Bombing in Thailand: Could it be the Buddhists? No, probably not

RT has this story:

At least one person has been killed and 23 more injured including foreign tourists after two explosions rocked the tourist hotspot of Hua Hin in Thailand, according to local media. Reports suggest that there are British, German, Dutch, Austrian and Italian citizens among the victims.

The blasts took place at night in the resort town, which is located nearly 200km from the capital of Bangkok. Several foreign citizens are believed to be among the injured.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan.

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8 Replies to “Bombing in Thailand: Could it be the Buddhists? No, probably not”

  1. Well what are we waiting for, folks? Let’s get those gates open and let another 250,000 unvetted Muslims into the country as soon as possible. Let’s go, go, go! Time’s a wastin’…

      • Oh, yes. It’s definitely getting worse. It’s definitely growing. But more people die slipping in the shower than get killed by ISIS and most terrorist attacks are carried out by extreme right-wing white supremacist groups, not by Muslims, so why dwell on it?

        The only truly important issues facing the world are, of course, climate change, gun control, gay marriage, and bullying. If the mainstream media gets their candidate into the Presidency, those are the only things that are going to be on the table – worldwide. It will be an epic disaster if it happens. The left has lost all apparent interest in reality. It’s weird… They just aren’t interested in the actual current events…

        • I hate to correct you but they are interesting in current events, they just aren’t interested in changing the direction the current events are taking us. To stop or even slow down the descent into total chaos in all western nations would at a minimum delay the lefts goal of taking over the world.

          (I hope my posts are making sense, the weather induced pain is getting worse and the pain pills are making me loopy.)

          • “…the lefts goal of taking over the world.”

            I hate to correct you but the left are those unleashed from their pain to wreck havoc upon this world. Then an engineered bloody Revolution will come with the rescue of Communism – the only system with a dictatorship that can force order out of the psychotic Diversities.

            In this oppressive utopia, the Muslims will greet the Homosexuals with Allah’s blessing, the Lesbian mothers will chose the genders of their children after they are born, and the Social Justice Warriors will stand at the top and bottom of escalators in employment.

            The hook of the world will twist within them to serve the Supreme Leader, the best of all, making Muhammad appear a saint and Stalin a pacifist.

            The salutations of Dear Comrade will enforce that no one is offended and over a thousand email-petitions for a better life will be deemed necessary for a purge.

            Peace, the Party for every disturbed child to not be offended and serve the Will of the People.

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