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8 Replies to “Viktor Orbán Do not let the Left mess up Europe”

  1. Seriously, though, you’ve gotta love Orban. Instead of saying watch our for leftists he could have just said watch out for the people sitting behind me. He won’t let them rest.

  2. Clearly the left is hell-bent on swamping the native white Christian populations of the Western Nations with enough Muslims to make them demographically irrelevant. After that, the block-voting immigrant electorate will vote in a never-ending succession of Barack Obamas and Angela Merkels, as the borders swing ever more open and the transformation continues. That’s what Orban is talking about.

    It’s all about hate, isn’t it. The lefties simply despise white Judeo Christian Western culture to the point that their hatred blocks out all other considerations. They’re willing to turn our countries over to head-chopping Jihadi monsters as long as it serves their own racist ends and does damage to their enemies. Real nutcases, they are. And Angela Merkel is the leading nutcase…

    • That’s what makes Orban’s simple address, like Lincoln at Gettysburg so powerful. Although he might have used stronger language: Don’t let the left destroy Europe and its native population. I wonder how many Orban’s are out there . . .

      • A lot more then people think, they are starting to come to the fore as the world wakes up to the danger that is Islam. The fight will be long and bloody as we struggle to regain our freedom and culture, the most dangerous foe we face is the leftists in our midst who have spent their entire lives preparing to destroy the west.

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