Four homes leveled in Mississauga near Toronto by explosion

No worries though, If it was a terrorist bomb either by design or accident by the makers, it will be discovered to be a gas leak. If it was a gas leak it will be called a gas leak.

We need our own experts at this time.

CBC has this story now:

(Some minor video at that site also.

From a Tweet:

640 Toronto

Authorities are on the scene of what appears to be a house explosion in Mississauga.

Peel Police said they received the call to attend the scene on Hickory Drive in the area of Rathburn Road East and Dixie Road at 4:22 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon following multiple reports of a loud bang being heard and a plume of smoke rising from the street.

It’s thought as many as 6 houses have been destroyed or partially destroyed police have now set up a large perimeter in the area.

Fire and ambulance services are also on scene, with paramedics tweeting that a triage centre has been set up in the area.

Willl update as more comes in for the day.

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6 Replies to “Four homes leveled in Mississauga near Toronto by explosion”

    • That depends on the strength of the walls of the building, strong on 3 sides and weak on the 4th will direct the blast. From what I remember from reading explosive ordinance manuals this could be either a gas leak or a bomb, however something is saying the level of devastation should be larger for a gas leak. But that would depend on how much gas was in the house when it exploded.

  1. Unless, of course, Anders Breivik got early release and that’s him making bombs for his pro-Trump campagne. Then it would be breaking news for the next two weeks…

  2. That’s a pretty healthy crater for a NG explosion, never seen one like that, I’d say that I’d like to know the name of the owner and go from there.

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