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3 Replies to “AfD rallies against mosques in Germany”

  1. The Moslems are taught from infancy to hate Jews and Christians, just because they have left the Middle East this hatred isn’t going to go away. They have also been taught they are destined to conquer and rule the earth and that all non Moslems are not really human. Then throw in the Arabic cultures meme that kindness and mercy to strangers is a sign of weakness.

    The left in the west with their open borders generous welfare payments has tole the Moslems that 1) the west is weak and afraid fo the Moslems and 2) that we recognize that they are destined to be our masters.

    We the thinking adults in the West are no stuck with removing the left from power and saving our nations and cultures from the Islamic invaders the left invited in so they could vote the left into power perpetually.

  2. The first major mistake was to import millions of Muslims. Then to compound it, to give them all citizenship, without first noting that a Muslim’s allegiance is primarily to Islam. Politicians probably realise their mistake, but to own up to it would mean that there were wrong in the most fundamental way possible. Their outsized ego would not permit it.

    Now we are stuck with Muslims, with their population rising far faster then the rest. So the hope is that once they are a majority, Muslims will give the rest the same freedom as Muslims are given now.

    Some hope. At least hope should be based on some example. There are none.

    When the penny drops, it may be too late. Spain did not,after hundreds of years of subjugation by Islam, turn over and die. They fought, and now are part of Western civilization, that has now been put at risk by a bunch of politicians unable to think beyond next Tuesday.

  3. “Burning down the House” is important reading, saving to disk, passing it on.

    Click on the right column of this page.

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