Catholic authority n COLOGNE dares shill for Islam, Social justice warriors, a suicide cult and more: Links 3 on April 25 – 2016

1. The cult of social justice warriors

(This video ties in somewhat with my personal theory that for a lot of contemporary college students, their extreme leftist views are actually driven by the idea that pretty much anything is less scary than getting a job and being responsible to yourself and your community.)

2. The Archbishop of Cologne, yes, the land of mass muslim rape of the local kaffirs, shills for Islam in this video against the German classical liberal party against Islamic mass immigration. Fortunately the Austrians didn’t agree and if the church was really a Catholic church they may object to their senior members making political videos while being a tax-free institution.

3. Trudeau seems to get it about right on the decapitation of the Canadian hostage in the Philippines. That is a relief.

4. ‘What you get for dealing with dictators’ – German PP leader Kramm to RT on his Erdogan poem arrest

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The head of the Berlin branch of Germany’s Pirate Party, who was arrested for citing an insulting poem about Turkish President Erdogan, has told RT people should expect to lose their freedom of speech when their government “signs deals with dictators.”

Bruno Kramm was arrested on Friday for quoting a line from Jan Boehmermann’s satirical poem about Turkish President Recep Tajiip Erdogan during a rally supporting the comedian. The latter was forced to suspend his TV show last week after Chancellor Merkel heeded Erdogan’s calls to begin criminal proceedings against the famous satirist. He is now being prosecuted under a rarely used section of the German criminal code – Section 103 – for “insulting a representative of a foreign state.”

5. Turkish government in urgent need of a team of experienced proctologists

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. More to come as the work gets done.



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  1. Sargon of Akkad – author of the first video in this post – has also started a petition. Under hi meat-space name.

    This petition is a demand that all the ‘social justice departments’ in Universities be given a good, critical evaluation and revamp, so as to adhere to reality:

  2. I had the opportunity to attend a commemoration at which survivors of the Armenian genocide refused to speak, and invited us instead to listen to the songs of their great-grandchildren, who surrounded them. President Reagan seems to have agreed that the Turks should apologize, but he realized that they were not “ready” to do so. Ignore Turks’ Pressure on Genocide, Deukmejian Asks April 28, 1985 | RICHARD C. PADDOCK
    In his keynote address at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Deukmejian disclosed that the President had called him Thursday to explain his opposition and repeat the concern of his advisers that such a tribute [the proposed April 24th National Day of Remembrance] could have an adverse effect on relations with Turkey, a military ally of the United States.

    WASHINGTON — Gov. George Deukmejian took his appeal for a National Day of Remembrance for victims of the Armenian genocide to the nation’s capital Saturday night and declared it was time for President Reagan and Congress to “stop buckling under to Turkish pressure.” Deukmejian further said, “We recognize that Turkey is a military ally of the United States. But a mature society should be able to admit its past mistakes.”

    A documentary “Grandma’s Tattoos” by Suzanne Khardalian. is about the slave markings her grandmother bore. Try using the cc option to read the auto-generated English transcript. Here is an interview with Ms Khardalian.

    • Definition of “dhimmi”
      “I welcome this commemoration which is taking place once again in Turkey, the most meaningful place to share the grief endured by the Ottoman Armenians, as well as to honor their memories,” said Erdo?an in a statement that was read out by the head of the Armenian church in Turkey, Patriarch Aram Atesyan, at a ceremony to remember those who were killed in Eastern Anatolia in the early years of World War I. … With this in mind, I once again commemorate the Ottoman Armenians who passed away and extend my condolences to their children and grandchildren.

      Definition of dhimmi diplomacy (loads faster here.) The Ambassador Who Said ‘Genocide’ and Lost His Job

  3. Trudeau is “outraged”? And what is the boy wonder going to do about it? Oh, right: NOTHING but stamp his feet and then move on to expediting the importation of *more* of the *same sorts* that just decapitated his countryman.

    • My guess is that the raid that took place today against the muslim terrorists might have had Canadian support in some way. Chances are we did do Something. Whoever our leader is cannot tip the hand too much and I’m OK with that providing in reality we DO something about the problem. But other than that you are certainly right. Trudeau will import 1.5 Million of them in is first term give or take a few hundred thousand and he will impose the same kind of media restrictions we see in Europe against reporting truth about their behaviour and motives.

  4. #3 It really says something about much of the Canadian media when they hesitate to use the T-word, even when His Flakiness does.

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