Venezuela, Turkey, muslim-riots in Idomeni (rocks and railcars) and more: Links 2 on May 23 2016

In looking at various reports about the recent downing of an Air Egypt flight from Paris to Cairo, a few things seem worth mentioning, even if only en passant.

Before Obama was elected, and STRATFOR was well worth subscribing to, they published a fascinating report on how to bring down a commercial passenger jet with a few matches.

It seems the easiest way to down a flight, and it has been done in China at lease once, is by starting fires even with toilet paper in strategic locations on board. There is basically nothing anyone can do at that point and doesn’t require smuggling bombs or anything easy to bust on board. It may not be as spectacular as an explosion but the same point gets made and the same effect is achieved. If I recall correctly, setting a fire is a better guarantee of success than even a small bomb in terms of total failure of the flight and total lethality.

Perhaps after Obama is out, STRATFOR may return to its former high standard of non-partizan, non-biased reporting.

The second thing that is interesting, especially in the unlikely event that an article by is correct, was this incident Gates of Vienna reminded me of, where in 1999, where a muslim pilot brought down a flight after chanting “Its in allah’s hands”. An odd thing to say after you have made sure the plane will crash. I think in that case you pretty much have decided for allah what is going down. You. And the plane.

There does seem to be MSM reports that multiple fires broke out in the forward fuselage of the aircraft shortly before it went down. This would fit nicely with the Stratfor theory and not require anything more than a few jihadis with the right information and some way of starting a fire in the bathrooms.

1, ‘Europe is victim of blackmail, Ankara’s hostage’ German MP Sevim Dagdelen

2. Stephan Molyneux on Venezuela

Here is a video from AUGUST 2015 on food riots. Imagine it today. And why do we have to imagine it? Why is there not video all over the place?

3. Idomeni Railcar clash in chronological order

4. Son of Hamas: “A free people should fight Islam”

5. German investigative police report increase in violent Islamists

(This Gomer Pyle moment brought to you by the good people at the European Union)

Germany’s investigative police agency reported that the number of dangerous Islamists in Germany has risen sharply over the past year. In a report published in the Sunday edition of the German daily newspaper “Die Welt” the German Criminal Police Office (BKA) said it had tracked 497 instances of “threats” or individuals with extremist views who could be suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks. The agency added that an additional 339 Islamists were also being tracked as “relevant persons,” or individuals who may assist and sympathize with terrorist causes.

The report said that the development marked a significant increase from numbers dating back to January 2015, when only 270 potentially violent Islamist individuals were registered in Germany. A number of raids conducted across Germany in the past year contributed to yielding the results.


Thank you M., Egri, Nash, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Richard and a host of other people who have offered insight and information by phone, text, email and skype throughout the day.

If you feel overwhelmed by the speed and depth of civilizational collapse, don’t worry. You are not alone. Better said, worry indeed but don’t worry about being the only one overwhelmed by it. Lots of people do. It would be difficult to be aware of the fall of civilization and not be overwhelmed by it.

A few people are working on some interesting things which should be accessible tonight. A Czech politician made a speech despite every effort by other politicians to shut her down, but she bravely finished. I suspect most will really like what she had to say.


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5 Replies to “Venezuela, Turkey, muslim-riots in Idomeni (rocks and railcars) and more: Links 2 on May 23 2016”

  1. Which Czech politician do you mean in the final paragraph of the 23 May text? I’d like to know more about it.

    • The video should be done tonight EST, so in something under 4 hours. Its quite exciting I think. A woman politician, I believe an MP in the Czech republic, fighting attempts to stop her, gave a solid 20 minute speech about Islam and why we must fight it.

  2. The fire theory doesn’t really make sense in this case.

    Surely it would give the crew time to communicate or send a “Mayday” call.

    This seems to have been instant and catastrophic?

  3. You were talking about the rapid fall of civilization, buckle up the fall is going to get faster as the summer goes on.

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