Toronto Terror Tard identified and more: Links 1 on March 15 – 2016

“Beware the ides of March” – Fortune teller to Caesar. Perhaps its generally good advice.

1. Malaysian Police Say Australian Reporters Will Be Deported

Malaysian authorities have decided against charging two Australian journalists who attempted to interview the Malaysian prime minister over corruption allegations and will instead deport them, police said Tuesday.

The decision came after the Australian government intervened and suggested the detention was part of a Malaysian crackdown on press freedom.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. television reporter Linton Besser and camera operator Louie Eroglu had been told to appear in a Sarawak state court on Tuesday morning charged with obstructing a public servant from discharging his duties when they questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak as he entered a mosque in the state capital Kuching on Saturday.

The state broadcaster reported that two hours after a press release was issued Monday confirming the charge, the lawyer for the two was told they would not be charged.

ABC said no explanation was given for the change.

2. Chicago Cop: Anti-Trump Mob More Aggressive and Destructive than Reported

(So the surprise isn’t that people support Trump because they don’t trust the legacy media, its that anyone still does trust it)

The protests launched by militant leftists who shut down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally were far more aggressive and destructive than reported, says a Chicago Police officer.

“It seems the [media] aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans,” the officer wrote shortly after the canceled Trump event.

The officer, who posed anonymously on the Second City Cop blog, also noted the media didn’t report that protesters were running through parking lots and breaking windows of cars with Trump stickers on them, or that the department called out emergency Incident Teams to cope with the anti-Trump riot at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

3. BREAKING NEWS: Shots fired and police officer injured during Brussels anti-terror raid linked to Paris massacre suspects

Two men with Kalashnikov assault rifles opened fire on officers when they arrived at a house in the Belgian capital.

Police snipers could be seen surrounded a building where the suspected terrorists are holed up shortly before 3pm.

Shots were fired and a police officer was injured during a raid on a house in Brussels (file picture showing an earlier police operation in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek in November)

Shots were fired and a police officer was injured during a raid on a house in Brussels (file picture showing an earlier police operation in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek in November)

A source at the scene said: ‘The raid is on going and an officer has been wounded.

‘Some 20 police vehicles are at the scene and firing can be heard.’

It was not clear whether the injured officer was hit by gunfire

4. An interesting article/video about the opinions of religious Muslims in the UK concerning Donald Trump.

5. Toronto terror-tard identified:

North York stabbing suspect said, ‘Allah told me to do this’ as he attacked, police chief says


The attacker was identified as Ayanie Hassan Ali, 27, a Montreal-born Canadian citizen with no criminal record who has lived in Toronto for the past five years.

Thank you all who sent in materials. Its a little frantic so proper acknowledgement will come later today! Lots to do as things deteriorate for classical civilization, media honesty and government betrayal.

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14 Replies to “Toronto Terror Tard identified and more: Links 1 on March 15 – 2016”

  1. Pay attention to police description of the riot and then mulitiply this by 100 or greater, this is what is coming to all large American cities over the next few years. The left has declared war against the US and is seeking to destroy our nation, they want a nations where they are the arbiters of all. Back in the 60s you heard a lot of people talk about come the revolution and how they were going to stand us up against a wall and execute us. They hace had 8 years to plan for their upraising and will do their best to ensure that 1) the election is no held, 2) if it is held the voter participation will be so suppressed they can claim it wasn’t a fail and honest election (the last thing they want).

    What they are hoping for is that they have convienced enough people of the evils of the upper class that they will join in and create a new 1917 revolution in the US.

    Make no mistake, total anc complete destruction of the old United States and the destruction of all individual freedom and rights are the goals of the left and they think they can create enough hell that most people will join in that they can achieve their goals. The three groups that will determine the outcome of this revolution are the police, the military (active duty which includes the guard) and the vets. The side that the majority of the individuals in the three groups join will ge the side that wins.

    We in the states tend to concentrate on what is happening here to the exclusion of what is happening overseas which is a big mistake given the current situation. The Arab Spring was planned by the far left with a large numbr of 1960s radicals training the Arabs on the tactics to use when the word was given. Now like then there is coordination between the left in the Western Nations which is in turn coordinating with the Moslem Brotherhood. With the military power of the US greatly weakened and Europe having depended on the US for protection for so long they don’t have much in the way of military power the time is ripe for the Islamic invaders to start their upraising to seize control in Europe. Doing this while the US is torn apart with riots and a growing civil war will mean that Europe can’t expect much if any aid besides what is already in Europe.

    • Many interesting points. I am particularly interested in the “possibility” that the Arab Spring did not just happen spontaneously, but was the product of some scheming mind with access to money and power. I’ve always had a sneaking and unverified suspicion that Barack Obama personally engineered the whole Arab Spring thing in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood – but that’s just me guessing.

      He sure acts like it though, doesn’t he? Especially how disappointed he was when the Muslim Brotherhood failed to hold onto Egypt and were replaced by the military. And how about that enthusiastic lack of support he gave to the Iranian People when they actually tried to have a real, genuine, grassroots, pro-democracy rebellion against the dictatorship? Aren’t Americans supposed to be pro-democracy, or is that too “Bush Doctrine” now? If Donald Trump had been President, and enthusiastically encouraged the rebellion, their might well be a functioning democracy in Iran at this very minute. We’ll never know, but Hussein could have at least tried…

      And about that big war you keep warning about? Well, I think it’s started already. How long is it going to be before the Belgian Police fighting at Molenbeek start encountering RPG rounds and 23mm anti-aircraft fire and IEDs and mortars and drones and grenades and gas and, well, you get the idea… It starts with “W” and it ends with “R” (3 letter word).

      • It would take time to dig out the evidence now but Bill Ayers and company went to Cairo about 12 months before the Arab Spring and met with the MB leaders. Ayers came home but a bunch of the old 60s radicals stayed in Egypt and were seen meeting with the people who were the leaders in all of the Arab Spring upraising. I didn’t have any luck finding the articles from that period but I remember reading them.

        Personally I don’t think Obama is smart enough to have planned the Arab Spring or the massive damage to the US military. But Ayers and other 60s radicals are that smart and were educated when the old military take overs were still taught.

        The big war started back in 79 when the Iranians took over the US Embassy, it just has a long phony war period (the period at the beginning of WWII when war was declared but for several months no shots were fired.) I keep expecting things to move faster then they have. Having said that with the violence starting on the American streets and the leftist students starting to try for a replay of the 1960s the major fighting isn’t far away. With our weakened military the rioting and such in the US will greatly limit the aid we can give to Europe when the Invaders In Place start their power grab. Once this starts things are going to get very bad real quick. I hope you and yours manage to survive the coming mess.

        Read the articles I posted about the mistake the Repubs are making in not backing Trump about the protesters.

      • This isn’t the articles I was looking for but it does show a link between Obama and the brother hood, I will keep looking for the others.

        More Obama-Muslim Brotherhood cooperation revealed: Smells like treason to me.
        Written by Allen West on July 7, 2014

        We’ve frequently addressed the mounting evidence showing the deep ties between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, just recently we reported on Mohammed Elibiary’s tweets about America being an Islamic country — he just happens to be an Obama administration advisor on Homeland Security with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        As par for the course, liberal progressives prefer to put their heads in the sand and dismiss the growing evidence – like this particular story, for instance.

        According to the Gulf News, cooperation between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood has been going on for quite some time. In 2010 even before the “Arab Spring,” Obama personally issued Presidential Study Directive 11 (PSD-11) to assess the Muslim Brotherhood and other “political Islamist” movements, including the ruling AKP in Turkey. The report concluded the United States should shift from its longstanding policy of supporting “stability” in the Middle East and North Africa (in other words, supporting “stable regimes” even if they were authoritarian), to a policy of backing “moderate” Islamic political movements.”

  2. Victor Orban is currently giving an inspirational speech in Budapest today on this national holiday. (I did my best with this under the circumstances. Hopefully a better and complete translation pops up.) This is the celebration of 1848. Hungary couldn’t put up with the Austrians any more. Once the Austrians realized they were losing they invited the Russians to help them. The Russians came in to Transylvania and put down the Hungarians. Then Hungary fought two wars–one from the east and one from the west. They lost. But the Austrians realized that they would have to give in because of continued unrest. The result was an autonomous Austria and Hungary.

    He speaks about political correctness stifling freedom of speech in Europe. But that the European people are starting to wake up. That the muslim immigration is nothing but an invasion. That Hungary’s freedom was paid for with blood and that no one will govern Hungary except Hungarians. Brussels must be stopped. Roving bands of Muslims will not exist in Hungary hunting down our wives and daughters. First they want to get in, then they want to dominate, then they want the indigenous population to leave. In 1948 if Hungary didn’t fight the Hapsburgs would have swallowed them up. Then in 1956 their fight was not in vain. Every country in Europe must stick together to survive. Shall we be slaves or shall we be free, we swear…that we will never be slaves again…

  3. Regarding #1, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been completely captured by progressive pricks. It’s now nothing but a taxpayer funded globalist propaganda outlet. If the Malaysians executed these “reporters” then I would applaud them.

  4. ” First they want to get in, then they want to dominate, then they want the indigenous population to leave.”

    What I don’t understand about this is who will pay the bills once the productive Europeans either leave or are taxed out if existence? What do the “big picture” Muslims think will happen?

    Because our situation, to which I alluded in an earlier post, fits this narrative. Our ability to use public parks, the police, health facilities and schools was greatly curtailed. We left…

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