Robert Spencer video series: Basics of Islam. Video 1. “Islamophobia”

This video has been posted at this site before of course but a bunch of us volunteers have decided to pitch in and do a minor rosetta project on it as we feel, along with Robert Spencer, that not just English people need to be able to see this information.

I will post the links to the languages we have as they get done here with the request that readers of this site that know people who speak only these languages, could please send them the links. Especially if you know people who run Islam-critical sites in these languages.

We still need French for this video by the way.

Here are the links we have done so far:






Please feel free to copy these links and send them to whomever you feel needs to see them in those languages. I will post new ones as they appear here. Perhaps also we can summon the energy to also do the second video in the series, already published in English.

Here is the original in English.

Anyone interested in doing a translation for titles please leave a comment under this post and I will arrange to get you a timed transcription in English.



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