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5 Replies to “Peters: “They are barbarians with credit cards””

  1. This atrocity needs to be published over the entire media. Notice that it began with Bush and continues with the muslim sympathizer in the White House. *** Where are our elected representatives on this?? Why isn’t there an outcry from senators and congressmen? Could it be that they’re all on the Saudi payroll?

    • We don’t know who’s on the Saudi payroll, do we… It’s idle speculation, I know, but just think of all the lovely favors they could have done for so many rising young movers and shakers along the way. Think of all the student loans and mortgages and gambling debts and appointments of tenure that a nice Saudi benefactor could help you with, then own you with forever. They certainly have the money and they’re certainly very interested in what we think. But it’s all speculation, as I said. But it’s sure as hell what I’d do if I were a Saudi Jihadist billionaire…

      • When Saudi citizens are sent over here to go to collage one of the things they are suppose to do is pick out people they think will become either business or political leaders and make friends with them. They are suppose to do enough favors for these “friends” that they will start returning the favors and continue doing this until they are working to insure the best interest of Saudi and not the host nation.

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