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10 Replies to “Tunisian begs the West to obliterate Islam”

  1. Any Muslim that does Ramadan is a problem. The only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim.
    What a courageous man this is. We need more like him.

  2. That is a call to war that is hard to ignore, he knows history and knows that Islam was imposed on his people by force of arms. He knows his people have revolted against Islam and lost yet he is calling for another revolt in the hopes that the West will be with them this time.

    If the leaders of the resistance in Europe and the US (those over here who know what is really happening) will back him and other resistance movements that seek to throw out the conquers and re-establish the North Africa of the Roman Empire (both the eastern and western ones). I was especially struck by the way he called for the destruction of Mecca and by extension the other cities that Islam considers holy as long as they aren’t also holy cities in other religions. His overall goals are a good start for a campaign to liberate the long held conquests of Islam. Restore the lands to their original people and the religions that were dominate before the Islamic conquest.

    I don’t know how realistic the campaign to destroy Islam is but it has interesting possibilities.

    • Destroying Islam is what has to happen. That may or may not be possible, but Islam turns ordinary people into crazed fanatical murderers at an alarming rate. Islam literally drives people insane. The world has to call a spade a spade. Islam is a very bad thing and has to be eliminated from the human race along with cannibalism, incest, and human sacrifice…

      • Amazing lack of historical evidence: Islam brought civilization and raised humanity – won’t you see terrorism is a tool in the hands of geo-strategic agents?

  3. I think the single most damning aspect of Barack Obama’s presidency is his attitude toward US energy independence. In light of the fact that 19 of the 20 terrorists who did the 9/11 attack, along with Osama bin Laden himself, were Saudis, there is no way a real President could fail to see the importance of finding an abundant oil source that does not come from a country that hates the US.

    Then the Canadians offered to build a pipeline that would give Americans access to unlimited “friendly” oil; then Barack Hussein Obama did cartwheels to assure that the project died an agonizing and slow death. Gotcha! He’s working for the Saudis. He has to be. Why else would an American president be actually opposed to the idea of US energy independence? Why?

    The guy in the video is perfectly right. That poisonous “radio signal” coming out of Mecca is the root of all this terrorist horror. You can kill Sunni Arab suicide bombers all day long, but until that “signal” is silenced, there will be no change. And yet Barry wants to keep America in a subservient position to the very guys who are sending out the “signal”. It’s obvious. He’s a Saudi operative…

    • your talking crap… obama has ramped up fracking & shale oil production, saudis are losing millions in oil dollars now… i like how you totally ignore events pre obama. dirty america scum starting wars on the weaker (always the weaker but still loose every fight) to steal resources destroy countries suport & arm dictators ect & then wonder why there is a refugee problem… the level of ignorance amongst us population is frightening also the really terrible education where kids are not even safe from each other… americans murder each other faster then any terrorist organisation ever will 🙂 keep it up & make the world a safer place

  4. Sadly, I’m not sure the West will destroy Islam before Islam destroys the West. The Liberal-Progressive Globalists have somehow managed to construct a (de facto) reality where it’s forbidden to destroy ANYTHING–even if it’s evil.

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