Thilo Sarrazin’s Fear Of Uneducated Migrants

An original translation by Fjara with much thanks

From Welt.De German News magazine

The former German Central Bank chairman and SPD senator of Berlin, Thilo Sarrazin, is back with a new book.
In “Wishful Thinking. Europe, Currency, Education, Immigration – why politics fail so often” (to be published on April 25) he deals with the refugee politics of chancellor Merkel – and takes the same line as in his controversial first book “Germany abolishes itself”.
According to “Bild” newspaper, who prints excerpts from the book, Sarrazin again argues that people of certain provenance have lower “cognitive competences”.

In the pre-publication, Sarrazin accuses the chancellor that with her “We can do it”, she distracts from the important questions in the refugee crisis. According to him, “the question whether the daily influx of refugees can be quickly registered, housed, fed, and medically cared for”, is not at the core, but questions about the perspective of integration of them.

And in that respect, Sarrazin appears skeptical, and argues similar to in “Germany Abolishes Itself”: the refugees “come from countries with a low educational achievement. Their cultural and cognitive profile is similar to those Muslim Immigrants from these countries, who are already in Europe. Therefore it is fair to assume that regarding educational performance, obtaining of social security benefits, criminality and susceptibility for fundamentalist ideas, would develop accordingly.”

Besides, the author calculates that each yearly cohort of refugees will, by family reunion and own children, multiply by five within two decades. He infers, “The retrieval of control over our borders, be it Germany’s or Schengen’s, is a matter of life and death for our culture, and for the survival of our society.”

Further, Sarrazin writes: “German politics neglects their executive function, to show the direction of what is imperative, and the scope of what is responsible.” The internationalist view of Merkel “might have in mind the well-being of the world in general, but scarcely the interests of Europe, and certainly not the Germans’ concern for the future of their own nation, the protection of their living environment, and of their cultural identity”.

[The Translator has added the following information on German media’s treatment of Thilo:

In 2012, the Turkish/Kurdish-German writer Mely Kiyak (*1976) called Mr. Sarrazin (*1945) in two major newspaper columns a “lispelling, stuttering, twitching caricature of a human being”. Mr. Sarrazin is affected by partial facial paralysis as a result of an operation.
After being criticised for that remark by two newspapers, Die Welt and Bild, Mrs. Kiyak said that she had not been aiming at Mr. Sarrazin’s “physical imperfections”. The majority of liberal German newspapers, like Fr, BZ and taz, dismissed criticism of Mrs. Kiyak for the remark as a “hate campaign” against Mrs. Kiyak.
Mr. Sarrazin never commented on this matter. Mrs. Kiyak lately received an award for “Journalist of the year” for her work against racism, and a scholarship grant by the Senate of Berlin.
Thank you Fjara]

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9 Replies to “Thilo Sarrazin’s Fear Of Uneducated Migrants”

  1. “Thilo Sarrazin’s Fear Of Uneducated Migrants”

    Is there a difference between Educated and Uneducated in Europe ?

    Is there a difference between wrong and right in Europe?

    If the parasites / immigrants are Uneducated, does, does it mean that in contrast the Germans are Educated?
    If the Germans are educated why are they committing this crime of destroying their own country? Can an educated people be so stupid as to commit suicide by jizya parasite.

  2. I have a folder, “Philosemitism”.
    It has one lonely file: Theo Sarrazin.

    I forgot about it till now, but it seems he got in trouble for saying, “[a]ll Jews share the same gene.” Thus, he was tarred “racist”.

    He’s into genetics – smart genes/ dumb genes. What the good people at Gates of Vienna described as provoking, “a major outbreak of the Screaming Nazi Heeber Jeebers among the refined and enlightened guardians of German culture.”

    I guess that’s “Philosemitism”. Or isn’t it?

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