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7 Replies to “French presidential candidate busts Merkel, Turkey and the French left”

  1. It’s most encouraging to see this healthy resistence.
    Why didn’t they go the sanctions route? Stick, not carrot? Exclusion of France from the negotiations with that blackmailing son of a Turk? Too many questions here.

    • @ yucki
      “…Too many questions here….” I fully agree….. and a hell of a stench to high heaven ! The only positive side of Adolf Erdogan is that – like IS and other so-called “radical” Muslims – he is OBVIOUS.

      With Merkel it’s more complicated – I just recently, somewhere came across a “poem” she apparantly wrote in her youth (I cannot find it now, and was not sure when I saw it if it was not satire) – which was sooooo extreme left and which showed that she had such extreeeeeeme left idols – that I am starting to wonder how she slipped in under the mantel of “conservative”. Has she waited until her last election victory and is now showing her real colours and on the “homestretch to victory” ???

      I believe as little in her “Naivitey” or “Stupidity” as I do in the one of Obama….
      End of “thinking-aloud” mode>
      (Am not around very much at the moment – the non-internet life is such an interfering bully – but am getting my Tard News and comments every day from VladtepesBlog).

    • @ malca

      LOL, these two words (Merkel and Merde) are really synonyms in meaning and are, correctly, pronounced in the same way; something to do with the “e” being elongated when it’s followed by two consonants.
      I must confess that I was not all that aware of M. Dupont-Aignan, after all there are something like 17 candidates from the soi-disant “conservative” side for the Presidential Elections next year, but this speech is good. I will look out for him some more after this.

      I dont think that Marine LePen will make it. They say that the first President by the name Le Pen will be Marion LePen (the niece of Marine), but of cause not this time.

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