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4 Replies to “Toronto teacher speaks at Al Quds day, uses every anti Israel canard”

  1. Yes, this hatred will continue unfettered in Canada, especially now that we are saddled with The Shiny Pony and his Sunny Ways (Justin Trudeau, who I will never acknowledge as my Prime Minister….)

    Where is the contrition and responsibilities regarding the Fails’ EMPIRICAL atrocities committed upon the Jewish People? Where is the mention of the SLAUGHTER of 13 year old Hallel Yaffe Ariel ~ while she lie sleeping in her bed ~ this week?

    Arrest this “teacher” for incitement. Parents, are you seeing this!!!!??

  2. “Brothers, sisters, comrades, friends…”

    Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews…

    One violent group hidden in the deck that explains it all.

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