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20 Replies to “Gorka: CIA director no longer spreading Obama’s narrative”

  1. Excellent what Mr. Gorka said about the CIA director.
    But of course there are major differences and divisions in the US ruling class, as well as cut-throat rivalry between fractions there. The admittedly brilliant Mr. Gorka represents for the moment the interests of certain of those interested parties.
    But I don’t trust this Marine Corps University Gorka. Right near the end Mr. Gorka says we need to support Egypt…Sunnis in Iraq…no mention of the Syrian Army, or those Hezbollah and Iranian fighters who are helping them kick ISIS butt in Syria. No mention of joining with the most efficient Russia to fight ISIS. No call to end weapons shipments to ‘moderate’ factions. No mention of ending the proxy war on Assad. No mention of sanctions on Turkey, no calls to disengage from Saudi Arabia.

    • I generally agree with most of what you say, but I support small arms sales to repugant regimes which have a range of 2 miles when those regimes are 12,000 miles from us and several hundreds to thousands of miles from anyone we like. It means they likely won’t hit anyone with them that we aren’t OK with. Especially when they really want to go after Iran.

      Better the Saudis than us. Turkey needs to be cut loose though.

      • Yes, until and unless the Turks remove Sultan Erdogan and those who share his … “views”, Turkey should be “cut loose”. I just hope Erdogan has the arrogance and stupidity to keep waving a red flag in the face of Putin. (Well, it’s actually a green Islamic one, but I’m sure that you get the point ….)

        • From his actions so far this year Putin is laying the groundwork to justify invading Turkey. Europe has already said that if Turkey starts the fighting they won’t back them. The big question is what will Obama do?

          • It will be a blessed day when Constantinople is liberated and the minarets surrounding the Hagia Sophia are torn down.

      • I am with you, better Saudi and Egypt fighting Iran then us, with Russia helping Iran if we help Saudi with luck both sides will be chopped up enough that things will be peaceful for a while.

        • with luck both sides will be chopped up enough that things will be peaceful for a while

          An ‘H the K’ sentiment I share.
          Jonathan Spyer concludes a masterful analysis of the impact on Hezbollah, Israel’s most deadly adversary:
          “The present phase will not necessarily last forever, of course, and Hezbollah remains by far the most formidable non-state military actor facing Israel. But Hezbollah’s Pan-Islamic “resistance” narrative may be numbered among the casualties of the Syrian civil war.”

          Sinking in the Syrian Quagmire

          Spyer is the best there is on Syria and Lebanon.

    • Each one of your legitimate points is a minefield in its own right. Particularly disengaging from Saudi Arabia. This means disengaging from the petrodollar and the privilege connected to it.

      • The petrodollar is dead, Saudi is showing that by trying to create a financial investment and manufacturing economy. The fracking revolution and the discovery of so much oil under North America has removed the mid east from controlling the worlds energy spigot. They are busy disengaging from the dependence on oil revenue and trying to wean their population off of the guaranteed annual income. Since an economy based on financial investment and manufacturing also requires freedom of education and increased investment in Scientific education and research which are not really compatible with Islam or an absolute Monarchy things are going to get real interesting in Saudi in the future.

        • It ain’t dead until you have a financial crisis like august 1971 and the president goes on TV to tell the people anything but the truth that you’re bankrupt and that you’re going to invent a new medium of exchange that is backed by something other than God.

  2. This guy made a good deal of sense, didn’t he? I wonder if CNN, NBC et al will have him on …. But with regard to his three points at the end of the interview on defeating ISIS, I have serious doubts that empowering “moderate” muslim states (he mentioned Egypt and Jordan) is a good idea, simply because I don’t trust any of them. But I would be willing to budge on this issue (al-Sisi DOES appear to be pretty serious about addressing the mess inherent in the very ideology of Islam, but this is perhaps a ruse. Time will tell.)

    The third idea that he put forward: attacking the ideology itself, making it un-sexy, is right on, in my opinion. A start would be admitting that it is a problem and just allowing discussion of the problems of Islam (and we’re not even there) but real progress would be an admission that the ideology itself is violent, poisonous and fatally flawed. Then logically, certain questions would follow: such as Hannity’s about why we are insisting on bringing religion of peace enthusiasts into our societies – by the millions.

    • At the current time it is politically infeasible to advocate fighting a major war, especially one against nations run by a theocracy. We will have to support the so called moderate Islamic nations even when this means turning them into oppressive dictatorships, or into nations like Turkey use to be where the military takes over every 10 to 20 years to prevent an Islamic nation forcing them back into the dark ages.

      We are facing a very nasty future with no clean way to a victory that allows us to remain free.

        • That is why I keep saying that Islam is the short run enemy but Marxism is the long run enemy. continued freedom requires eternal vigilance and living in the real world as opposed to the fantasy world the left pushes.

          • I was just reading somewhere 0’s inversion of that: Islam, the transcendent religion vs Marxism, a political ideology with shallow intellectual roots.

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