Some very serious events and some pointed political correctness: Links 1 on July 21 – 2016

1, An attempted Chem weapons attack at a US Walmart.

(This is triply serious as the government-media complex is compounding the threat with lies. This is not a crime or a function of mental illness. The perp almost certainly has a muslim name he chose, which is much more important than the one he was born with as it goes to beliefs)

2. Five Star mayor of Turin to create Italy’s first ‘vegetarian city’

New administration raises hackles of Piedmont’s famous meat producers by pledging to promote vegetarianism as a priority

Italian salami stall

Italy may be famous for its salami, but citizens of Turin will be encouraged to turn to vegetarian and vegan diets. Photograph: Alamy Stock PhotoFrom vitello tonnato – veal with tuna sauce – to beef braised in the Piedmont region’s most famous red wine, brasato al Barolo, meat dishes have been central to the food tradition of northern Italy for centuries.But Chiara Appendino, the new mayor of Turin and a force in the populist Five Star Movement (M5S), could be about to change all that with her pledge this week to promote vegetarian and vegan diets as a “priority” in her administration.According to M5S’s 62-page manifesto – which also called for better urban planning and the protection of public land – Turin’s new mayor said the endorsement of meat-free and even dairy-free living was fundamental to the protection of the environment, health, and the wellbeing of animals.

(And no one could have seen this coming. Far left cultural Marxist movements designed to destroy our cultures and civilizations disguised as “rights movements” never become totalitarian. The good news is, they can probably get Paul McCartney to play there cheap. The bad news is, they can probably get Paul McCartney to play there)

3. Australian school bans clapping to protect sensitive children

(Because to the left, anything traditional in our culture must be stopped. One could use leftist reasoning to say punching the air is an aggressive act that can trigger people with PTSD but that will not stop them from doing that. Or Jazz hands is an insult to black musicians who worked under harsh conditions to achive greatness of manual dexterity. But these arguments won’t apply because its about stopping applause. Not being sensitive to the noise allergic.)

A school in Sydney has banned clapping in favour of “silent cheering”, “excited faces” and “punching the air”.

The school says the rule was introduced to respect students who are “sensitive to noise” but says the practice also “reduces fidgeting”.

It is the latest in the series of school regulations to have faced criticism in the Australian media.

Hugs and Australia Day celebrations have faced bans at different schools around the country.

Earlier this week, an all-girls school rejected a newspaper report that said its teachers were asked to stop addressing students as girls, ladies and women in favour of gender-neutral language.

4. Man drives into police station in Australia with explosives and sets himself on fire

(More words and videos with less content here. The take away is, there have been jihadi threats against this police station for some time now)

5. Calls for compulsory school Islam classes after axe attack

(so the thing about this is, it appears to be a variation on the constantly tried, always failing, attempt to create a state sanctioned Islam and trick muslims into believing in it. As if none of them can ever find a real koran. But its probably all Western governments have got)

“It is appropriate to bring in classes on Islam in state schools or schools overseen by the state,” Gerd Landsberg, head of the association of local councils, told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday.

In this way the state can gain more control over the upbringing of Muslim youths, Landsberg said.

On Monday evening, an attacker whom investigators believe was a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, seriously wounded four people with an axe and is reported to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) several times.

Terror group Isis later released a video in which the youth made threats in Pashto while holding a knife.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all who sent in materials.

There is something quite interesting up next. A French video that shows the jihad attack in Nice was well planned in advance and the Muslim non-French Algerian national probably had accomplices.

Erdogan does call to prayer at mosque upon arriving in Ankara



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4 Replies to “Some very serious events and some pointed political correctness: Links 1 on July 21 – 2016”

  1. 1 – This was a BLM attack and the leftist in the media and government are afraid of what will end up happening if they admit this fact. Just as they refuse to accept that the Kansas City Kansas shooting of a Police Captain was tied in with the BLM movement.

    Their fear of triggering a White Vigilante backlash is going to create the very thing they are afraid of, the old saying of A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but one is once again proving true. This saying applies to nations and countries as well as individuals.

  2. 2. Five Star mayor of Turin to create Italy’s first ‘vegetarian city’

    The vegetarians have been subtly working away at us for the last hundred years. Lord, how I hate hidden agendas. If they want to prevent me from eating meat, I guess that’s their prerogative, but sneaking it in the back door via professionally-produced propaganda and secret political campagnes gets my dander up. They’ve got everybody pretty much convinced that a vegan diet is healthier and more slimming, which is not true. It’s refined carbohydrates that make you fat, not meat or mayonnaise. The human body can live on vegetables and it can live on meat. We come with those options. The vegan activist are a bunch of lying religious zealots…

  3. re the Walmart attack:

    About a month later, police identified 31-year-old Martin Reyes as a suspect using surveillance footage from the store, only to find that in the interim, he had been arrested on an unrelated charge and was already being held at Ventura County jail. Investigators interviewed him and said Reyes admitted that he researched how to make such a device online, crafted it and planted it in the store, and knew it was capable of harming others.

    “Police have not revealed whether Reyes had a motive in planting the device.

    He is currently being held on $500,000 and is due in court for his first hearing related to the matter on Thursday.
    He faces charges of unlawful possession and manufacture of a chemical weapon of mass destruction.

    Read more:

  4. WND put together in Walmart with parts gathered from the shelves. christ ..
    sorta’ like the 4 chem engineering “students” from Boston visiting the
    Massachusetts water suply head waters at 3:aM

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