The ethical and legal poles begin to reverse: Links 1 on March 17 – 2016

1. He had a right to rob that house! How else was he supposed to get clothes to go to school!

(It’s true. You can justify anything if you cloak it in the language of human rights. Except of course, actual human rights)

2. Slovenia: Higher, stronger fence erected along Croatian border

3, Gazanian Muslim’s new weapon of choice: Home made Carl Gustav autos

4. Here is a video of Paul Weston’s speech in Montreal March 8

5. CF stabbing suspect once had restricted security clearance at Pearson

The suspect in a stabbing attack at a Canadian Forces recruiting office in North York was once permitted to work in restricted areas at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Greater Toronto Airport Authority spokesperson Siobhan Desroches said the 27-year-old man “worked for a third-party tenant” of the airport and carried a restricted area identification card, allowing him to enter secure areas of the facility between December 2008 and March 2009.

Sources tell CP24 the man worked as a groundskeeper at the airport.

 (Video at site)

Related: CBC tires the usual ‘He’s just crazy’ attempt to dismiss the Islamic motive for the attack

(NOTE: Comments disabled at Youtube for the above video. So please make them here. CBC should not be allowed to get away with thought control. they are a publicly funded organization)

6. General says Army at high risk in war against China, Russia

(Normally Generals would retire before saying things like this. We should take this with a great deal more importance because he is still serving)

Testifying Wednesday on Capitol Hill, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley says years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, constrained budgets and troop cuts have had a cumulative effect on the service.

7. UK: Record number of children arrested over terrorism in 2015

Record numbers of children are being arrested on suspicion of terrorism-related offences, new figures have revealed.

Sixteen under-18s were held in the year ending December, a rise from 10 in the previous year.

This was the highest number of arrests for the age group in a calendar year since data collection started in 2001.

The figures, published by the Home Office, showed there were a total of 280 terrorism-related arrests in 2015. This was a fall of 3% compared with the previous year.

The statistics also showed that rising numbers of women are being arrested as part of counter-terrorism probes.

Last year 45 female suspects were held – an increase of 15 on 2014. This continues an “upward trend” seen in recent years, statisticians said.

8. Russia: Islamic State-linked group plotting explosive attack arrested

9. LSE criticised after Islamic Society holds segregated gala dinner

The Islamic society at an elite university has been criticised for not being ‘open-minded’ after it held its annual gala dinner where men and women were separated by a screen running down the middle of the hall.

Muslim students from the London School of Economics (LSE) even had to purchase separate tickets at £20 each for ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, it has emerged.

And when they arrived at the gala dinner, which was held Grand Connaught Rooms in central London, men and women were divided by a 7ft screen and left unable to see each other.

(This is how sharia is implemented. It just is. Interestingly, in the UK. segregation is illegal unless its Muslims. Then its not. So clearly that is sharia)

Here is a lecture attempting to deal with the issue of sharia on campus

10. Italy: Migrant imam tells Muslim migrants, “Allah ordered you to kill”

“God ordered you to kill his enemies and wage jihad in his name, preach religion and the sharia and punish the sinner.” Jihad? Sharia? Could all this have something to do with…Islam?

The woman who beheaded a toddler last week in Russia said that Allah had ordered her to kill. She has been dismissed as mentally ill. Now this imam has said the same thing. Is he mentally ill also?

++ Terrorismo: pm; progettava attentato Roma, fermato Imam ++

“This month set up jihad ‘market,’” ANSA, March 9, 2016:

(ANSA) – Campobasso, March 9 – A 22-year-old Somali imam and asylum seeker arrested Wednesday told fellow residents of a migrant reception centre in Campobasso that they had to organise a “market” for jihad and God had ordered them to kill, police said according to transcripts of his preaching.

(Thank you Yucki, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Pym Purnell, ML., and a school of wonderful people aware and considerate enough to join those of us already ringing the bells. Thank you all and may liberty prevail)

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7 Replies to “The ethical and legal poles begin to reverse: Links 1 on March 17 – 2016”

  1. 1. He had a right to rob that house! How else was he supposed to get clothes to go to school!

    If you are living in the United States, where gun ownership and shooting burglars are both legal, and you tell your son that it’s even slightly OK to break into houses and steal things, and he gets shot while committing a burglary, then you killed your son – period! And now this misguided idiot-woman is trying to kill some other people’s sons by putting it out there that it’s OK to steal things if they feel the need for some Nikes or a new X-box or a bag of weed. If it had been Canada, this kid would likely be alive today (not so sure about the woman…), but in the USA it’s lights out, so don’t even try it. That’s what she should have taught her son. When dealing with teenage boys it is essential to be absolutely, perfectly clear about things like that. If you leave room for doubt, they’ll start thinking of ways to get around what you said. Why haven’t I ever heard the great Obama come out and say anything like that?

    • If you leave room for doubt, they’ll start thinking of ways to get around what you said.
      Perfect. The message has to be 1 or 0.
      Example => Palestinian stabbing attacks in Israel may be tapering off. MAY BE.
      Why? Because ALL would-be killers are taken down.

      “…without exception, every perpetrator has been either captured or killed. In fact, the number of Palestinians killed while attempting to murder Israelis is roughly five times the number of Israeli fatalities. That’s precisely why, in contrast to the first and second intifadas, this one has attracted little involvement by the broader Palestinian public: There’s a limit to the number of people willing to face certain death or capture in exchange for a relatively small chance of killing the enemy. Indeed, this was the key insight behind Israel’s successful strategy in the second intifada: Even though there are millions of potential terrorist recruits, the supply of actual recruits will dry up if the likelihood of death or imprisonment becomes great enough to make terror an unattractive proposition.” [original emphasis]

      Are Palestinian Stabbings Ending?

      • Leftists don’t really have a vision, do they. Leftists only know that they hate the right and can’t stand to see anything they do succeed, so they protest and drag their feet and generally sabotage everything they do out of nothing more than envy and spite and a desire to see everything stop working right. I have no doubt that there would be at least a few Israeli leftists advocating for a kid-glove approach to the Arab murderers, which would encourage other Muslims to follow suit, but obviously those Quislings are not in the majority in Israel.

        The Americans broke the Ku Klux Klan with similar certitude, arrested all the leaders and threw them in jail for a long time. They made things clear. It worked. Klan membership dried up. All those leftists who like to spell it “Amerika” are being real jerks, because the Americans responded appropriately and the Klan is no longer a force in the US*. They act as if the “racist” government just looked the other way with a wink and a nod, but that is patently false.

        * Except, of course, for their recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. No kidding! Now the KKK is a comedy troupe.

        • Actually the KKK was created by Democrats to protect Democrats so there is nothing surprising about them backing Hillary. Both believe the government should keep the little people down and let the rich and powerful do what they want.

          • I believe their backing of Mrs Clinton was an exercise in irony on the part of the Grand Wizard. Quite funny, I thought…

    • Before you can shoot the intruder you have to feel in danger of death or grave bodily injury. Of course they have to prove you weren’t afraid or in grave danger so in most states you can get away with it. As long as you are west of the Mississippi or south of the Mason Dixon line. east and north it depends on which state and often which part of which state. They also take into consideration your age and sex, a woman or any person over 50 is (in the states withe firearms ownership laws that are classically liberal) will usually get off.

  2. 3 – The Carlo, an easily made bullet hose, it requires training and fire discpline before one of them is real dangerous and depending on the material used in the manufacture and the care they can be more dangerous to the user then the intended victim. They aren’t the most dangerous easily manufactured firearm that I have seen, but they are far from the safest.

    They are also a prime example of why firearms control laws only disarm the law abiding and not the criminals.

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