Bomb scare evacuates soccer stadium, tons of things actually: Links 1 on May 15 – 2016

1, Imagine yourself to be Russian just for a minute and scroll forward to a minute fifty six and enjoy watching some Kurds shoot down a Turkish heli.

2. Here is a Rebel piece about the EU which is a pretty good education on the subject.

3. Danish professor: Wrong to see Muslims as victims, they act according to the Quran

(This is only news because the few who are not reality impaired typically do not say what they know)

Excellent point by professor Thomas Hoffmann (photo above): Violent Muslims react on the Quran and the Quran’s commandments on how to react on critisim and towards non-Muslims and non-Islamic values. Not on “racism”, “islamophobia” etc…

Translated from Uriasposten:

“‘There is a need to understand the hostility towards the West and Western values on its own terms,’ says professor in religious history Thomas Hoffmann: ‘We must believe what people say. If Muslims say they do something because it is in the Qur’an, we must take their word for it and take their sincerity seriously,’ says Thomas Hoffmann. …

4. Report: During Obama Administration, U.S. Stopped Going After Terror-Supporting Charities

Under the administration of President Barack Obama, the Treasury Department stopped blacklisting domestic charities that collect funds for terrorist organizations, Eli Lake of Bloomberg View reported on Thursday.

Lake explained that targeting charities that front for terrorist organizations was a “key tool” of the Bush administration’s war on terrorism after 9/11. During the Bush presidency, the Treasury targeted eight such charities located in the United States, including “al-Qaeda fronts such as the U.S. branch of the al-Haramain Foundation and the Benevolence International Foundation. In this period, the U.S. government also blacklisted groups that raised money for the Palestinian terror group Hamas, including the Holy Land Foundation, and for the Lebanese militia and political party Hezbollah, like the Good Will Charitable Organization.”

In contrast, the only charity to be designated under the Obama administration was the Tamil Foundation, which funded the Sri Lankan terrorist organization the Tamil Tigers. The group was blacklisted in February 2009, a month after Obama’s inauguration.

5Israeli leader: Iran mocks WWII Holocaust, prepares another

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Iran Sunday for staging a Holocaust-themed cartoon contest that mocked the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews during World War II and said the Islamic Republic was busy planning for another one.

Iran has long backed armed groups committed to Israel’s destruction and its leaders have called for it to be wiped off the map. Israel fears that Iran’s nuclear program is designed to threaten its very existence. But Netanyahu said it was more than Iran’s belligerent policies that Israel opposed, but its values.

6. Out! Copenhagen Evicts Notorious Islamist Organization

(We might have covered this yesterday but good news is rare enough that it bears repeating)

Copenhagen Municipality informed the Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir that it is no longer welcome to use state-funded rooms and locations for its meetings and dealings, thus marking the end of Denmark’s long-drawn-out legal battle with the notorious Islamists.

A worker paints a wall inside the mosque in Rovsingsgade in Copenhagen on June 16, 2014

The decision to bar Hizb ut-Tahrir from undermining democracy in state-owned premises came just days after the Danish government tightened the screws in its public information law in a bid to cripple extremist associations and groups promoting violent radicalism.

7. Thousands of Manchester United and Bournemouth fans evacuated from Old Trafford after ‘suspicious package’ discovered

United’s match against Bournemouth has been abandoned after a suspicious package was discovered inside the ground.

Thousands of football fans were evacuated from Old Trafford after the package was found in the north-west quadrant of the stadium.

As soon as the package was discovered the surrounding aread was cordoned off by authorities. The entire stadium is currently being evacuated by police and club’s staff while they investigate what it may be.

7b Game cancelled when phone found connected to natural gas pipe

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed a controlled explosion has been carried out at Old Trafford after the discovery of a mobile phone attached to a gas pipe in the stadium.

Manchester United’s final Premier League game of the season was abandoned following the discovery of a suspect package.

Fans were evacuated from their Sir Alex Ferguson Stand and Stretford End after the discovery of the package in a north-west quadrant of the 76,000-seater stadium.

Police were called in to assess the package, which was discovered less than 30 minutes before kick-off, with the ground already filling up with fans from United and Bournemouth.

(Cultural enrichment does make public events much more exciting I agree)

8. Bangladesh reports anthrax outbreak in Sirajganj: Called a ‘regular phenomenon’

Dozens of people in Bangladesh’s Sirajganj district have been infected with anthrax, according to district health officials. The Daily Star reports the affected individuals from Jamtoli village in Kamarkhand upazila and Koijuri village in Shahjadpur upazila contracted the serious bacterial disease after coming in contact with the meat of anthrax-infected animals.

Cutaneous anthrax lesion /CDC

Cutaneous anthrax lesion /CDC

Health personnel have been dispatched to the area and the patients are being treated.

Prof Mahmudur Rahman, director of the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), said the disease was a “regular phenomenon” in Sirajganj and Meherpur. “There is nothing to panic. The affected ones are being treated,” he said.

Bangladesh last experienced a anthrax outbreak in April to August 2011.

Anthrax is a bacterial pathogen in livestock and wild animals. Some of the more common herbivores are cattle, sheep,goats, horses, camels and deers. Anthrax is a very serious disease of livestock because it can potentially cause the rapid loss of a large number of animals in a very short time. Affected animals are often found dead with no illness detected.

(This may or may not be on topic for this site. But it does explain why I always ask people in health food stores why they don’t deeply discount antibiotic-free meat. Rising anthrax should mean at least 20% off the sticker price and if its hormone free, double that)

9. ‘Smirking’ Russian nanny who beheaded girl, 4, and paraded her head in the street will NOT face murder trial as she is ‘insane’

(There are as many Buddhists+Hindus, and more Christians in the world than Muslims. If we assume that “insanity” is equally distributed across the world, then why is it only Muslims cut people’s heads off and celebrate the act?)

The nanny who decapitated a girl, four, and paraded her severed head in the streets of Moscow will never face trial, say sources close to the criminal investigation.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 38, claimed she was inspired to kill the helpless child in a copycat of gruesome jihadist beheadings which she watched online.

She was trusted nanny to the girl she confessed to decapitating in north west Moscow – Anastasia Meshcheryakova – in a brutal act which caused shock around the world.


Thank you M., Nicolai Sennels, Richard, Johnny U., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials and made interesting comments. More to come today and shortly.

A few related items and opinions:

An editorial on the kind of id that would repeatedly stab a set of grandparents in the back.

The Israelis seem to be the only ones left on Earth capable or wiling to mock a clear and obvious evil enemy. Perhaps because they know better than most the cost of not doing so.

Which is a total loss of morale, and the desire to detente. Evil must be destroyed. Good propaganda is important to motivation. QED.

Germany: Christian Refugees Persecuted by Muslims

Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards, according to a new report, which asserts that in most cases German authorities have done nothing to protect the victims.

The study alleges that German authorities and police have deliberately downplayed and even covered up the “taboo issue” of Muslim attacks on Christian refugees, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

The report, “Religiously Motivated Attacks on Christian Refugees in Germany” (Religiös motivierte Übergriffe gegen christliche Flüchtlinge in Deutschland), was produced by the German branch of Open Doors, a non-governmental organization supporting persecuted Christians, worldwide.

The study — which confirms a Gatestone Institute analysis about Muslim-Christian violence in German refugee shelters — documents more than 300 incidents in which Christian refugees in Germany have been physically and sexually assaulted, and even threatened with death, because of their faith.



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  1. A lot of people have been thinking the same thing about the modern conceptional art for a long time, if we can ever get the adults back in charge we will be able to start enjoying real art instead of things a kindergarten student would think is sick.

  2. 9. The reason I suspect is Eeyor:

    Islam removes the personal headship of those who submit, replacing their morality and actions with that of copying Mohammad’s, ‘do as I say and do.’

    Therefore, they lack affection, normal socialisation and the self-control expected for contented, resourceful and independent humans.

    Steal, and they cut your hand off. Look at a Musselma by not averting your gaze, and the family kill you. Leave to make your own life, and you’re dead. Temptation for them is everywhere, because of lack the control of their own brains, which is explained-away as smoke-screen to prevent introspection, as caused by Jinns.

    The Imams are their saviors who cast out demons by… Reciting the words of the Koran at them!

    The kufar infidels are made the only legitimate outlet – to lie, cheat and rape without consequence before Allah. The punch bag. Europeans, with Battered Wife Syndrome: “It had nothing to do with Islam.”

    This wasn’t a Muslim toddler, this was a Mecca and Sharia haram toddler.

  3. The ISIS spoof is classic. I’d call it “Latma-therapy” because some of you might be familiar with that sample of it. It’s a context I know well.

    We’re campers or together in youth group. There’s always the Caroline Glick or Dan Greenfield who’s our counsellor or group-leader. Maybe even one of the younger kids has the gift and says, “Hey you guys, listen!”

    Turns tragedy upside-down, inside-out. We’re stunned, then suddenly relieved, if only for a moment. Just long enough to know without knowing that we’re not stuck, not frozen in an eternity of horror.

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