Brass opinions on terror, Israeli TV predicted attacks 5 years ago: links 1 on March 24 – 2016

1. Gen. Keane: Strategy against ISIS is ‘absolutely failing’

2. Discourse institute offers some instruction post-Belgium

3. Brussels bombers ‘had direct links to Paris attackers’

Two suspected suicide bombers involved in the Brussels attacks have been named and it’s emerged they had clear links to the Paris attackers, reports in Belgium said on Wednesday.

Belgian state broadcaster RTBF have released the names of two of the suspected suicide bombers involved in Tuesday’s attack at Brussels airport and on the Metro.

They are said to be brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui. The pair were well know to police as longstanding criminals.

(Criminals. The narrative at work)

4. Some funny self contradictions from US Muslims

5. The leader of German, right-wing AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) party speaks to Matt Frein in the wake of the attacks on Brussels.

(Classic media mugging of a nice good German patriot political leader)

6. Ingrid Carlqvist warns Finland about the dangers of multiculturalism and mass illiterate 3rd world immigration

7. Revisiting the Israeli documentary of 5 years ago on Belgium, and Islamic terrorism

Thank you Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, Richard, M., Discourse Institute, Gates of Vienna, SC., and many more and more to come.

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8 Replies to “Brass opinions on terror, Israeli TV predicted attacks 5 years ago: links 1 on March 24 – 2016”

  1. Yes that reporter going on attack mode at the very articulate and impressive lady from Afd.

    In France I see many politicians use the expression “La risque zero n’existe pas.” or in English Zero risk does not exist. Anyone using that statement is effectively using that expression to say arrogantly that they will continue with their current policies, most notably that in terms of the migrants, its a one liner brush off to absolve them of any action and blame. And I was happy to see one journalist from BFM TV actually define that reply as a political statement, which got a chuckle out of me.

    I have the benefit of working with risk in my previous professional life, everything has an element of risk and quite simply risk is always there, however there is something called risk mitigation or controlling your risk and requires risk assessment, but this is where the rails go off in terms of their lack of understanding of Islam..

    Anyone who studies Islam will get to the point that they understand it is a xenophobic ideology which wants to become the only system globally, It is based on warfare and terror and includes slavery as a result and goes as far as defining anyone who is not a Muslim as less than human, that last part is especially important as it dehumanises non-Muslims. Its followers it pre-programmes them to fail with outdated thinking and to then blame that failure on the others keeping them down or not paying proper respect to the best of people as the call themselves. Not all Muslims act like this, but a significant percentage of them have this attitude and some act on it and that number can only increase proportionally as they increase in numbers.

    Risk, simply put, allowing massive numbers of fighting age migrants who have this ideology of hate and xenophobia to enter Europe is hugely increasing the risk to the European people of being blown up, shot, raped, beaten up, robbed etc. So what do our politicians do, they refuse to control that risk and increase the numbers of dissatisfied young male Muslims to arrive in Europe who have the capacity to do all that, and even more they fail to remove those that are known to be a risk, like one of the bombers in Brussels.

    Zero risk many not exist but that is not a reason to keep piling on the risk.

    • Our politicians are deliberating enhancing that risk. They’re not on our side.
      You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to see the Soros-element working against us, together with the Islamic supremacists.

  2. 4/ The reaction of American Muslims to the Belgian attacks are in accord with Dr. Peter Hammond’s observation that when Muslim populations remain below 2% of the general population, they will behave and be regarded as a peace-loving minority. Muslims in the US constitute 1% of the population.

    In comparison, Dr. Hammond observes that when the Muslim population increases beyond 5% of the general population they “exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.” Hammond’s observation does not stipulate violence at this point, but only at higher Muslim population levels.

    The increasing belligerence of Muslim behavior as based upon their increasing share of the population is being accelerated, probably due to ISIS’s influence as has been noted by Stephen Coughlin. Terrorist attacks are already happening in Canada, albeit not yet at the level of bombing.

    The solution remains the same: 1) name the enemy 2) understand the motivations of the enemy 3) destroy the enemy utterly.

    The enemy and his allies among us has blocked our response at 1).

  3. 7/ Brussels intelligence was given PRECISE information about THIS attack.

    They’re damned. They’re dragging everyone who still clings to their skirts straight down to hell with them. It may have started with the Jews…

    When asked repeatedly over recent years – “Is it safe for the Jews in Europe?” – Victor Sharansky has come to answer with another question, “Is it safe for Europeans in Europe?”

  4. I am so beyond our language to tell of the utter IMPOTENCE this man projects.
    One answer suffices — in order to ELIMINATE, the THREAT OF THE MARCH OF ISLAM TO CONQUER THE WORLD: get the damn Muslims off our lands.

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