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8 Replies to “General Patton on Koran and islam.”

  1. George Patton was a genius who studied the history of war, he knew ancient wars as well as he know modern war.

    • My Dad was in the George S. Patton fan-club.
      Something like kids and baseball cards. All these military and retired military re-fought every war with intricate maneuvers and elaborate details.

      • I wouldn’t want to serve under him but he was real good, his nickname was Blood and Guts, our Blood and his Guts. He could get things done that people still marvel at.

        Refighting the old wars is how you learn to win the new wars.

  2. I remember reading a book about Patton in which a story is recounted from his childhood. He took a string and tied it around a piece of animal fat. A duck ate the piece and it passed through him. Then another duck would eat that and it passed through him. Pretty soon he had three ducks connected end-to-end with string!

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