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5 Replies to “Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom!”

  1. Geert Wilders and Paul Weston say almost the same things, but for me totally different worlds await. The first sounds open, the other sounds whiney and closed. http://vladtepesblog.com/2016/06/29/paul-weston-the-politics-of-hate-is-on-the-left/
    The issue is of predominately white populations being deliberately and systematically supplanted to create an ideologue of a United European Socialist Super-State, but Geert sees it more as the destruction of culture and civilization, the other as decline of racial purity.

    This battle therefore I believe Tommy Robinson went through, to attract those who look the same, quote the same, but have totally different stakes in this matter.

    What is wrong with fighting for a collectivism of Whites? Submission. To bow down to a pigment. A caste system. Mein Furher. The hypnotized against the unhypnotized.

    What is wrong with Islam? Submission. To bow down to a Godhead that should have been on your own shoulders. Muhammad. The hypnotized against the unhypnotized.

    And what is wrong with Homosexuality+? Submission. Once man-woman relationships take the domination-submission positions of the last two cults a new abnormal sexuality arises, of the anally-penetrated or open-leg positions of surrender and predator. Anything goes. The hypnotized against the unhypnotized.

    What drives these three traumatized egos – is the fear of life. Death is release. They want minds to be controlled.

    Geert drives us to freedom. Paul drives us back to the safe.

    These are the two voices I hear, saying the same things with a different agenda:

    I can tell you how to live what is wrong in life… but I can’t tell you how to live what is right – only you can find that path.

    • But don’t we seal the borders from invaders?

      Yes, the Housing and Benefits scroungers that the Cultural Marxists in government are deploying in the name of Diversify to remove any fight and resolve in their host population(s), to make the problem so huge and widespread so that they will capitulate and rely only on Big Government to fix it. Communists are not public servants but our landlords. They need permission to rule through a crisis.

      Kinsey presented heterosexuality at the far end of the sexual spectrum.
      Feminists presented White heterosexual males as extremists.
      The police present Christianity as offensive.

      What is being attacked are morals, values, and intelligence. Checking your White privilege, autistic spectrum, sexuality are all designed to fixate, sow doubt and demoralise. If you are outside their love-in, they tell you you can’t see.

      Lose your morals, and they will claim equality to theirs. The invasion is you. Without it, they can’t invade the country.

      My connection is with Geert who talks of freedom. Of which there is no limit.

      Therefore, don’t attack the flags they wave, pushing against pretend anti-racism with racism, but attack their common core to their rottenness.

      • I tend to suspect what is being attacked is reason. The items you mention PC are the vectors of reason. Civilization cannot be deconstructed so long as Greek thought is employed and accepted. We cannot have communism and sharia so long as rules of evidence are meaningful and independent from politics.

        One of the founders of the Frankfurt School, Max Horkheimer (sp) once famously said: “Logic is not independent of content”.

        That is a shot to a major artery of a civilization based on reason. It is insisting that the filter of his politics be applied to all cases and all things. Because logic is independent of content. This is how we advance specifically because of that one axiom.

  2. People like Geert are fighting to see that we remain free, don’t let them fight alone, stand with those who support freedom.

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