Istanbul Airport attack. A Whodunit. Spoiler alert: It was Putin. Links 1 on June 30 – 2016

Before we begin the list of horror, there are a few nearly random events that have taken place over the past year that might be fun to see stacked up in a row.

A. Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet (which was likely attacking oil tankers from the Islamic State into Turkey)

B. Possible Turkish agents attack a Russian Heli and kill an operator

C. Putin makes it clear there will be consequences

D. Erdogan suddenly starts apologizing to Russia after a long period of belligerence and even makes kissy face with Israel

E. Major attack on Constantinople airport killing tourism for quite some time.

F. All attackers identified as being from former Soviet/Russian break away states like Dagestan

Just an interesting set of events really. I should point out that the good people at gates of Vienna predicted on the day of the attack that the agency behind it could easily be Russian.

1, Thirteen people arrested over attack at Constantinople airport.

2. Switzerland and Japan seem to be coming to the conclusion that there may be a percentage in including their own cultures in the multi-culti utopia that everyone else is enjoying so much once the smoke has gone and the fire is out and the dead have been cleared away.


“The girls, whose names were not disclosed, said their religion prevents them from participating in compulsory swimming lessons with males in the pool at the same time,” USA Today reported. “Their naturalization application was rejected because the sisters did not comply with the school curriculum, Basel authorities said.”

“In Switzerland, unlike in the United States and many other countries, integration into society is more important for naturalization than knowledge of national history or politics,” USA Today explained. “Candidates for citizenship must prove that they are well assimilated in their communities and respect local customs and traditions.”


Police in the capital had also been surveilling places of worship, halal restaurants, and “Islam-related” organisations, the documents showed.

Within a few weeks of the leak, the data had been downloaded from a file-sharing website more than 10,000 times in more than 20 countries.

Fujita and the other plaintiffs, many of whom were originally from Middle Eastern or North African countries, sued in the hope the courts would deem the police practices illegal. Their lawyers said police had violated their constitutional rights to privacy, equal treatment, and religious freedom.

After two appeals, the Supreme Court dismissed the case on May 31.

The justices concurred with a lower court that the plaintiffs deserved a total of ¥90 million ($880,000) in compensation because the leak violated their privacy. But they did not weigh in on the police profiling or surveillance practices, which a lower court ruling had upheld as “necessary and inevitable” to guard against the threat of international terrorism.

3. Australian teen pleads guilty to plot to behead police officer

An Australian teenager has pleaded guilty to plotting to run over and behead a police officer during Anzac Day commemorations.

Sevdet Besim, 19, pleaded guilty in the Melbourne court to one charge of planning a terrorist act.

Besim was not immediately sentenced but faces a maximum jail term of life.

Court documents said he and a British accomplice also discussed using a kangaroo packed with explosives to attack police officers.

They allegedly said they would paint the animal with symbol of the so-called Islamic State and set it loose.

(A Kangaroo packed with explosives. Kinda shows that the leftist enablers of Islamic terror actually mean nothing of what they claim to represent. It also shows us that Australian teens who convert to Islam watch way too many cartoons)

4. Montreal: Gynecologist facing sexual-misconduct complaints to keep practicing

Dr. Kamal Maraghi. (Pierre Obendrauf / MONTREAL GAZETTE)


Warning: The testimony quoted in this story contains explicit details.

A St. Mary’s Hospital gynecologist facing three separate, similar complaints of sexual misconduct will continue to practice as the hearing into the complaints now moves to the end of February.

Dr. Kamal Maraghi, 74, faces complaints in front of the Collège des médecins disciplinary committee for three incidents that former patients say took place in 1995, 2006, and 2008. He continues to practice one day a week at St. Mary’s, but is not to be alone with patients until the hearing concludes.

Two of the former patients who had testified earlier at the hearing reacted in disgust on Friday when the decision was made to break for nearly four months, fearing the same thing they say happened to them could happen to other women in the meanwhile.


Thank you M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka, and many more who sent in materials. More to come later today, including an important video from Gavin Boby if it all gets done in time.

Should Lynch recuse herself on the long list of H. Clinton crimes investigations?

Ted Cruz questions Jeh Johnson on the issue of rewriting history to scrub Islam out of the descriptions of terrorist attacks.

Once again the other night, I did the monthly guest spot on Blog Ta Radio with Kel Fritz and Tim Burton. I have no idea if it was any good, I’m afraid I don’t remember it. I did have a couple of show notes but went off script as usual. Those who like the sorts of things I do on that program will probably enjoy it.



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23 Replies to “Istanbul Airport attack. A Whodunit. Spoiler alert: It was Putin. Links 1 on June 30 – 2016”

  1. Istanbul: No way did Putin send suicide bombers. It’s not his thing. What he could have done is neglect to forward intelligence thus letting the attack occur.

    • You are misunderstanding what is being said. Putin didn’t plan the attack or recruit the bombers, what probably happened is that everyone knew Putin was so mad at Turkey he was spitting nails and when a plan to attack Turkey was discovered the intel people went to him and ask permission to let the plan be carried out. Putin probably replied with let them go and give them any help they need without leaving Russian fingerprints on the plan or the attack. Will this ever be proven? No but it is very likely, we know that and so does Turkey, now it is Edrogen (sp?) turn to be angry but if he has any brains he will let the situtation cool off and be forgotten rather then escalate matters.

  2. The only ways Hillary will ever be indicted is for 1) and independent prosecutor to be appointed or 2) Trump carries out his promise and indicts her after he is sworn in. She knows way too much about Obama for him to risk her being indicted and making a deal to testify against him. Don’t forget that it was Hillary in the 08 primary that first brought up the question about where Obama was born.

  3. PLEASE all of you read more than just Western sources…the mastermind was wanted by Russia since 2003 and THE EU WOULD NOT EXTRADITE HIM. If there were ever a false flag, this is it…NATO is thirsting for an excuse to bomb Russia….and Russia is showing amazing self-control considering. Trump is right to say NATO needs to turn its sights to antiterrorism rather than going after a nation that is on the front lines fighting ISIS.

      • I am with you, in the west we have a major problem that has been caused by the media and Hollywood. we live in a world that has to have heroes and villains and nothing else. Since ISIS is the bad buy all who oppose them has to be the good guys. We say this during the Cold War and it is more evident now that then, the idea that there are bad guys and worse bad guys isn’t allowed.

        Yes KDB AGENT Putin did the bombing, he either told the FSB to let the plan go without hindrance or ordered agents in place to suggest the attack. Either way the odds we will never find hard evidence.

    • “…Human Rights ordered Ukraine not to hand him over to Russia with Amnesty International also urging Ukrainian authorities to halt extradition as Chataev “could face an unfair trial and would be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.”

      (my bolds).

      Whenever “Human Rights” and especially “Amnesty International” show their ugly heads these days, suspect the worst hypocrisy and you won’t even be NEAR the level their dark souls will descend to.

  4. Spoiler alert: It was Obama 😉

    When I read Vlad’s Headline:
    “Istanbul Airport attack. A Whodunit. Spoiler alert: It was Putin. “ I thought it was truly funny and “lol-ed”…..

    That is until I got the Western (as in BBC and assorted collaborators’) Media: They all reported that the “suspects” came from those places that are islamist terrorism hotbeds (former Soviet Union?? or still Russia??) like Chechnia… and Somethingsomething-stan (Ukzbanistan??….I’m showing my geographical ignorance here)…anyway the Islamist terrorist hotbeds who are actually targetting Russia (children of Beslan remember?).

    None of these islamophile media even mentioned the word “islamist” but made the places sound as if they were “normal” (Putin-controlled) RUSSIA.

    And that brings me to the (perhaps out-there) conclusion/suspicion that OBAMA DID IT, because was it not this half-out-of-the-closet-muslim-POTUS who started the character assassination and demonisation of Putin???

    From Obama it would have been a double hit, since from his former kissi-kissi-relation with Adolf Erdogan, he seems to have shifted away from this Wanna-be-Kalif lately….

    Or let me throw something else into my “mixed salad”: Adolf Erdogan is doing footsies now with Netanyahu and Putin….. can I see the green monster (doubly green ie jealousy and islam’s color) shooting out of Obama’s eyes?

    Okay, this was my “thinking aloud” method, and I really dont know if there is even a little point of possible truth in it…but I just felt like throwing this in. 😉

    And here is a little “food for thought” (which should give Obama indigestion) video. From the articles I have read by Isi Liebler, I rather respect that man:

    • I am following your train of thought, it is possible that Obama ordered this but if he did it will be leaked real soon. Putin is still the more likely villain in this action. Putin is KGB trained, while he was KGB they were actively helping terrorist groups. Obama is a Western Leftist communist activists, while he is capable of ordering killings and planning riots he would face a lot of resistance on the lower levels if he ordered a terror attack like this.

      • Geopolitics has been my tards against your tards for a long time now. The US did it most famously in Afghanistan using large numbers of mijahadeen to fight the Russian commies.

        Putin no doubt views Turkey as a belligerent threat in two ways. First the obvious but unofficial alliance with the Islamic State and second that its a NATO member and the key NATO member in the action against Al Assad.
        A five minute look at Putin and his history and one would feel certain that he would not let the aggression against his fighter jet and heli stand.
        So its a no brainer, in hindsight, that Putin used one of his squads of mujahdeen to take the airport out.

        And lets face it, its not hard to get a group of religious Muslims to go kill people they view as infidel even if we view them as sufficiently Islamic to be a real problem.

        Look what the Islamic State does to religious Shiia without blinking or stepping out of their way to do it.
        I refer to the random shooting of Shiia muslims out of car windows by members of the Islamic State as part of their cleansing stage in the early part of their conquest of parts of Iraq and Syria.

        And the regular bombing of Sunni mosques by Shiia in Pakistan etc.

    • Russia Confirms Readiness to Build South Stream in Case of Guaranteed EU Demand for Gas

      Russia is ready to build the South Stream gas pipeline if the EU provides guarantees about demand, the country’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak has said.

      “If Bulgaria and the European Commission officially confirm their interest and guarantee the relevance of the pipeline’s construction and creation of such capital-intensive infrastructure we’ll be able to ensure the construction and supplies of gas required,” TASS quoted Novak as saying in an interview broadcast by the Russia-24 TV news channel on Tuesday.

      Novak said earlier on Tuesday that Russia was ready to ensure additional gas supplies to southeastern Europe, including in case of consumers’ interest in the stalled Turkish Stream gas pipeline project.

      Russia said in december 2014 that it abandoned the South Stream project designed to carry Russian gas under the Black Sea to EU member Bulgaria due to competition objections from the European Commission and announced it would replace South Stream by an alternative route via Turkey.

      The new project, called Turkish Stream, has been stalled since December 2015 over the downing of a Russian warplane by the Turkish Air Force near Turkey’s border with Syria.
      Turkish Stream project to resume after Erdogan apology

      Russian energy major Gazprom says it’s ready to attract long-term financing for the Turkish Stream pipeline project. The pipeline will deliver natural gas from Russia to Turkey and potentially onwards to Southern Europe.

      “The Turkish Stream project has been meticulously worked out. The cost of the four lines was estimated approximately at €11.4 billion… The level of readiness to attract project financing is very high,” said Gazprom’s deputy head of finance Igor Shatalov.

      On Monday, Gazprom announced it was “open for dialogue” and ready to resume talks with Ankara on the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

      The announcement came after Russia received an apology for the downing of its warplane from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

      […]The 1,100km pipeline was planned to have four lines with a capacity of up to 63 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas annually. About 16 bcm was supposed to be supplied to Turkey while the remaining 47 bcm was to go to a hub on the Greek-Turkish border to be transported onwards to Europe.

      Russia: South Stream’s level of readiness ‘extremely high’ – Gazprom CEO Miller

      Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller spoke at the annual Gazprom shareholders meeting in Moscow on Thursday.

      Miller stated that the readiness of the South Stream natural-gas pipeline project “is extremely high,” but that the scheme will continue only after the European Commission brings an appropriate decision in “written form.”

      Miller said “it is absolutely clear that gas supplies through the North Stream and the North Stream 2 are not competitive” for Balkan and South-Eastern European countries, hence the need for South Stream.

      SOT, Alexei Miller, CEO of Gazprom (Russian): “As for South Stream, Turkish Stream, or I do not know what to call it, the Black Sea Stream; the target market of that project is the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe. And it is absolutely clear that gas supplies through North Stream and North Stream 2 are not competitive for several countries in that region.”

      SOT, Alexei Miller, CEO of Gazprom (Russian): “The technical and organisational readiness of the project is extremely high. You know how much has been done. In fact, a pipe-laying vessel was stopped in the Black Sea because permission from Bulgaria was simply not received up until that moment. The European Commission blocked that project.”

      SOT, Alexei Miller, CEO of Gazprom (Russian): “Resumption of the project is possible in only one case. It was discussed earlier, our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke about it. I am talking about the fact that the European Commission should declare in written form about the priority of this project.”

      SOT, Alexei Miller, CEO of Gazprom (Russian): “In compliance with the contract, which was signed in 2009, the price [of gas] for Ukraine according to the price formula is 167 dollars and 57 cents as in the third quarter. A proforma invoice of Naftogaz of Ukraine has been billed. To resume [gas] supplies Naftogaz of Ukraine should simply make a prepayment. Gazprom will definitely supply our Ukrainian colleagues with the amount of gas that they are ready to pay for.”

    • The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria. Oil Gas Pipeline War

      […]In July 2011, the governments of Syria, Iran and Iraq signed an historic gas pipeline energy agreement which went largely unnoticed in the midst of the NATO-Saudi-Qatari war to remove Assad. The pipeline, envisioned to cost $10 billion and take three years to complete, would run from the Iranian Port Assalouyeh near the South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, to Damascus in Syria via Iraq territory. The agreement would make Syria the center of assembly and production in conjunction with the reserves of Lebanon. This is a geopolitically strategic space that geographically opens for the first time, extending from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon[…]

      The Kerry-Abdullah secret deal

      On September 11, US Secretary of State Kerry met Saudi King Abdullah at his palace on the Red Sea. The King invited former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar to attend. There a deal was hammered out which saw Saudi support for the Syrian airstrikes against ISIS on condition Washington backed the Saudis in toppling Assad, a firm ally of Russia and de facto of Iran and an obstacle to Saudi and UAE plans to control the emerging EU natural gas market and destroy Russia’s lucrative EU trade. A report in the Wall Street Journal noted there had been “months of behind-the-scenes work by the US and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when. The process gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh US commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting Mr. Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority.”

      […]Qatar, today the world’s largest exporter of LNG, largely to Asia, wants the same EU market that Iran and Syria eye. For that, they would build pipelines to the Mediterranean. Here is where getting rid of the pro-Iran Assad is essential. In 2009 Qatar approached Bashar al-Assad to propose construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar’s north Field through Syria on to Turkey and to the EU. Assad refused, citing Syria’s long friendly relations with Russia and Gazprom. That refusal combined with the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline agreement in 2011 ignited the full-scale Saudi and Qatari assault on Assad’s power, financing al Qaeda terrorists, recruits of Jihadist fanatics willing to kill Alawite and Shi’ite “infidels” for $100 a month and a Kalishnikov[…]

      […]Religious wars have historically been the most savage of all wars and this one is no exception, especially when trillions of dollars in oil and gas revenues are at stake. Why is the secret Kerry-Abdullah deal on Syria reached on September 11 stupid? Because the brilliant tacticians in Washington and Riyadh and Doha and to an extent in Ankara are unable to look at the interconnectedness of all the dis-order and destruction they foment, to look beyond their visions of control of the oil and gas flows as the basis of their illegitimate power. They are planting the seeds of their own destruction in the end.

    • 24 people detained over Istanbul airport terror attack

      Turkish police detain additional 11 foreign nationals, raising total detention number to 24, on Friday over deadly Istanbul airport attack.

      Additional 11 foreign nationals were detained in a series of raids in Istanbul on Friday over Tuesday’s deadly Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack, which killed 44 people, including 19 foreign citizens, and injured more than 230 others, Turkish security sources said.

      The total number of people detained over the terror attack rose to 24, including 15 foreign nationals, on Friday, security sources said on the condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media.

      Those 11 foreigners were detained in simultaneous raids by Turkish police department’s anti-terror branch in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district early Friday, the sources said.

      On Friday, consul-generals of 22 countries and EU representatives held carnations at the scene of the attack during the memorial service held in front of Istanbul Ataturk Airport’s International Arrival Terminal.


      HEAVY dot COM – Akhmed Chatayev: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

      Ahmed Chatayev, Chechen suspect for Istanbul Attacks was in Russia’s Most Wanted list.

      CNN reports that Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, told the news site that it’s suspected Chatayev “directed the three suicide bombers” who slew 44 and injured more than 230 people in the attack on the Istanbul airport. Turkish media made the same claim, using a nickname for Chatayev, the BBC says. The suicide bombers opened fire with rifles before exploding suicide bombs, says the Voice of America. The Voice of America says it was the Turkish pro-government newspaper, Yeni Safak, that identified Chatayev as the possible mastermind of the Istanbul attack.

      1. Akhmed Chatayev Has Only 1 Arm

      […]According to the International Business Times, Chatayev has claimed that his arm was chopped off in prison. Other sites have said Chatayev lost the arm while fighting in the Second Chechen War, but it was this claim of torture that may have assisted him in avoiding extradition to Russia before the Istanbul airport attack.

      2. Chatayev Was Granted Asylum by Austria & Had an Austrian Passport

      […]According to Radio Free Europe, Chatayev was previously granted asylum by Austria. The Voice of America reports that, Chatayev became an Austrian citizen in 2003, two years after he left Russia and applied for asylum there, and had an Austrian passport that “allowed him to travel freely in Europe and elsewhere.”

      3. Chatayev Avoided Extradition Back to Russia

      […]Chatayev was detained in Sweden in 2008, where police found “Kalashnikov assault rifles, explosives and ammunition in his car. As a result, he spent more than a year in Swedish prison.” The site says that he was then arrested in 2010 in Ukraine with “his mobile phone files containing a demolition technique instruction and photos of people killed in a blast” but the European Court for Human Rights opposed the extradition, with Amnesty International also speaking out against it.

      4. The Suspected Chechen Ringleader Is Accused of Training Russian-Speaking Militants & the U.S. Had Designated Him a Terrorist

      5. Chatayev Was Cleared in a Previous Attack & Georgia’s Former President Says He Was Treated as a Political Prisoner

      Chatayev was arrested in Georgia in 2012 in the Lopota Gorge incident, a conflict between armed Islamist Chechen militants and Georgian security forces,

      Chatayev was tried for illegal weapons possession and for purchasing and carrying an explosive device, but his lawyers said he’d only gone to Lopota Gorge to help with negotiations.

      Wanted in Russia: EU court blocked suspected Istanbul attack mastermind from extradition in 2010

  5. Vlad, must say – it’s quite disappointing to see you jumping to conclusions on matters of eastern Europe. There is no such thing as “Putin’s squads of mujahedeen”. He’s not their commander and they are not his puppets. No, he’s not assembling them in his office to send his faithful and adoring warriors to death. Really simplistic of you. Realize this – it’s simply not possible for a Russian psyche to conceive and execute the slaughter of innocent people in soft target, even as a revenge. That’s from a different mindset, all too familiar to us here. And he (being a typical Russian) is not that cold and inhumane. “They”, on the other hand, don’t give a damn about anycollateral damage. The opposite – they desire to inflict as much as they can. So, your “spoiler” has no value. Sure he has his grudge and fundamental differences with Erdogan. But the revenge has to be more subtle (Russian tourism has virtually stopped and produce embargo hurts Turkey pretty bad), restrained (it’s easy to start WWIII with NATO) and less bloody. That’s what I think.

    • Albrecht I accept your criticism. I also meant no insult to the Russian people, and while you may not believe this, to Putin.

      You may well be right.

      But events lined up in such a way that I do not believe that Putin would have a sit down and detente with Erdogan unless he had shown in some way he could project force against Turkey after what Erdogan did to the Russian fighter and heli.

      It seems a little to odd that suddenly Erdogan is apologizing and Putin took off travel and trade restraints all around that same time.
      I certainly meant no insult.

      But it is a fact that a lot of global geopolitics has been our mujahadeen against yours, the US Russian/Soviet game for decades. This is a fact.
      However now the Muslims are from the perspective of the great powers, going off book and playing for the world. It is a less appealing game for all now.

      Obama seems to be still invested as I think its possible that he pretty much financed, equipped and trained the Islamic state in order to have his fighters against Al Assad.

      Clearly Obama is still playing. Perhaps Putin was reminding him that he can still play as well.

      I get that you do not agree with my theory and thats fine it may well be incorrect. But please do not take offense. I have no ill will towards the Russian people or frankly, even Putin who seems one of the more honest actors on the field today, even if they isn’t necessarily high praise.

  6. Vlad, thank you for your reply. No offence was taken or even implied. We are just chaps sitting around kitchen table with fizzy old Belgian beers to accompany a good discussion about the world taking some ominous course in fast forward:) Whatever the reason for the thaw, it’s quite likely that Erdogan chose to ally himself with Russia again, rather than Europe that is rapidly falling apart) and Putin went along with it, having of course his own reasons. BHO is a completely different player altogether, definitely a puppet of the saudis and whatever other soros-like forces. Putin has his own pressures and, no matter how independent he seems, chechens and “liberals” in his own surroundings are playing quite a big & hideous game, with long reaching aims. I do not exclude the possibility that it’s those invisible but influential forces that are behind many things that are attributed to the president.

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