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6 Replies to “Major in US Army Reserve arrested after threatening to kill Muslims, leaving bacon at Hoke Co. mosque”

    • You could be right, emotions here are running high and will get higher the closer to the conventions and then the election, this tension can and probably will spill over against the Moslem invaders and the other illegals.

  1. The woman in the video did a great job of describing how traumatized and oppressed she feels by the actions of this reservist. Fair enough… But you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever heard any Muslim utter one empathetic word toward us Infidels, it’s always about them and about how unfair it is and how wrong the rest of us are.

    If there were bands of fanatical Christians going around murdering people in restaurants and night clubs around the Middle East as they sell women into slavery and crucify children, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was some backlash there. Would you? In fact, I would be on my knees apologizing for the actions of the crazed Christians and promising to do whatever I could to stop them. I would tell the Muslims that I understood their concern and I wouldn’t be calling them “racist” every time they wanted to look in my suitcase, considering I look exactly like the Christian terrorists in question and considering there are literally millions of white Christians moving into every Muslim country on earth.

    As far as every Muslim I’ve ever heard, the only reason for suspicion of Muslims is blind, plain-old, old fashioned racism. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a bunch of good ol white boys who can’t stand anything that isn’t just as white as they are. This is Selma Alabama, 1951, and they are the black folks just trying to live in peace and get along as best they can. Muslim terrorism, to them, simply does not exist…

  2. Gee, I wonder which story will get priority in coverage – this one or the mass killing by the Muslim in Florida?

    This one, of course, because the story in Florida has nothing to do with Islam.

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