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    • Liberated from IS, Syrian women burn burqas, men buzz beards

      The last remaining IS fighters abandoned the city of Manbij near the Turkish border on Friday after a rout the Pentagon said showed the extremists were “on the ropes.” The retreat from the city which IS captured in 2014 was the jihadists’ worst defeat yet at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an Arab-Kurdish alliance backed by US air power.

      In the street celebration, another woman wearing a red head covering helped the first hold the burning robe aloft.

      “May Allah burn the hearts of the IS members like they burned us and our men!” she called, receiving hearty agreement of the group. “May Allah burn them in the hellfire, and before that, in the fire of the Kurds!” she added. Cheers again.

      “May Allah support the believers and TAKE the JEWS, oh Lord,” she cried.

      This, too, was applauded.

    • Sketch released of suspect who shot imam, congregant near mosque

      […]video surveillance showed they were approached from behind by a man in a dark polo shirt and shorts who shot them and then fled south on 79th Street with the gun still in his hand.

      Police released a sketch early Sunday of a dark-haired, bearded man wearing glasses. Police said witnesses described the shooter as a man with a medium complexion.

      […]The Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, held a news conference near the shooting scene, where Kobir Chowdhury, a leader at another local mosque, said, “Read my lips: This is a hate crime” directed at Islam. “We are peace-loving.”

      Sarah Sayeed, a member of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s staff who serves as a liaison to Muslim communities, attended the rally. “I understand the fear because I feel it myself,” she said. “I understand the anger. But it’s very important to mount a thorough investigation.”

      Members of the community had felt animosity lately, with people cursing while passing the mosque, said worshipper Shahin Chowdhury. He said he had advised people to be careful walking around, especially when in traditional clothing.[…]

    • New York Muslim leaders on Saturday blamed Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s “anti-Muslim rhetoric” for the murders of two Muslim men.

      • They would just as they blame all of the anti-Moslem attacks on the “White Backlash”, we all know well over 99% of those attacks are either faked or Moslem on Moslem.

  1. “There is very scarce information regarding women who lived during the pre-Islamic time period.

    According to Islamic history itself, the first wife of Muhammad, Khadija, was a prosperous business woman and actually proposed to Muhammad. Additionally from Islamic sources themselves, the wife of his chief-rival Abu Sufyan (Hind) was also politically active and was present at the Battle of Badr including conflicting accounts of her personally defiling the body of one of Muhammad’s uncles.

    According to the traditional Islamic narrative women in Pre-Islamic Arabia had almost no rights”
    And that is all it is, The Narrative. The Left stating bare faced lies contrary to evidence.

    “In Islam, men and women are moral equals in God’s sight and are expected to fulfill the same duties of worship, prayer, faith, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Islam generally improved the status of women compared to earlier Arab cultures, prohibiting female infanticide and recognizing women’s full personhood.”

    • The Moslems do their best to destroy all traces of pre Islamic cultures, that way we can’t prove that Mohammad took what was probably a semi-decent to decent culture and turned it into a very nasty one.

  2. Police shooting in Milwaukee sparks violent protest

    MILWAUKEE – A crowd of protesters skirmished with police Saturday night in a Milwaukee neighborhood where an officer shot and killed a man after a traffic stop and foot chase earlier in the day, setting fire to a police car and torching a gas station. One officer was hurt by a thrown brick.

    Police said the 23-year-old man was armed with a handgun. Mayor Tom Barrett said the officer ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, but he refused. The officer then shot the suspect twice, Barrett said, adding that the officer was wearing a body camera.

    Assistant Chief Bill Jessup told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it wasn’t immediately clear whether the man had pointed a gun or fired at the officer. They described the man as a suspect, but didn’t say what led to the traffic stop.

    The races of the man and the officer weren’t immediately released.

    MILWAUKEE – A crowd of protesters skirmished with police Saturday night in a Milwaukee neighborhood where an officer shot and killed a man after a traffic stop and foot chase earlier in the day, setting fire to a police car and torching a gas station. One officer was hurt by a thrown brick.

    Police said the 23-year-old man was armed with a handgun. Mayor Tom Barrett said the officer ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, but he refused. The officer then shot the suspect twice, Barrett said, adding that the officer was wearing a body camera.

    Assistant Chief Bill Jessup told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it wasn’t immediately clear whether the man had pointed a gun or fired at the officer. They described the man as a suspect, but didn’t say what led to the traffic stop.

    The races of the man and the officer weren’t immediately released.

    • ISIS Rejects The Popes Idea That Terrorism Is Not Religious

      The Islamic State terror group has publicly stated that they reject Pope Francis’ claim that acts of terrorism are not religious in nature. They went on to assure the Pope that their sole motivation is religious and sanctioned by Allah in the Qur’an.

      The terror group went as far as to call Pope Francis’ claims naïve in the most recent issue of ISIS propaganda magazine Dabiq. They criticized him for clinging to the idea that Muslims want peace and any act of terrorism is based on economic struggles. “This is a divinely-warranted war between the Muslim nation and the nations of disbelief,” the author states in an article titled “By the Sword.”

      ISIS claims that the Pope is hiding behind his deceptive belief of good will by claiming authentic Islam rejects all form of violence and further claiming that he “has struggled against reality” by pushing efforts to portray Islam as a religion of peace. The article goes on to state that all Muslims should take up the sword of Jihad, the “greatest obligation” of a true Muslim.

      The article admits that “many people in Crusader countries express shock and even disgust that Islamic State leadership ‘uses religion to justify violence.’” However, ISIS again reiterates their right to violence continuing by writing “Indeed, waging jihad – spreading the rule of Allah by the sword – is an obligation found in the Quran, the word of our Lord.”

  3. The Olympics are the best of the best face-off.

    There are no height or weight divisions for runners. It is a direct competition with the goal of getting from A to B the fastest.

    So why are judo, boxing, weight lifting etc. pussying around? Do we want to see fat runners compete in their age categories too?

    How can you have a world record – but you were not the greatest? These champions who could not lift a finger to the losers of the catagories above?

    So how does Islam even have a seat at the table of the World’s Religions, when it does not even meet the minimum criteria of a Jedi: to be still?

    Rage and Pride are exploited by the Left – which Islam fulfils as a definition because their outrages out-do the mother of all outrages of virtue signalling and violence.

    Their olympic throwing of homotesticles off rooves, or touching all parts of a feminist before she can get air to say a white man did it, are achievements of global reknown. But being the very worst of the ’emotionally crippled who cannot enjoy life,’ is still nowhere near to becoming world champions.

    To have won the race, is to have achieve freedom – that is all. Any excuses, comparisons and clarifications to receive a plaudit, is to have let yourself and everyone else down.

  4. Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting

    A standoff between police and an angry crowd turned violent Saturday night in the hours after a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect during a foot chase on the city’s north side.

    After an hours-long confrontation with officers, police reported at 10:15 p.m. that a gas station at N. Sherman Blvd. and W. Burleigh St. was set on fire. Police said firefighters could not for a time get close to the blaze because of gunshots.

    Later, fires were started at businesses — including a BMO Harris Bank branch, a beauty supply company and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores — near N. 35th and W. Burleigh streets, a grim and emphatic Mayor Tom Barrett said. He spoke at a midnight news conference at the District 3 police station at N. 49th St. and W. Lisbon Ave.

    He and Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton pleaded with the public for calm. Barrett promised a strong police presence in coming days.

  5. Milwaukee Crowd Turns Violent After Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man

    Violence and protests erupted in Milwaukee overnight after a man was fatally shot by police during a foot chase.

    Police said the victim, 23, was armed with a handgun and shot dead by an officer after fleeing a traffic stop on Milwaukee’s north side Saturday afternoon.

    Hours later angry crowds took to the streets, smashing a police car and setting fire to another. One officer was injured by a flying brick; a gas station and auto-parts store were set alight. Police said gunshots were heard.

  6. Shots fired? Search continues but mall will reopen

    Raleigh, N.C. — Crabtree Valley Mall will open as usual on Sunday while police continue their investigation into what sent shoppers stampeding to safety on a busy Saturday afternoon.

    Police were called to the mall just after 2:30 p.m. on the report of gunshots, but, after four hours of searching, they found no shooter, no one who had a gunshot wound and no shell casings.

    “We have not determined that there was a shooter,” said Raleigh Chief of Police Cassandra Deck-Brown. “We’re looking at all possibilities. People heard the popping sound. Some thought it was a gunshot, and we have to evaluate all possibilities.”

    While officers had secured the interior of the mall, Deck-Brown said they would look to 911 calls, mobile phone video and surveillance video to get to the bottom of what happened. In an announcement over the Crabtree Valley Mall public address system, Raleigh police asked that anyone who saw or heard gunshots step forward to help with the investigation.


  7. Shots fired? Search continues but mall will reopen

    Raleigh, N.C. — Crabtree Valley Mall will open as usual on Sunday while police continue their investigation into what sent shoppers stampeding to safety on a busy Saturday afternoon.

    Police were called to the mall just after 2:30 p.m. on the report of gunshots, but, after four hours of searching, they found no shooter, no one who had a gunshot wound and no shell casings.

    “We have not determined that there was a shooter,” said Raleigh Chief of Police Cassandra Deck-Brown. “We’re looking at all possibilities. People heard the popping sound. Some thought it was a gunshot, and we have to evaluate all possibilities.”


  8. Thai police find more unexploded bombs following coordinated blasts

    BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai police over the weekend found and defused five explosive devices that had failed to detonate when an as yet unidentified group carried out a series of deadly bomb attacks on popular tourist spots late last week.

    Police said they had arrested one suspect following the bomb and arson attacks on Thursday and Friday that killed four people and wounded dozens more in some of Thailand’s best-known southern resorts and islands.

    The attacks came just days after Thais voted to accept a military-backed constitution that the ruling junta, which seized power in 2014, has said will lead to an election by the end next year.

    “These acts were undertaken by a group in many areas simultaneously, following orders from one individual,” Pongsapat Pongcharoen, a deputy national police chief, told reporters on Sunday, without elaborating.

    No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

    Analysts say suspicion would inevitably fall on enemies of the ruling junta aggrieved by the referendum results, or insurgents from Muslim-majority provinces in the south of the mostly Buddhist country.

  9. Brexit could be delayed as government departments not ready: Sunday Times

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain could leave the European Union toward the end of 2019, instead of early that year as expected by some politicians, reported the Sunday Times citing sources who have been briefed by ministers that Brexit departments were not ready.

    The UK voted to leave the EU on June 23, but Prime Minister Theresa May has said she will not invoke “Article 50”, the two-year formal process for divorcing the bloc, this year as the country needs time to prepare for negotiations.

    Britain’s international trade minister, Liam Fox, said in July that early next year could be the best time for Britain to trigger the divorce talks.

    But Article 50 could be invoked later than that, City sources who had been privately warned by ministers told the Sunday Times, with any delays a result of new government departments set up to handle Brexit and international trade not yet being fully staffed.

    Elections in France in May, and Germany in September, could also push back the timing of Britain triggering Article 50, reported the newspaper.

    Any delay to the Brexit process is likely to draw criticism from the pro-leave side of May’s Conservative party, with senior members such as John Redwood calling for a quick departure from the bloc.

  10. Islamic Islamophobia: When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us?

    Earlier this year there was a murder that shocked Britain. Just before Easter, a 40-year old shopkeeper in Glasgow, Asad Shah, was repeatedly stabbed in his shop; he died in the road outside. The news immediately went out that this was a religiously-motivated attack. But the type of religiously motivated attack it was came as a surprise to most of Britain.

    There is so much attention paid to the idea of “Islamophobia” in the country that many people — including some Muslim groups — immediately assumed that the killing of Asad Shah was an “Islamophobic” murder. It turned out, however, that the man who had been detained by police — and this week sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison for the murder — was also a Muslim.

    Mr Shah was an Ahmadiyya Muslim — that is, a member of the peaceable Islamic sect which is dismissed as “heretical” by many Muslims. Mr Shah’s murderer, on the other hand, was a Sunni Muslim, Tanveer Ahmed, who had travelled up from Bradford to kill Mr Shah because he believed Mr Shah had “disrespected the Prophet Mohammed.” At this point the comfortable narratives of modern Britain began to fray.

  11. GERMANY – Kassel – At least 10 injured in huge fire at German migrant centre

    At least 20 of the containers were believed to be ablaze in the central German state of Hessen.

    […]At least 665 centres have been attacked in 2016 alone, according to a recent police report, who said the majority were “clearly” far-right inspired.

    However, police investigating the cause of the fire have already ruled out arson. They believe the fire started accidentally within the site itself.


  12. Turkey summons Austria charge d’affaires over “indecent” report

    Turkey summoned Austria’s charge d’affaires in Ankara over what it said was “indecent report” about Turkey on a news ticker at Vienna airport, a foreign ministry official said on Sunday.

    “Turkey allows sex with children under the age of 15,” read a headline on an electronic news ticker at the airport, images circulated on social media showed.

    “Our disturbance and reaction over this display which tarnishes Turkey’s image and deliberately misinforms the public have been strongly conveyed to the charge d’affaires,” the Turkish ministry official said, adding that the headline was removed following the ministry’s intervention.

    Turkey’s constitutional court last month ruled in favor of removing a provision in the penal code which identifies all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse” following an application made by a local court.

    The 7-6 ruling by the panel of judges, which is to take effect in January 2017, stirred outrage on Turkish social media and among women’s rights activists, who voiced concern that it would lead to cases of child abuses going unpunished.

    Activists were expected to seek a reversal of the ruling, possibly by going to the European Court of Human Rights, Turkish media quoted them as saying.

    An Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed Turkey had summoned its charge d’affaires on Saturday evening. “We take notice of the reaction of the Turkish authorities, and this is for us a matter of freedom of the press,” Thomas Schnoell said.

    A spokesman for Vienna airport said that while the news ticker was on its premises, it was not responsible for its contents. “(It) is operated by an Austrian newspaper, which has editorial responsibility over its content,” the spokesman said. “The airport does not have any influence over its contents.”

    Tensions between Turkey and Europe have risen since Ankara’s crackdown in the wake of last month’s failed coup in Turkey.

    Turkish authorities have detained, sacked or suspended tens of thousands of people over their alleged links with Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based cleric whom the government blames for orchestrating the coup attempt.

    Last week Turkey’s foreign minister called Austria the “capital of radical racism” after Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern suggested ending EU accession talks with Turkey, which have made minimal progress since they began in 2005.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and many Turks accuse the West of focusing more on the rights of the coup plotters and their supporters than on the coup itself, in which more than 240 people were killed after rogue soldiers bombed parliament and seized bridges with tanks and helicopters.

    Halting Turkey’s EU accession process could scupper a landmark migration deal between Brussels and Ankara designed to stop illegal migration to Europe via Turkey in return for financial aid, the promise of visa-free travel to much of the bloc and accelerated talks on membership.

    Turkey has lived up to its side of the deal with Brussels but visa-free access has been subject to delays due to a dispute over Turkish anti-terrorism legislation, which some in Europe see as too broad, and to its post-coup crackdown.

  13. JIHAD WATCH – Iran propaganda video hits Obama for dissembling about ransom-for-hostages deal, crows about humiliating US

    This is the propaganda video Iran released in February, humiliating the Obama administration and bragging about the hostage deal they made. It shows the cash, etc., and further exposes how Obama has been lying to the American people about this deal.

    video – Eng subs

  14. FRANCE – Violent Corsica brawl: 4 injured, cars burnt in clashes between locals & Muslims

    At least four people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in a violent brawl between locals and “foreigners,” presumably from North Africa, on the island of Corsica, French media reports. Some 100 police officers had to be deployed to calm the situation.

    The brawl broke out in the Sisco commune of France’s Haute-Corse department on Saturday evening, France 3 Corsica reported.

    France 3 Corsica cited local witnesses who claimed that a spat began when some tourists took a picture of a group of ten North Africans, including a pregnant woman and children, who were sitting on a beach. The North Africans made it clear that they didn’t want to be photographed, but then a group of Corsicans arrived and also started a discussion that escalated into a confrontation.

    The paper reported that three vehicles belonging to young people of North African origin had been burned in the encounter.

    Some 40 Corsicans attacked the members of two Moroccan families that were living on the island, according to BFMTV. Stones and bottles were reportedly thrown at the Moroccans and three of their vehicles were burned, the channel said. The cause of the brawl has yet to be determined, French media said.

    The French Interior Ministry later confirmed that the incident had taken place, but didn’t specify the nationality of the people attacked, simply calling them “foreigners.”

    “Four people injured, including a pregnant woman, were evacuated to the hospital in Bastia,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that “three vehicles were burned, causing severe traffic disruption.”

    The ministry said that some 100 police officers had been dispatched to the scene to bring the situation under control.

    France 3 Corsica put the number of people injured in the brawl at five, two of whom were Corsicans and three of North African origin. In addition to the pregnant woman, the injured included one more woman, a child, and a man. BFMTV reported, citing its sources.

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that he was calling for an investigation into the incident, while urging everyone to stay “calm” and maintain “a sense of responsibility.”

    • Street artist crashes ‘Refugee’ art exhibit, includes terrorists and jihadis

      Los Angeles street artist Sabo wanted to be sure a new art exhibit didn’t just include the widows and orphans President Obama says are coming to America.

      He wanted to be sure the potential terrorists and jihadis — who have said they will infiltrate Western countries as “refugees” — were included in the display as well.

      The street artist produced a video of several of his works hanging in Century City, as well as footage of them being taken down by city crews.

      […]“I get that art patrons who are insulated from the realities of life by their wealth like financing exhibits like this to help calm the herd of the dangers they fear,” he says.

      “Like most left-wing art, it only tells half of the story — a kinder, more genteel half. It challenges nothing.

  15. Islamic State: Kurdish forces capture Iraq villages (BBC, Aug 14, 2016)

    “Kurdish forces in Iraq say they have captured several villages near Mosul from the self-styled Islamic State (IS) group, the last major city the militants hold in the country.

    The offensive began at dawn on Sunday, backed by air strikes from the US-led coalition battling IS.

    Kurdish and Iraqi government forces have been encircling Mosul ahead of an offensive to take the city itself…”

  16. Yemeni Troops Seize Towns From Al-Qaida (abcnews, Aug 14, 2016)

    “Yemeni pro-government troops, backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, seized two large towns east of the port city of Aden from al-Qaida on Sunday, officials said.

    Maj. Gen. Ahmed Seif told The Associated Press that troops entered Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, and Jaar as al-Qaida militants fled into the mountains under heavy fire and airstrikes that killed more than 40 militants and destroyed several of their vehicles. He said three soldiers were killed and two wounded. He spoke from the town of al-Husson, north of Jaar.

    Military officials had earlier said that government forces entered the small town of al-Kawd after brief clashes. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief reporters…”

  17. Saudis Say Suspect in Police Killing Linked to Islamic State (abcnews, Aug 14, 2016)

    “Saudi authorities say a Yemeni national accused of killing a Saudi policeman had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and may be linked to an attack last year on security forces that killed 15 people.

    Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki says the Yemeni man deliberately ran over Cpl. Mathhal al-Salouli and then stabbed him in the throat on Wednesday in the southwestern border province of Asir.

    He says six other Yemenis have been detained in connection with the attack.

    The state-linked al-Watan newspaper reported Sunday that security officials are also investigating possible links between the Yemeni suspect and an IS suicide bombing inside a police compound in Asir that killed 11 members of an elite counterterrorism force last year.”

  18. Police: British Man Fatally Stabbed in Cyprus Holiday Resort (abcnews, Aug 14, 2016)

    “A British man was fatally stabbed and another Briton wounded during a pre-dawn knife attack at Cyprus’ coastal resort of Ayia Napa, Cypriot police said Sunday.

    The two Britons, both 22, were attacked while they were walking down a busy street by two knife-wielding men shortly after getting into a shoving match with one of them, Famagusta District Assistant Police Chief Georgios Economou told The Associated Press.

    Economou gave the name of the man who died as George Low, from Kent, England.

    Economou said there is no suspicion the attack was terrorism-related and authorities are treating it as a murder case.

    Low died from a stab wound to the neck. The other suffered four stab wounds to his back, but they aren’t life-threatening.

    Economou said according to witness accounts, the two assailants, who are still being sought, appeared to be foreign nationals. He said investigators have been able to track some of the suspects’ movements through closed-circuit television cameras.

    Authorities have been alerted at all airports, ports and crossing points into the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north of the ethnically divided island to be on the lookout for the suspects.

    Economou said the two victims had worked during the previous two years at Ayia Napa bars and clubs. The wounded Briton told investigators that he and Low had been vacationing in Ayia Napa this time.”

  19. Fire Breaks out at Asylum-Seeker Facility in Germany (abcnews, Aug 14, 2016)

    “German authorities say 16 asylum seekers suffered from smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at a container housing facility in the central city of Kassel.

    The Kassel fire department told the dpa news agency the fire started inside one of the residences Sunday and that an anti-migrant attack had been ruled out.

    About 200 firefighters battled for several hours to control the fire, which burned more than a dozen of the temporary housing units, sending thick smoke billowing into the air that was visible for kilometers (miles) around.

    Around 120 asylum-seekers live in the facility at the former Kassel airport and authorities say it was lucky that the fire broke out in the daytime while most of them were out of their homes.

    The cause is under investigation.”

  20. Afghan Officials: IS Expands Presence in Restive South (abcnews, Aug 14, 2016)

    “The Islamic State group, which has been building a presence in Afghanistan for more than a year, has established a recruitment and training camp in a restive southern province bordering Pakistan, Afghan officials said.

    Last year, hundreds of insurgents fled to Afghanistan from neighboring Pakistan, where the military launched a campaign to clear militants from the lawless tribal regions in the country’s north. Among them were members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, who joined forces with local Taliban fighters to attack northern Afghan cities such as Kunduz, which was briefly overrun in September.

    The Pakistani military campaign also caused around 400 families loyal to the Islamic State group to flee to Afghanistan, Afghan authorities said. The families, many of them Arabs and Chechens, settled in the southern province of Zabul, in the district of Khak-e-Afghan, a former Taliban stronghold with a history of militant violence that has made it a no-go area for Afghan security forces.

    The long-term intentions of the IS loyalists in Khak-e-Afghan were initially unclear. Locals said they kept to themselves but appeared wealthy, purchasing expensive properties and never bargaining down prices in the bazaar.

    Now officials say the IS operatives have established a headquarters in the district, and are actively recruiting and training locals to join the group as gunmen…”

  21. Top Trump Adviser Jeff Sessions Says Campaign ‘Is Not Over’ (abcnews, video, Aug 14, 2016)

    “Top Trump foreign policy adviser Sen. Jeff Sessions says Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is “not over,” and criticized media coverage claiming his campaign is in trouble.

    “You’ve had this whole morning talking about nothing but negative on the Trump campaign,” Sessions said on ABC’s “This Week.” “This is the kind of thing that does build on itself, and has, I think, made mountains out of molehills.”

    A New York Times story published Saturday claims the Republican nominee’s advisers are struggling to get him to adjust his tone and rhetoric and that he is “beyond coaching.”

    Trump denied the story this morning in a tweet: “The failing @nytimes, which never spoke to me, keeps saying that I am saying to advisers that I will change. False, I am who I am-never said.”….”

  22. Mosque group in Germany takes step back from Ankara (thelocal, Aug 14, 2016)

    “A key Turkish religious organisation in Germany said on Sunday it would further distance itself from Ankara after politicians and media raised concerns of foreign influence.

    Mosque federation Ditib “is and will remain politically neutral”, spokesman Zekeriya Altug told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) newspaper.

    “Apart from the imams supplied by the Diyanet (Turkey’s religious affairs agency), there is no financial support from the Turkish state or the Diyanet,” he said.

    Some media and politicians have raised fears of divided loyalties among Germany’s roughly three-million-strong Turkish population—and suggested Ditib’s imams could be relaying political messages from the Turkish government.

    Ditib hosts imams trained in Turkey and paid by Diyanet—most of whom are unfamiliar with German culture and may not even speak the language—at its 900 mosques and Islamic associations.

    Altug’s comments were more conciliatory than a statement released by Ditib on August 8th in which the group rejected all criticism based on fears of foreign control of its imams.

    The spokesman said Ditib would look for alternative sources of funding to train and pay preachers.

    “In 10 years, at least half our imams will be socialised in Germany” thanks to a Ditib-funded programme to send German-born imams for training in Turkey, he said.

    Supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan demonstrated in Cologne and other cities following a failed putsch in July, stoking concerns that internal Turkish tensions could be exported to Germany.

    Erdogan complained bitterly to the German government that he had not been allowed to address the crowds in Cologne by video link.

    In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag weekly, Berlin mayor Michael Mueller said Turkish officials had asked whether he would be prepared to act against schools belonging to the Gulen religious movement.

    Erdogan accuses US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen, a former ally, of orchestrating the 15 July coup attempt.

    Mueller said he had “made it very clear that Turkish conflicts cannot be carried out on our soil”.

    Meanwhile, the state of Lower Saxony has delayed an agreement to recognise Ditib as its official Muslim civil society organisation in the wake of the coup attempt and Erdogan’s harsh response.”

  23. Hofer proposes burka ban and Turkish passport blocks (thelocal, Aug 14, 2016)

    “The far-right presidential candidate has kicked off his election campaign with an interview in which he supports a ban on burkas in Austria, as well as blocking Turkey’s proposed EU membership.

    In an interview published on Sunday with the mass circulation Oesterreich tabloid, Norbert Hofer, the far-right Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) candidate for president of Austria, outlined his position on several topics, including a proposed burka ban, similar to the one in France.

    Matching a similar position to this political opponents, Hofer also supports a block on negotiation with Turkey over an EU accession. He goes further however by suggesting that if Turkey does join, or the EU doesn’t reform to allow more freedom for member states, then he would support an Austrian exit from the EU institutions.

    After recent security incidents in neighbouring countries, Hofer is now leading in the polls for the re-run of the presidential elections, due on October 2nd.

    When asked if he was confident of victory, he responded:

    “I’m not sure of victory. But I am an optimistic and life-affirming human being and hope it ends well. When I meet people on a mountain bike tour who want to be photographed with me, the response is always positive.”

    He characterized his independent opponent, Alexander Van der Bellen, as both a Green, and a former communist, while describing himself as a Libertarian.

    When asked about Brexit, and the far-right parties in France and Netherlands who are adamant for an EU exit by their countries, Hofer admitted that they are not in agreement on all points, such as nuclear power, which he opposes.

    In any case, he suggested that if he is elected as President, he will suspend his membership of the FPÖ, and focus on working solely at a federal level, in the interests of Austria as a whole.

    Hofer also called for an investigation into the rapid mobilization of Turkish residents in Austria, which saw over 5,000 demonstrators on the streets of Vienna in the wake of the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

    In particular, he was concerned about how many of those Turks kept their Turkish citizenship, which is illegal due to Austria’s strict dual-citizenship laws.

    He specifically called for a ban on naturalization of Turks resident in Austria, until the dual citizenship issue can be resolved.

    In a related question, Hofer talked about Germany’s discussion on a possible ban on religious clothing, such as a burka.

    “Yes, and I think [a ban] makes sense. It’s not the case that someone says, ‘Wow, I want to go to Austria and must not wear my burqa.’ No. I need to know in advance that there is a burqa ban and then I can decide if I want to come.””

  24. Jordanian cartoonist jailed for “offensive” anti-Daesh cartoon

    Jordanian cartoonist and political satirist Nahed Hattar recently turned himself into the police after a warrant was issued for his arrest this weekend, Jordanian news sources have reported.

    This comes after he published a cartoon on his Facebook page lambasting Daesh (ISIS), and how they “envision heaven”. The cartoon shows the inside of a tent with a member of Daesh flanked by two women in bed with God peeking in through the tent’s opening. When God asks if the Daesh member needs anything, he replies that he’d like a beer, then the Daesh member repurposes several Islamic phrases from the 3rd person to the 2nd person in a mocking manner.

    Almost immediately after posting, the controversy started with social media users infuriated by the depiction of God and Hattar’s indelicacy with the subject matter.

    Hattar, a Jordanian Christian and self-described non-believer, is not a stranger to controversy. He was has previously come under fire for both being insensitive to religious views and for striking up ethnic differences – Hattar is a strong supporter of restricting Jordanians of Palestinian descent certain rights and privileges, a taboo topic in the ethnically-split Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

    Hattar is also a strong supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, which hasn’t made him popular with certain personalities in the region, including host of al-Jazeera’s flagship debate program “Opposite Directions” Faisal al-Qassim

    PIC the ” offensive ” cartoon :

    • al azeera -Jordanian writer faces arrest over offensive cartoon

      Writer Nahed Hattar faces arrest for sharing a cartoon on Facebook deemed deeply offensive to Muslims.

      An arrest warrant has been issued for a Jordanian writer after he allegedly shared a cartoon on social media that was deemed highly offensive to Muslims.

      The warrant for writer Nahed Hattar was issued on Friday after he failed to appear for questioning over the cartoon posted on his Facebook page.

      It is not known who produced the cartoon, which shows a fighter from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) sitting next to two women and asking Allah to bring him a drink.

      ‘Did not mean to offend’

      The backlash against Hattar was immediate with Jordanian social media users lambasting the writer for sharing the cartoon and accusing him of being anti-Islam and purposely causing offence to Jordanian Muslims.

      Social media users also called on the government to question and arrest Hattar, and some attacked him for being Christian and a secularist.

      Attempting to explain his motive for sharing the cartoon, Hattar said that he did not intend to cause offence to Muslims and wanted the cartoon to “expose” ISIL and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      “I did not mean to offend the believers. Instead, I was trying to expose how terrorist Daesh (the Arabic acronym for ISIL) militants and the Muslim Brotherhood envision Allah and heaven,” Hattar said in one explanation.

      In a second explanation, Hattar said that “as a non-believer” he respected “the believers who did not understand the satire behind the cartoon”.

      However, Hattar’s comment about Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation that was founded in 1945 as a political and religious group and whose members have served in the country’s parliament and government, could be considered libelous, which is a crime under Jordanian law.

      Jordan concerned about growing support for ISIL

      Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement in response to Hattar’s comments that called on the government to take strong measures against those who publish seditious material that undermined national unity.

      ISIL is considered a foreign illegal group under Jordanian law, and expressing any form of support for it is illegal.

      ‘A big mistake’

      “This whole controversy was politically motivated by Hattar and his opponents who took advantage of this issue to take revenge against him for his controversial and often offensive political stances,” Jordanian writer Fahad al Khitan said.

      Khitan described Hattar as a “fool” for “making a big mistake”.

      Hattar is an outspoken supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has described those who oppose the Assad regime as “terrorists” or “terrorist sympathisers”.

      Hattar has also been an outspoken advocate of depriving Jordanians of Palestinian origin of their legal and civil rights in Jordan. He has called for an exclusive, East-Bank Jordanian identity without its Palestinian component.

      Reem al Jazi, a well-known Jordanian civic activist, said Hattar had caused offence to “everyone, not just Muslims”.

      “Hattar is a racist and bigoted individual,” Jazi said, but opposed attacking the writer for being secularist or Christian.

      “Hattar is not claiming to write from a Christian perspective, and is a self-proclaimed ‘non-believer’,” she said.

      “If he is to face legal consequences for his actions, it should be for accusing the Muslim Brotherhood organization of terrorism, a libel under Jordanian law, not for sharing a cartoon,” she added.

  25. Islam Academic: Migrants Want Eurabia, Globalists Using Migrants to Destroy The West (breitbart, Aug 14, 2016)

    “A highly regarded researcher and academic has warned that Muslims in Europe view migration as the start of the Islamisation of the continent. Prof. Abdessamad Belhaj also detailed how globalists are using Muslim migrants to turn Western countries into socially divided societies of easily-controlled consumers.

    The scholar of Islam and social sciences warned that large numbers of migrants are “calamitous” for the European people, and that neoliberal elites see Islamic terrorism, and state bankruptcy and collapse as collateral damage in their pursuit of endless wealth.

    In an interview with Hungary’s Institute for Migration Research, Professor Belhaj discussed what he calls the Islamic moral economy.

    He summarised this economy as based around the belief that “if there is money, it is because of Islam, and if there is Islam it will bring money”.

    The Moroccan academic, who works in countries across Europe, stated that Muslim migrants view “all property as ‘given’ and not ‘acquired’ by work”. Professor Belhaj revealed that Muslims, therefore, believe that by taking Europe’s land, Muslims will be granted wealth.

    He contended: “In Islamic discourses, migration is seen as a beginning of the Islamisation of Europe, the rich land that will change the fate of Islam, from a religion of the poor to a religion of the rich.

    “This is of course a paradox since the poor can only make Europe poorer. Furthermore, immigration is justified as victory to the community”, Professor Belhaj added, and labeled the Islamic moral economy “disastrous”.

    The professor disclosed that “state law has no weight compared to the law of God”, for Muslims, and so they establish parallel societies in Europe.

    This state of affairs is perfect for neoliberalism, Professor Belhaj argued, as Muslim zones in European states “disrupt social cohesion and peripheralise societies”.

    Professor Belhaj said elites in Europe “encourage migration and accommodate Islam”, and described the harmony between Muslim migrants and neoliberalism as “structural, and not accidental”.

    The academic commented: “Migration is useful for the neo-liberal model of the borderless, minimal, global society, but is calamitous for the European citizens as a whole.”

    Professor Belhaj asserted that dignity, freedom of expression and the middle classes are “outdated” for neoliberalism. Neoliberals’ desire, he said, is for society to have “minimal cohesion”, no middle class, and a state which doles out a “minimal income that should be used for consumption”.

    Belhaj, who has authored four books and had more than fifty studies published in international publications, cautioned that as a result of the globalist system, “sustained poverty … is going to be the fate of a considerable portion of people in the West”

    The professor noted: “European citizens see every day how immigrants evolve in a parallel economy and who display ethics that do not meet European ethical standards and do not serve local interests.”

    Calling European “panic” over the migrant wave “justified and legitimate”, Professor Belhaj said: “It is a moral panic of resistance to the neo-liberal order, and rejection of the peripheralisation of Europe”.”

  26. UK: More than 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims gather for 50th Jalsa Salana in Hampshire

    Around 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims from dozens of countries gathered at Oaklands Farm near Alton, Hampshire, for the 50th anniversary of the three-day international convention, known as the Jalsa Salana, Sunday.

  27. Libya warns Italy of Milan-based ISIS terrorist cell (RT, Aug 14, 2016)

    “Libya has warned Italy about an Islamic State cell operating in Milan and linked to a terrorist warlord, who was previously deported by the Italian authorities.

    The jihadist group was uncovered after Libyan security forces studied the papers they obtained from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) headquarters in the city of Sirte, which was seized by the government, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

    Italian security forces are on high alert, as the defeat of IS in Sirte earlier this week raised fears that militants may now use migrant boats to cross the Mediterranean and launch “lone wolf” attacks in Italy…”

  28. Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online (RT, Aug 14, 2016)

    “More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.

    Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.

    The files are grouped into sections such as geographical region, the World Bank and the President’s Office, and cover the period from 2008 up until 2016, according to The Daily Caller.

    They reveal work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities by Soros, and include reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe…”

  29. BREAKING: Rioters in this City Targeting White People (VIDEO)

    Several videos recorded during last night’s riot in Milwaukee appears to show black rioters hunting down white passerby to attack.

    Multiple videos recorded by locals show a crowd of people apparently checking the race of passing drivers when deciding what cars they should attack. A collection of these videos were combined and uploaded to LiveLeak Sunday morning.

    “Is they white?” somebody shouts regarding a passing motorist.

    “Yeah they white, get they ass!” shouts another. The shouts continue, with one crowd member saying, “Hey, they beating up every white person!”

  30. France launches crackdown against migrants with thousands cleared from streets of Paris (express, Aug 14, 2016)

    “FRENCH police have launched a crackdown against migrants on the streets of Paris amid fears they are harming the city’s lucrative tourist industry.

    Officials had turned a blind eye as thousand of homeless asylum-seekers flocked to the scores of makeshift camps that sprung up around the city.

    But outrage at a spate of deadly terror attacks, growing numbers of migrants living in squalid street camps and a drastic dip in visitor numbers to Paris led to the new hardline approach.

    The mood in the capital is already sombre with several popular summer festivals cancelled or curtailed because of terror fears and a massive police presence as part of the state of emergency declared by President Francois Hollande in response to the ISIS attacks.

    Police have now carried out around 30 raids on the camps which usually consist of tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and cardboard boxes beneath Metro rail tracks or beside canals.

    Thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers are now believed to have been swept from the streets as part of the ongoing operations.

    Many have been taken into custody and served orders to leave France and return to the European country of entry,

    Interior ministry figures show that at least 13,000 people have been removed from the makeshift street camps over the summer…”

    • Economics is doing what patriotism should have, the globalists are discovering that they are losing money from t he loss of the tourist trade and are trying to clean up Paris enough to keep the tourists coming. Never underestimate the role economics plays in fighting wars.

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