Leftist fined for killing illegals while helping them break in, much more: Links 1 on March 16 – 2016

1. PICTURES: No Borders Hippies Lead Migrant Death March, Thousands Detained

Blond haired activists with piercings and dreadlocks allegedly led three migrants to their deaths yesterday, distributing inaccurate maps and corralling them across a river. Hundred of migrants have been returned to Greece, and the activists walked free with €250 fines.

Around twelve to fourteen thousand mostly Middle Eastern migrants have been camped for nearly three weeks near the village of Idomeni, ever since the border between Macedonia and Greece was closed off.

2. [related] Migrant map to Europe: The leaflet in Arabic that sparked exodus of 2,000 migrants from squalid camp across a raging river into Macedonia – where they were told ‘buses are waiting’ to take them to Germany

3. Fredericton asks Ottawa to delay next wave of Syrian refugees

Fredericton’s mayor is asking Ottawa to delay the next wave of Syrian refugees expected to arrive in the city.

At Monday night’s regular council meeting, Brad Woodside said 276 newcomers have arrived in Fredericton in recent weeks.

The city is expecting another 200 or so, but Woodside said the city simply can’t absorb anymore right now.

“200 more, at this point in time, would overwhelm the community and the resources we have available to them,” Woodside said.

(and so reality begins to sink in even in Trudopia)

4. UK: The Labour Party is increasingly anti-Semitic

The influx of anti-Israel far Left supporters has worsened the bias of the PLP against Jewish people

A Labour rosette

 Does Labour, my party, have a problem with anti-Semitism? When someone like Gerry Downing, a member of the Socialist Fight organization, can demand that the “Jewish problem” be addressed, and then apply and gain party membership (albeit briefly), it’s clear that it might. And when Vicky Kirby, Labour’s former candidate in Woking, who was suspended after tweeting “What do you know abt Jews? They’ve got big noses and support Spurs. lol” gets readmitted to the party, one feels still greater unease.
(Cause that happens all the time in every city. Right?)

Washington DC’s subway system will be shut down for 29 hours from Tuesday night for emergency safety checks.

The unprecedented closure of the second-biggest US subway network will have an impact on hundreds of thousands of commuters.

Officials will carry out an inspection of power cables after a fire caused major delays earlier this week.

Last year, a similar incident caused a train to fill with smoke in a tunnel, killing one passenger.

The 119-mile (230-km) network, known as Metro, will be closed from midnight on Tuesday (0400 GMT) to 0500 local time on Thursday.

All six lines and 91 stations will be affected. Some 700,000 people use the network daily.

6. Europe News, a left leaning org tat spins things to total misrepresentation, does this on Orban’s significant speech. We have it in Translation and look forward to seeing what he actually said.

The EN title is: “Hungary: PM Orban blames refugees for undermining Christian Europe”

But its mostly teachers complaining about textbooks

7. Brits not amused by Obama’s EU nose-shoving

8. China, Russia Planning Space Attacks on U.S. Satellites

China and Russia are preparing to attack and disrupt critical U.S. military and intelligence satellites in a future conflict with crippling space missile, maneuvering satellite, and laser attacks, senior Pentagon and intelligence officials told Congress on Tuesday.

Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the Air Force Space Command, said the threat to U.S. space systems has reached a new tipping point, and after years of post-Cold War stagnation foreign states are focused on curbing U.S. space systems.

“Adversaries are developing kinetic, directed-energy, and cyber tools to deny, degrade, and destroy our space capabilities,” Hyten said in a prepared statement for a hearing of the House Armed Service strategic forces subcommittee.

“They understand our reliance on space, and they understand the competitive advantage we derive from space. The need for vigilance has never been greater,” the four-star general said.

Thank you M., ML., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and many more. 

Several items were posted late on the 15th that are worth a look and more to come today.


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8 Replies to “Leftist fined for killing illegals while helping them break in, much more: Links 1 on March 16 – 2016”

  1. 5 – Since the Democrats have controlled DC for so long it is possible that the money for maintenance of the subway was stolen, however given current events it is equally as likely that there has been Moslem sabotage. given the evidence it is anyone’s guess.

  2. Regarding #8

    For as long as there have been man made satellites in space there have been plans by rival countries to destroy them if necessary. Particularly for people in Europe it would be wise to plan several routes of escape if thing get especially bad, but you MUST HAVE HARD COPY MAPS OF THE ROUTES (preferably waterproofed in some manner).
    If a serious war breaks out then you can kiss all telecommunication and GPS goodbye FROM DAY ONE.

    • I will agree with that, all communications satellites of all nations as well as all nav satellites. We will return the favor assuming Obama hasn’t had all of the weapons destroyed.

      • Disturbingly, even if we didn’t destroy their satellites, the debris from ours would probably do the job in short order.

        The current thinking is that if our satellite system is turned into space debris then it will literally be hundreds of years before we can put anything else in orbit without it being shredded more or less straight away.

        • It could work that way, the anti-sat weapons taking out ours would have to be aimed in such a way that the debris would be moved into a quickly decaying orbit. Even then it might take decades before we could safely launch anything. Unless of course the physicist in Britain that started the EM drive research is right and other things in the writings that caused the EM Drive to work will create anti-gravity,if that works we would have a form of shielding that let us clean up the orbitals.

          • There are some huge brains out there.

            Pocket supercomputer/radio-phone/televisions thinner than my thumb now cost less than a day’s wage, so I no longer put anything past the capacity of a motivated scientist.

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