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9 Replies to “Al-Aqsa Mosque: Sheikh Prays for the Annihilation the Jews”

    • No problem just ask the media/govt, nothing to do with islam, just a tiny bit of mental illness. We should import more of them so it will all seem natural.

    • A topic for the boycott list. [*] Till now it’s just been people. Or what passes for human.
      But please let me know when one of these critters drops dead on the spot. I’m really looking forward to it.
      [*] These days it isn’t easy to keep the blood pressure low and the chow down. We’ve got a marathon, not a sprint. Gotta stay in shape, ‘cause things are just getting interesting..

      • You said a mouthful. Things are going to get more interesting next year, a whole lot more interesting so please stay in shape and take your blood pressure meds we need you and your wisdom.

  1. There’s the problem, right there. It’s not poverty or unemployment or the terrible things the Jews have done, it’s that guy that is the problem. And nobody ever seems to do anything about it. That guy, and all the others just like him, needs to be dead, folks. He needs to be found with his own member hanging out of his dead mouth and “I am an evil bastard” carved into his forehead. He needs to be hanged with a sign that says, “Murdering liar” hanging around his neck. They have to hand out a couple of hundred 007 licenses-to-kill and let the James Bonds have at it. That’s right. Murder. We need to murder every single one of these “holy men” before they convince someone to murder us…

    When will a Western leader come along with the intelligence and the courage to call these guys out as the enemy they are? Why don’t they start an extensive campaign of whacking these guys until there aren’t any left? Muslim clerics like this are openly exhorting people to commit crimes. He should be shot dead immediately like the rabid dog that he is. If they can put out “fatwas”, why can’t we put out hits?

  2. @Chris Jones, you fail to understand the problem. He’s merely misunderstood his religion. Somehow, nobody knows how, because the situation is “very complex”, the years he’s spent from childhood in mosques and madrasas, having the peaceful pluralistic message of mo and allah drummed into him, has morphed into a world view of domination and hatred. It’s the exception, to the rule though. Although I’m at a bit of a loss to explain how all those other peace loving muslims attentively listening to him, failed to call him out on his misinterpretation.
    Perhaps misinterpretation of islam is caused by some virus. Yes that would explain it, that’s why it’s spreading, the solution is purely biological. If we can develop a vaccine, this plague of misunderstanding will be as relevant as smallpox. Problem solved.

    • There it is. It’s a virus. Perhaps the UN should announce the creation of a 3-trillion-dollar fund earmarked specifically for the study of the misinterpretation virus, or ME. Won’t it be richly amusing watching the corrupt little monkeys at the UN figure out a way to get that ME fund right back to the Imams it was designed to “cure”. Can’t you just see them with their cheeks bulging with gold coins, stuffing gold into their pockets and even the tops of their socks? What devilishly good fun, I’d say…

      I have an idea. Why don’t we make New Zealand pay for it. Haven’t heard a peep out of them in years…

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