fierce debate about internal security.

      The defence ministry is looking at training the military to respond to major terror assaults, while Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere last week announced tough new anti-terror measures including a controversial proposal to strip jihadist fighters of their German nationality.”

    • If Trump called for that the useless MSM would claim that he is preparing for nuclear war and thus needs to be impeached, the racist! And the NY Times would claim that only white people are capable of preparing for themselves, that Blacks would need special transfer payments for them to buy bottles water, that Hispanics would need special alcohol rations because of their drunken-oriented culture!

  16. France: 200 protesters demand ‘burkini’ ban in Palavas-les-Flots

    Some 200 protesters gathered at the beach in Palavas-les-Flots, Sunday, to call for a ban against women wearing full body, head covering swimsuits, nicknamed the ‘burkini’ in France.

    SOT, Protester (French): “I had an interview with the Mayor, who waits out the clock, saying that the season is nearly finished, that it’s not his job to make an order about this case, but rather the state’s one. Knowing our government, we can’t rely on it to do something, that’s why we organised this demonstration.”

    SOT, Local citizen (French): “I think that we need to leave people free about the way they live their religion. It’s not by demonstrating against burkini that this problem will be solved. On the contrary: it’s rather a call for increasing hate against the Muslims.”

  17. Contacts between migrant flow organisers and jihadis-Orlando (ansa, Aug 19, 2016)

    “(ANSA) – Rome, August 19 – Justice Minister Andrea Orlando on Friday said probes had shown contacts between “those who manage migrant flows and jihadist organisations” but he had “never said that boats would be used to bring terrorists”. “This is a fact that has emerged from investigations,” he said.”

  18. Suicide bomber kills 3 in north Cameroon (gulfnews, Aug 21, 2016)

    “YAOUNDI: Three civilians were killed and around 20 others wounded on Sunday in a suicide attack in northern Cameroon, officials and a vigilante group said.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, a security official told AFP the attack took place in Mora, a town in Cameroon’s far north near the Nigerian border — an area which has suffered repeatedly from attacks by Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists.

    “A man riding a motorbike blew himself up on a bridge near the market in Mora,” he said.
    He said the blast had killed three civilians and the bomber.

    An official from a local vigilante group confirmed a toll of “four dead and many wounded”, saying the attack took place at around 7am (0600 GMT)…”

  19. Pakistan using terrorism as tool against immediate neighbors: Karzai (khaama, Aug 21, 2016)

    “The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said Pakistan is still using terrorism as a tool against its immediate neighbors.

    In his speech at a think tank in New Delhi, Karzai said ‘the war on terror has failed to discourage Pakistan from using terrorism and religious radicalism as tools against its immediate neighbors.’

    The former Afghan President further added that the Islamic State militants who have emerged as a new threat to Afghanistan were finding support from a ‘sinister agency” from “across the border”.

    “We know that the IS in Afghanistan is made of foreign fighters. We know that these fighters are being controlled by a sinister agency from across the border,” Karzai was quoted as saying in a report by The Hindu newspaper.

    In other parts of his speech, Karzai blamed the United States-backed radicalisation movements during the Cold War era for the troubles facing South Asia and West Asia-North Africa. The fallout of radicalisation has been long term and has surrounded the entire region and spread to Iraq and Syria, he said.

    “Pakistan is paying a price of the radicalisation process that began in the anti-Soviet jihad.

    Just last week, some of the best educated people of Pakistan died in an attack in Quetta.

    We therefore are appealing to brothers in Pakistan so that we can have civilised relationship and show that religion is for good purposes,” Karzai said.

    The remarks by came as the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for allowing the Afghan militant groups, specifically the Taliban group and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network leaderships to use its soil and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan.”

  20. IRAQ – Security forces foil 2 suicide bomb attacks in Iraq’s Kirkuk

    KIRKUK, Iraq, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) — Iraqi security forces on Sunday foiled two suicide bomb attacks by the Islamic State (IS) militants targeting two Shiite mosques in Iraq’s northern city of Kirkuk, a local police source told Xinhua.

    In one of the attacks, a suicide bomber tried to enter a Shiite mosque crowded with worshipers in western Kirkuk, some 250 km north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, but he blew up his explosive vest when the guards stopped him, wounding two guards and two people, the source said on condition of anonymity.

    Another suicide bomber aged between 13 and 14 years tried to attack another Shiite mosque in central Kirkuk, but the security forces captured him and defused his explosive vest, the source said.

    No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack in downtown Baghdad, but IS militant group, in most cases, is responsible for such suicide attacks, targeting areas where crowds of people gather, including markets, cafes and mosques across Iraq.

    Iraq has witnessed intense violence since the IS took control of parts of its northern and western regions in June 2014.

    A report by UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) estimated that 759 Iraqis were killed and 1,207 others wounded in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in July across Iraq.

    Many blame the current chronic instability, cycle of violence, and the emergence of extremist groups, such as the IS, on the U.S. that invaded and occupied Iraq in March 2003.

    Kurdish security foils boy suicide bomber in Kirkuk; two other attacks on same day

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A boy suicide bomber in his early teens was arrested by Kurdish security forces in Kirkuk on Sunday night before detonating his explosives belt, after two other suicide attacks on the same day in the Kurdish city.

    The young bomber, aged between 12 and 13, was captured by security forces in Kirkuk’s Huzairan neighborhood, according to a Rudaw reporter on the scene.

    “Security forces are now defusing the explosives belt,” the reporter said.

    A few hours earlier, a suicide bomber detonated his payload at the Wasit neighborhood in front of a Shiite shrine, wounding three people.

    That followed another suicide bomb attack in the same neighborhood that caused no casualties.

    “There is a dangerous campaign tonight against Kirkuk,” a security official, told Rudaw.

    The attacks follow recent successful military offensives by Peshmerga forces against the Islamic State (ISIS) group, which has been on retreat after losing large swathes of territory to the Kurdish forces.

  21. AUSTRALIA – Sydney day childcare business linked to widescale fraud of childcare funds for terrorist purposes

    CHILDCARE claims totalling more than $27 million of taxpayers’ money are suspected to have been sent to Islamic State terrorists.

    Counter-terrorism police and seven other agencies are investigating if the childcare benefits and rebates are being sent overseas to help ISIS and other terrorist groups after a 10-month inquiry culminated in a raid on the Lakemba family day care business of brothers Mohammad and Ibrahim Omar, aged 25 and 27, who operate more than 600 in-home daycare providers.

    Two men employed as family dare care educators by the Omars — Ali Assad, the 22-year-old secretary of Sydney charity Dar al Quran wa Sunnah, from Moorebank, and 26-year-old Hussain Dandachi, from Old Guildford, — have been arrested, The Australian reported on Monday.

    Assad was arrested last Wednesday as he prepared to travel to Saudi Arabia. He was granted bail on Thursday night on condition he surrender his passport and not leave the country. Assaad has been charged with one count each of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, making false or misleading statements and dishonestly causing loss to the commonwealth.

    His charity is under investigation in Lebanon for raising money and recruiting for the Islamic State.

    Dandachi, who was arrested in April for threatening people with a sword at a shopping centre, was charged with one count each of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, making false or misleading statements and dishonestly causing loss to the commonwealth.

    It is reported that the investigation was launched when Dandachi was prevented from boarding a flight overseas last October and had his passport cancelled.

    The alleged scam involved claiming several concurrent payments for the same child and claiming rebates for non-existent children.

    The 7.30 Report on ABC on Monday alleged that Assad had been paid more than $150,000 in the past financial year for more than 20,500 hours of childcare.

    To receive those payments Assad would have needed to care for the maximum of seven children at once for more than eight hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days in a row. Yet he is known to have made three trips to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and posted pictures online.

    Australian Federal Police, which made the arrests in conjunction with agencies including the Australian Border Force, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or AUSTRAC, allege in statements tendered to the court that the wide-scale fraud was centred on the Lakemba day care business. The AFP listened to Ibrahim Omar’s phone calls to Assad last month where they allegedly conspired to falsify childcare time sheets.

    “We should enter it all as 50 and see what happens,” Omar is alleged to have said.

    Assad replied: “Enter it as 50, bro. I also want to put another kid under the same thing, I’ll send you all the details now.”

    On Sunday night, another of the Omars’ childcare providers was raised and charged with fraud.

    Sam Page. Early Childhood Australia CEO, told the 7.30 Report that the multi-million dollar fraud under investigation is the biggest he has been made aware of.

    “We don’t know whether all of the educators in this scheme are fraudulent or whether it’s some are legitimate and some are fraudulent,” he said.

    “We know the government has been putting a lot of time and energy into cracking down on childcare fraud.”

    Lowy Institute’s terrorism expert Lydia Khalil said it is concerning “that it is a domestically funded, taxpayer-funded money that seems to be going through this program, this will be very concerning to the government and to authorities, certainly. they are going to probably be looking very closely and tightening up their procedures around such childcare programs.”

  22. Hate preacher Abu Qatada urges Muslims to flee UK… after his eight-year fight to STAY (express, Aug 21, 2016)

    “NOTORIOUS hate preacher Abu Qatada has urged Muslims to flee the UK for the Islamic world “as soon as possible”.

    The fanatic, who fought deportation from Britain for eight years, warned followers of Islam they face “bloodshed” in the West in a social media rant.

    Posting messages in Arabic to his 58,000 Twitter followers, he wrote: “Muslims living in the West will lose. Sedition and spread of bloodshed will devour them.

    “They will have no option but to prepare to return back to their countries as soon as possible.”

    Anti-extremist group the Quilliam Foundation accused Qatada, who was extradited to Jordan in 2013, of trying to promote a “clash of civilisations narrative”.

    Head of policy Jonathan Russell told the Daily Star Sunday: “Abu Qatada is reinforcing the extremist idea that you cannot be a good Muslim in a non-Muslim country.

    “This makes it easier for jihadists to recruit Muslims in the West. The irony is that Abu Qatada spent all those years fighting to stay in the UK.”

    The hate cleric – who tweets as @sheikhabuqatadh – was released from prison in Jordan in 2014 after being found innocent of terrorism offences.

    Judges said there was “insufficient evidence” to convict him of plotting a thwarted terror attack against tourists during Jordan’s Millennium celebrations.

    But following his deportation from Britain, the Home Office confirmed Qatada would not be allowed back into the UK as he is a “threat to national security”.”

  23. Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks’ Assange cancelled

    Sweden has cancelled an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on accusations of rape and molestation.
    The Swedish Prosecution Authority website said the chief prosecutor had come to the decision that Mr Assange was not suspected of rape but did not give any further explanation.

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