Immigration is good and diversity is strength!

1, Criminal justice system near breaking point, MPs warn

The criminal justice system in England and Wales is failing victims and witnesses and is close to “breaking point”, MPs have warned.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said the system was “bedevilled by long-standing poor performance, including delays and inefficiencies”.

The committee’s report also warned that cutbacks were affecting the ability of courts to deliver justice.

The Ministry of Justice said it would “reflect on the recommendations”.

2. Violent crime jumps 27 per cent in new figures released by the Office for National Statistics

The murder rate in England and Wales has risen sharply for the first time in a decade at a time when police have diverted detectives to investigate historic sex abuse and allegations against tabloid newspapers.

New figures show that the number of murders and manslaughter deaths increased by 14 per cent last year bringing the annual total to 574, or 11 deaths a week.

Officials at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the surge was concentrated in London and the South East and described it as “peculiar”.

3. Net migration to UK rises to 333,000 – second highest on record

Net migration to the UK rose to 333,000 in 2015, according to Office for National Statistics estimates – the second highest figure on record.

Net migration is the difference between the number of people coming to the UK for at least a year and those leaving.

The figure for EU-only net migration was 184,000, equalling its record high.

Boris Johnson said David Cameron had been “cynical” to promise to bring net migration down to below 100,000 while the UK was part of the EU.

One has to imagine what this third one really means.

The net migration means the real number of Muslims moving to the UK is likely a lot higher because the number of British people leaving England to find somewhere more, ah, British, is subtracted from the total. If I am understanding that at all correctly.

At this point I think we Canadians should start looking to sponsor British people who want to leave so long as they never voted Labour.

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8 Replies to “Immigration is good and diversity is strength!”

  1. The ONS,published statistics read 333,000 per year,also yesterday I heard a news report from the bbc on the same topic ,strangely enough,the announcer could not handle numbers this big before our referendum and so whittled the numbers down to 33,000 per year ,a case of plausible deniability if ever I heard of one,or downright lying would be closer to the truth.

  2. On the last item –
    This family is doing the right thing. Leave while you can do so on your own terms.
    Research your options, take your time to minimize the financial risk. Treasure the friends and good memories that you’ll carry with you. Plan on visiting often.

    This doesn’t have to be like the last time. We’ve got enough experience to anticipate some of the difficulties and plan accordingly. Identifiable +/- observant Jews in the UK have time to plan. Take advantage of agencies that specialize in this process.

    • Sad. But this word doesn’t seem to suffice. Yes, they will probably be just fine in Arizona but what a cost. Seems like more of us looking around for a safer haven which may not exist. Maybe we read too much. Then again, “hope” ain’t much of a strategy.

      • Sad, ok.
        It is what it is. North Americans share that collective bittersweet “old country”, wherever it was. Way back when, it was nevermore. Now we Skype and Fedex.

        Let’s hope they do well. Some won’t; they’ll have to try somewhere else. All the more stories for their stepchildren and grandnieces.

        The realist will survive and the optimistic realist can thrive. By the grace of G-d who bids us to choose life.

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