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  1. Turkey’s religious vocational schools to teach Spanish to connect with South American Muslims

    Turkey’s religious vocational high schools, known as imam hatip high schools, are set to introduce Spanish education in the following academic year, aiming to strengthen relations with Muslims living in Central and South American countries.

    Two high schools in Istanbul’s Kad?köy district have been designated as pilot schools for the project and a preparation class will be formed for incoming students who will be taught Spanish in the 2016-2017 academic year.

    The Education Ministry released a written statement to make the announcement, wherein it underlined that Spanish will start to be taught at a ministerial school for the first time.

    In its statement, the ministry underlined that around 7 million Spanish speaking Muslims inhabit countries in Central and South America and imam hatip graduates from Spanish language schools are expected to be instrumental in forming and enhancing relationships with these communities.

    A total of 68 students are expected to be enrolled in Spanish classes next year.

    Turkey has accelerated efforts to increase its global educational reach following a rift between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and Fethullah Gülen, a U.S.-based Islamic scholar accused of running a purported terror organization with aims to topple the AKP government, as Gülen scholars have a strong international presence in the field of education.

    The AKP has recently finalized a draft bill proposing to form a “Maarif Foundation” under the Education Ministry to provide education services in foreign countries at elementary, middle and higher levels, as well as private courses, culture centers, libraries, laboratories and arts and sports centers, in addition to dormitories for students and instructors. The foundation is set to have a budget of 1 million Turkish Liras.


  2. TIME – How a Victory Over ISIS in Fallujah Could Actually Hurt Iraq

    […]The Iraqi military and its allied militias are now engaged in intense fighting on the edges of the city of Fallujah in an effort to reclaim the city from ISIS militant[…]

    […]Should the Iraqi military and the Shiite-majority militias seize the city of Fallujah, they will face the even more difficult task of earning the trust of minority Sunni Muslim Arab Iraqis[…]


    Latest Islamic state video ( graphic )

    Iraq – FALLUJAH


    • euronews – Iraq halts Falluja offensive over civilian safety fears

      Iraqi forces have halted at the edge of Falluja. Facing a fierce counter assault by ISIL militants, the Iraqi prime minister has delayed operations over fears for the civilians trapped in the city.

      The decision comes two days after elite forces set up on the outskirts, preparing for what would be the most ambitious attempt to oust the extremist group since ISIL overran much of the city in June 2014.

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