As the media gets more narrative oriented, democracy becomes a term of art: Links 1 on Aug. 4 – 2016

1, This is stunning. A CNN media shill for Clinton has a guest on who’s son died in Benghazi as a direct result of the decisions Hillary Clinton made, and then proceeds to use all the time to try and get this man to condemn Donald Trump for saying something rude to a Muslim Brotherhood agent who’s son died in the US military. Near the end, the man nicely turns the tactic on to the CNN shill and asks the same question about Clinton and she promptly ends the interview. CNN is clearly an agent of leftist politics. But the good news is they aren’t hiding it anymore, or at least very well.

WARNING: This is frustrating to watch:

(Again, apologies for posting US political matters but, as the lawyers would say on TV when being objected to, “this goes to bias”. A few words about Khan and his determination to deploy sharia.)

2. ‘Burkini-only day’ at French waterpark criticised

A waterpark in France is to be booked out for one day to Muslim women wanting to wear “burkinis” – but the decision has led to criticism by politicians on the right.

A community group in Marseille arranged the day, giving access only to women wearing the all-over swimming garment.

The group was set up to “encourage women to join in with the community”.

Some leading political figures said the move was contrary to France’s legally enshrined secular values.

“Accepting this so-called fashion means we accept communalism in our country,” said Valerie Boyer, a mayor of two Marseille districts from the centre-right group Les Republicains group, led by ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy.

“However, it’s also a question of the woman’s dignity, a question of our most fundamental principles.” A note by the event organisers, Smile 13, said that women attending “must be covered from the chest to the knees”.

Fact: This much fabric in a public pool is unhygienic.

Fact: Making it Islamic swimwear ONLY is NOT integrating.

3. London Knife attack: 

(Is there a second suspect? Why has the media done so much to make it look like the killer is a crazy Norwegian? Is this applied ‘Breivik effect’?)

A 35-year-old eyewitness told the Daily Star Online that two “Middle Eastern” men were acting suspiciously at the scene after the attack – and one of them sped away on a motorbike.

Police have refused to rule out other suspects.

The eyewitness said: “There were two men of Middle Eastern descent acting suspiciously outside the Imperial Hotel.

4. Washington transit cop accused of trying to help Islamic State

WASHINGTON — A Metro Transit Police officer in Washington, D.C., was arrested Wednesday on charges of trying to provide material support to the Islamic State, according to federal prosecutors.

Nicholas Young, who was arrested at Metro Transit headquarters, is the first U.S. police officer to face a terror-related charge, according to the FBI.

Joshua Stueve, spokesman for the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, said Young, who worked for the MTPD for 13 years, posed no threat to the 40-year-old transit system, which serves Washington, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Court documents show Young directed his efforts at seeking to help the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, overseas.

5. French police seek Afghan asylum seeker ‘suspected to be planning attack on Paris’

Security agencies in Paris have circulated a photo of an Afghan asylum seeker suspected of plotting an attack on the French capital, a police source said, after reports that terrorists may try to attack a beach festival on the banks of the Seine.

The photo has not been made public but has been shown only to officers across the city, the source told Reuters news agency.

Police do not have a name for the Afghan, the source said, and no active manhunt was under way. French media reported that the suspect had been in France for the past two months.

(Not made public because he looks like a generic jihadi perhaps with the beard, short or shaved mustache, second anus on the forehead perhaps?)

6. Danish Vloger Jeppe Juhl on where Europe is at just now.

For those that do not know him, he could be said to be a sort of Scandinavian Pat Condell, but with his own brand of gravitas mixed with dark sarcasm.

Thank you M., Sassy, Wrath of Khan, WTD.,Maria J., Xanthippa, Tania G., and many more who sent in a lot of very interesting materials. Some of it is still under debate as to republishing here as it requires more thought. There is speculation that the reason we haven’t heard of any more major attacks or attempts at attacks is Western government has a tighter grip both on how information is presented to the press and the press itself. For example, the truck full of cylinders thought to be explosives outside a London district known for tourism, Jewish people and party goers was dismissed as a van load of cooking equipment. This is said to be a government lie and it was allegedly leaked that it was in fact a truck full of high explosives capable of doing a lot of damage. One might say that pressure cookers are indeed cooking equipment. So the classic half lie.

More to come shortly.

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10 Replies to “As the media gets more narrative oriented, democracy becomes a term of art: Links 1 on Aug. 4 – 2016”

  1. The truck load of explosives is very interesting, makes me wonder if there was a similar incident in the US that was hushed up, after all going after London and either DC or NYC on the same day would be a very big coup.

    6 – The man is talking sense but it may well be too late for that sense to prevent a civil war caused by the leftist politicians contemptuous disregard for the voters. Yes an over reaction will send the Moslems who want to live in peace into the arms of the jihadists but our inaction is sending them to the same place.

    • The peaceful Muslims better start taking responsibility. It’s all too easy for them to shelter under the victim narrative promulgated by self-interested elites. If they don’t get working on their own huge, extended families, they will be swept into the fire together with their antisocial kin.

      Playing interfaith in a church after a massacre may fool those who choose not to think. It’ll buy taqqiya-time, a hudna, but they’ll live to regret lost opportunities.

      Screw the try-a-hijab bull. A piece of bacon never justified full-throated tantrums when there were fewer Muslims screaming, it shouldn’t be any different now. Stop the public pray-ins. If they can’t control their own communities, they should be sent packing to their hellholes.

      • This happened several times out west during the Indian wars, the majority of the people in the camp were peaceful but hostiles were there also. The US Army hit the camps to get the hostiles but couldn’t tell friend from foe. The leftist guilt mongers are still screaming about that.

        • peaceful muslims .. you mean the life long muslims who
          pray every day & 5 times on friday to kill us. we are gonna
          drive those peaceful muslims into the arms of the jihadists
          and they will be radicalized by the same imam that has been schooling them .. those muslims ??

  2. 1 – Yes CNN and the other LSM networks are taking their masks off and showing us what they are, I personally think that this will generate a lot of votes for anyone that is opposing the people they are supporting.

    2 – Are they going to be fair and follow with a bikini only day?

  3. As someone with sun allergies, I would actually appreciate wearing the burkini at outdoor swimming places, like the lake.

    If only it weren’t a fascist uniform!!!

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