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6 Replies to “Robert Spencer keeps getting better and better”

  1. He does get better. He’s heard pretty well every possible question, diversionary tactic, obfuscation or argument that exists (with regard to Islam), knows the koran and other Islamic texts inside out, so he always has ready quotes to back up anything he says. He always was a good speaker I guess but he seems to be even … clearer, more directly and powerfully on target than he used to be.

  2. I really appreciate Robert Spencer. I have learned a lot from him. But his failure to endorse Trump is just that. A failure which I believe there is no excuse for. He continually lays out what is at stake, and then he shrinks back from the most courageous thing he could do for us.

  3. Perhaps he feels he must hedge his bets by withholding all-out endorsement should Trump become Potus and fail. If this were to happen then maybe he feels that his own stock in the counter-jihad would be diminished. Just speculating.

    I listened with admiration to his most artful reply to the “Afghan-American-muslim female’s” question. Spencer took the question in his hands as if it were a can of baked beans and gently placed it on the highest shelf behind all of the other cans exactly where it belongs. Way at the back, but quite carefully and methodically. If you haven’t watched it is the last question answered near the end.

    The woman’s attempt at rhetorical entrapment is rendered by Spencer’s treatment as tired, transparent and pitifully heavy with false gravitas.


  4. To Churchill in his book “The Frontier Wars” which tells of British troops in Afghanistan. Gen Blood the OC, knew the culture of Afghanistan, and never once did he do anything that could be miscontrued as being soft. The result was that Afghans and their jirga, came to Gen Blood. and begged him to have mercy .

    What is sad is that Britain has forgot everything.

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