Data point on the Black Lives Matters these from an earlier post.

Below is a video about a black American who was shot by a man for having a civil conversation but held an opinion that was not acceptable to the shooter.

The victim, a Cleveland man, is also a Vietnam war veteran and a Donald Trump supporter, for which he was shot by someone who eavesdropped onto his conversation with a friend and went out to the car and got his gun and shot the vet in the thigh.

As they do not describe the shooter whatsoever in this clip, one is forced to make assumptions. Normally if they do not describe the shooter its because they are non-white or a muslim.

If the shooter turns out to be a muslim or a white leftist and Black Lives Matters do not launch the usual actions, then it adds some weight to the these that BLM has no interest in a fair and just society but in deconstruction of what we have for the purposes of Marxist and Islamic conquest.

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        • Well, I know that I no longer feel free to discuss politics in public anymore. I’ve even told a few people not to talk about Donald Trump with people around because I’m in no shape to start a full-fledged street fight when some idiot starts calling me a racist and threatening to kill me for the crime of not hating Donald Trump. I’ve never heard Trump say one thing against black people, but it seems like every single black in America knows beyond a doubt that the man is the worst racist who ever lived. It’s moved beyond reason or dialog. No one is listening, no one gives a damn about the facts. This is about hatred of white people, not facts… The war is on. It looks like Charlie Manson called it right. We are entering into the War of “Helter Skelter”. White people against everybody else…

          • I know the feeling, I live in a small town in the middle of Missouri and figure that the violence won’t reach here until next year but why take chances. Hopefully this September the Legislature will overturn the Governor’s veto on constitutional carry of concealed weapons. a 1911 behind my right hip will even up the odds a lot.

          • I planned to order a ten-pack of Trump campaign buttons to give my Russian friends. Now I’m a little worried they’ll be harassed. Can they make themselves understood in English sufficiently to deflect belligerent animals?

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