Analysis of Dabiq magazine, Canadian imam explains Trudeau victory and more: Links 2 on Aug. 4 – 2016

1, A great top-5 list at The Rebel.

2. Here is quite a decent analysis of the Islamic State’s magazine, Dabiq

3. Danish Muslims offer to bury ISIS Normandy attacker after French refuse

Adel Kermiche, 19, and Abdel Petitjean, 19, slit the throat of the 85-year-old priest and seriously injured another hostage after they attacked a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvroy on July 26.

They were shot dead by police, but Muslim leaders in northern France have stood in solidarity with Christians mourning the attack – with mosques in Kermiche’s hometown refusing to grant them an Islamic burial saying they “did not want to taint Islam”.

But the Danish Islamic Burial Fund’s Kasem Said Ahmad has now said they will provide a religious funeral for Kermiche.

He said the church attack was “an un-Islamic action that we naturally distance ourselves from”.

(I bet even the French muslims will not say he is an apostate. After all, he did the work of Mad Moh’s palindrome exactly as ordered in is book.)

4. Meanwhile in Aleppo, tons of bearded men with AK47s scream things

This is an interesting weapon

5. Bathroom at coffee shop in Ottawa. Whats the point?

If they are going to do that, I would suggest just having a sign that says “bathroom”. Otherwise every damn identity group will demand a special sign on both doors.


man peeing on fire hydrant

Trans Species Bathroom

6. University of Toronto student Tahmid Hasib Khan arrested after deadly Bangladesh attack

7. Canadian imam explains how the Muslims won the election for Trudeau.

There is a lot of material on this site about that, including links to Ottawa’s Metro magazine which gives the actual numbers. Here, and here.

(Be interesting to know what he studied at U of T)

Thank you Publious Lentulous, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Maria J., Pete P., and all who sent in materials and more and more people are, and thank you to all. The iceberg effect amplifies. Much substance below the water line.

There are a few videos being worked on. Part II of the French ex MEP which is very good and other German material. Should be up tonight or tomorrow.


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5 Replies to “Analysis of Dabiq magazine, Canadian imam explains Trudeau victory and more: Links 2 on Aug. 4 – 2016”

  1. If we were actually interested in winning this war – which we’re clearly not – they would dig a big hole, throw these pieces of garbage into the hole, and then allow French citizens the pleasure of throwing pig parts over their dead bodies as they spit and heap insults on their corpses. It would do Muslims good to see how profoundly hated they really are, and it might wake them up to the fact that they are very close to being totally eliminated by the rest of us if they don’t smarten up and stop being so evil.

    As long as we keep acting like cowards and showing deep “respect” for these evil monkeys, they will keep winning. Honestly. Does anyone in France really give a rat’s ass if these guys get a “decent” burial? Why should they? Unvarnished rage is appropriate at this time, not tolerance and respect. Any Muslim walking down a European street with the hate beard and a Taliban hat deserves to get the living shit kicked out of him. Period! Imagine German guys walking around London during the Blitz wearing SS uniforms, holding swagger sticks, and chanting “Heil Hitler” at every opportunity. That’s what these Muslims do every day, and they get away with it! Let them feel the consequences of their evil collective actions and quit worrying about their damn feelings all the time…

  2. That men should be separated from the weapons that their civilization builds with its own knowledge and wealth is absurd. Be that fruit the wheel, shelter from the elements, or a machine of self defense; that God, by his gracious and boundless love, has blessed us with knowledge, understanding, and the fruit of our toil, would have us standby while uncircumcised philistines separate us from our fruit is even more absurd.

    That we would submit to the half idiot, evil worshiping, demon infected hordes that their godless controllers tell us we should “just coexist” with is the most absurd.

    You can’t have my weapons and I will not coexist, into extinction, with your camel humping retards either. Folks have been trying to teach them to dig a well, water crops and to
    stop shitting in their drinking water for a thousand years.

    We don’t want to, but when forced, we won’t blame the unassimilated stooges of your regression. We’re coming for you dear leaders and all the facilitators, NGOs, mouthpieces, and pay masters and everybody else involved in bringing these AK wielding hordes into our midst. We will burn this whole fucking thing down. And the foreign retards with an AK? That’s simple to mop up.

    Why did Moses kill the egyptian? Because; fuck that imperious prison camp running motherfucker, that’s why.

    The undercurrents have it that the eastern european Christians of the former soviet block are preparing to fight back, will you?

    LORD God, bless and prosper this website. Put a hedge of protection around it and it’s owner. Give all who come a deep understanding of your natural law, oh God, that we might prevail against evil in this, the end time, for your glory, through Jesus.

  3. 4. Meanwhile in Aleppo, tons of bearded men with AK47s scream things

    That looks like real war action footage. The enemy was coming up the street from the left and if the defenders didn’t run out the door and fire at them immediately, they were about to come right in that door and kill everybody. Did you see the guy by the door waving them outside? I’d be surprised if any of those guys are even alive today.

    And of course, the reason they’re all so keen on fighting is that they just have to overthrow the al-Assad Regime, kill all the non-Sunnis in the region, and form a vicious Islamic dictatorship of their own, with lots of neat tortures and stuff. The only reason they’re fighting is for the privilege of being the one holding the electrode when they clamp it to the other guy’s testicle. They’re mad. Completely insane! Nothing they do makes any sense at all…

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