Another fatal blade attack by a Muslim refugee in Germany.


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The machete-wielding attacker sparked panic after killing a woman near a Turkish fast-food kiosk in downtown Reutlingen, German mass-circulation newspaper “Bild” reported Sunday.

Two more people were reportedly wounded and the perpetrator was said to have been arrested soon after the attack. Police stated that the suspect is a 21-year-old male refugee from Syria. He is previously known to police for acts of violence.

He allegedly argued with the woman before attacking her.

Authorities believe the man acted alone.

FOCUS Online says:

The incident occurred in the inner city of Reutlingen, at the central bus station. Numerous passers-by were eyewitnesses to the deed.

“The perpetrator was completely out of his mind. He even chased a police car with his machete,” one witness told Bild newspaper. “A BMW driver then stepped on the gas and ran him over. After that he was lying on the ground, stretched out, and did not move anymore.”

The suspect is 21 years old. He has a police history of violent offenses and had been noted for previous deeds.

Thank you Egri, M., Xanthippa, and all who are sending in materials on this story. Please continue. Especially if there are videos related to, and showing the killer. Apologies to anyone I lost track of.

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  1. Sadly there will be more of these attacks increasing in intensity as the unvetted, unscreened, unsupervised, and totally unregulated horde continues to invade Europe, with the feckless, spineless, and balless political class doing little more than providing ‘lip service’ with their constant appeals for ‘calm’ and ‘understanding’. The collective political class of Europe have failed their citizenry miserably. The first duty of a government is the safety and security of the people and the state.

    • Big Frank: OT

      I’d like to see a bill sent to Congress that makes incitement to murder cops a federal crime. Something like the law that criminalizes threats to a POTUS. If that’s exclusively Secret Service, maybe criminal conspiracy.
      Any ideas?

      Yucki, YankeeKafir

      • Incitement to murder is already a crime. There is already an exemption for black people and muslims.

        If they make a new law it will be to satisfy the civilized and they will just make a defacto or written law exempting blacks and muslims for that new law as well.

        Axe, handle, blade.

      • There is talk about passing this law, like Eeyore it will be ignored when a Black of Moslem does it and as an excuse to take power from the states at any other time. What we need are the current laws enforced for everyone instead of the multi-tiered legal system we currently have.

  2. Being killed by white people is worse than being killed by Muslims*.

    *Variation on the new Swedish rape metrics.

  3. Let’s not forget: the slain woman was pregnant.

    That makes is a double homicide – morally, for certain but some countries might recognize it as such legally.

  4. Germany: Reutlingen attack may be domestic dispute, not terrorism – police

    There are no indications that the machete-wielding attacker in Reutlingen, who has been identified as a 21-year-old Syrian asylum seeker, has a terrorist or Islamist background, Reutlingen Police Chief Inspector Christian Worner told journalists.

    According to police, the suspect allegedly had a domestic dispute with a woman outside the kebab shop where the attack lately took place. “Around 16.27 pm we received first emergency calls that a woman and a man had a dispute here in Reutlingen near main bus station. Then the man attacked the woman with a knife or a machete. As the result of the attack the woman died,” Worner said. The woman killed may have been pregnant, reports say.

    He continued: “After the man attacked the woman, he fled the scene towards Karlstrasse. In Karlstrasse he hit a car and then wounded a man and a woman with this knife.”

    Police have already arrested a man in connection with the attack. According to local media, the suspect had a police record for violence.

    As of yet, the motive for the attack is unclear and an investigation is underway.

    • One does not have to have links with ISIS or any Jihadi group, for a Muslim to murder a Kaffir. All it requires is for a Kaffir to act uppity to a Muslim, for the Muslim to attack and put the kaffir in his place.

      Sometimes the Kaffir does not even have to be uppity, just his presence is a provocation.

  5. GoV : Reutlingen: A Love Affair Gone Sour?

    Details about the machete attack in Reutlingen are gradually emerging. The latest accounts say that the victim was a young Polish employee of the restaurant, that the killer was in love with her, and that the man who ran over the perp with his BMW was a Turk.

    Information on the attack on a Polish woman by a Syrian in Stuttgart:

    The victim is a Polish lady, who was cleaning and washing dishes at a Turkish restaurant. The attacker — a 21-year-old named Mohamed, a Syrian asylum-seeker, who arrived a year ago from Aleppo.

    After Ramadan, the restaurant took on new staff, including Mohamed. He had worked there for a few weeks.

    As it turns out, the poor guy quickly fell in love with his work colleague. Today they argued, and he killed the Polish lady with a 80cm machete from the restaurant, after which he ran out to the street, overturning chairs, vandalising cars. He injured a woman driving one of the cars and another passerby. Finally he ran out on the street in the direction of a BMW driven by a 21 year-old Turk, who had earlier seen what had happened and, when he saw that the attacker was running in his direction, simply ran him over.

    The injured attacker was stopped by police.

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says that the Polish lady was pregnant. The Polish foreign ministry has not yet confirmed the nationality of the victim.

    AP – Raw: Man Kills Woman with a Machete in Germany

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