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6 Replies to “Part I of interview with French ex MEP, writer and historian, Philippe de Villiers”

  1. Philippe de Villiers is very much respected by decent (conservative) French people, and we could to much worse than listening to him. I like him a lot too (without being all too “decent” 😉 )

    JuppĂ©, whom he mentions towards the end of the tape has a good chance in the “primaries” and the potential to become the next French President. Pray that this is not so. While Sarkozy has made many victims and is, to some extent also in the “poches” of Qatar/Saudi, he would be the lesser evil on the conservative side than JuppĂ©. I’m slowly losing hope that Marine LePen will make it. 🙁 (Presidential elections are next year).

    • Correction: I meant to say: “Sarkozy has made many MISTAKES” !! (not “victims”). (if this was a Freudian slip, I really wonder where that one came from…..I always had a little weakness for Sarkozy in view of his Jewish part …..call me subjective ;))

      • Jewish part?
Wiki said his parents were Catholic and sent him to private Catholic schools. Those who try to obscure some fraction of Hebrew blood are least reliable to Tribal sensitivities. John Kerry’s father was a convert who later killed himself. [A pity he waited till after he spawned the jackass. An all-around unnatural loser.]

        • @ yucki (just quickly – still on a roller coaster rather than settled at home)

          I understand this newspaper is very left but at the moment that’s what I find in english. (Actually I did like Sarkozy – except for his “tolerant attitutde towards tard immigration and, I think, even increasing it) The Left really really did the dirty on him, with the help of this ghastly, corrupt Justice Minister Christiane Taubira – he had – and still has – a great amount of juridic battles to fight – unfair ones).
          Anyway to his Jewish part:


          Kuchner – in my opinion – wrongly suggests that Sarkozy was hated because he was part Jewish – they used and exagerated his Jewishness to “appeal” to the traditional LEFTIST jew-hating constituency.

    • You are right, Richard. And the patriots are listening to him. He had serious health problems and wanted (and did to a point) retire completely from public life…but they lured him back.

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