AfD takes an hour of abuse from the Muslim Council and cancels meeting

Today, member of the German party, Alternative for Deuchland, (AfD) tried to have a meeting with the Muslim Council of Germany. The Muslims abused the AfD people for an hour, calling them nazis etc. until the AfD cancelled the meeting. Afterwards, at a press conference, AfD member Frauke Petry explained what took place.

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7 Replies to “AfD takes an hour of abuse from the Muslim Council and cancels meeting”

  1. The left and the Moslems refuse to work with the moderate non racist groups that are trying to protect their nations and cultures, by doing this they are paving the way for true racist groups Golden Dawn to become the leaders of the resistance.

    • To be fair the ZMD (that particular Muslim group) is extreme, they cannot even bring themselves to pay lip service to free speech.
      They are an umbrella organisation who host a sub-branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. One scholar even argues they in fact just might be a Syrian-German exile group of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. I’m just quoting the German Wikipedia here.
      I don’t understand why this group is given so much room and is always in the media and in your face.

      • Look for the pattern of actions and then connect the dots, when the government and leftist media support groups and actions that are damaging to their nations you start looking to see what benefit they receive for doing so. With the left start by looking at their goals and the things they say has to be done to achieve these goals. Their goal is to create a one world socialist utopia (never mind that socialist utopias have always fail because they are working against human nature they think they are special enough to make them work). Their writings say that to achieve their goal they have to destroy all of civilization are rebuild from the rubble.

  2. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now going immediately to Chancellor Merkel in Istanbul ….” Istanbul, hmm? How sickeningly appropriate.

    • She has to report to the person who thinks he is her master, she thinks she is using him to acheive the destruction of the west so they can create their socialist utopia. The MB and associates think they are using her to create a one world Islamic paradise that would be a living hell for everyone.

      • She is only a puppet herself in the final analysis, but the harm she has done and continues to do is immeasurable.

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