Man in 50s raped in England, Trump Trump Trump: links 2 on March 12 – 2016

1. Teenager, 19, arrested after ‘man in his fifties was raped in the toilets at a Next store in Manchester’

A teenager has been arrested after reports a man was raped in the toilets of a major Manchester department store.

Police were called shortly after 11.30am on Friday after receiving reports of the alleged attack in the toilets of the Next store in the Arndale Centre.

It is understood a man in his fifties complained he was attacked in the toilets of the store which was busy with customers at the time.

The alleged victim was using the toilets at the Next store in the Arndale Centre in Manchester when attacked

(Businesses may be finding that the mass wave of migrants wont be quite as good for them as they thought)

2. Thousands march against Merkel’s refugee policies in Berlin

3. Workshop on methods of “sharing the message of Islam” held at the University of Alberta

(It needs to be understood that ‘Da’wah’ is not proselytizing in the way Christians or even Hari Krishna’s do it. It is preparing the ground for jihad. Da’wah is done right before the kinetic jihad as a rule)

MSA’s guest speaker: Extremist Imam who advocates for Sharia Law and opposes democracy 

MSA UofA states that its activities are aimed also at “people from diverse backgrounds and faiths” and that it is considered “one of the most active Muslim organizations” in Edmonton:

“In collaboration with other groups, and independently, we facilitate events that are enjoyable, memorable, and most importantly bring people from diverse backgrounds and faiths together to create a community of understanding. Our events attract students from campus, as well, as people from off campus. Alhamduillah (All Praise belongs to God), we are one of the most active Muslim organizations in the city despite the fact that we are only a student group. We have had numerous events discussing different topics with great guest speakers. We hope to continue in this endeavor of success, in sha Allah (God willing).”

According to the MSA UofA, one of its past guest speakers was Abdur Raheem Green (born Anthony Vatswaf Galvin Green), the founder of iERA international which established branches in Canada under the name iERA Canada.

4. Egypt discovers enormous tunnels coming from Gaza

Tunnels big enough to fit a truck have been discovered by the Egyptian military on the Sinai-Gaza border. These tunnels are allegedly the source of weapons being used by ISIS and Islamic Jihad in the peninsula, and point to a thriving weapons industry in the Strip.

(Autostart video at link and more here)

5. Islamic State releases video that appears to threaten Israel with a promise to come to the aid (I think) Of ‘Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The mosque which is a classic example of the intended use of these buildings, which is to say as a beachhead.

Aqsa threat image



6. Horror of life in Syria under the Islamic State

7. Shock Video – Attempted Physical Attack On Donald Trump In Ohio Thwarted By Secret Service – Suspect Identified…

more and from Allen West

8, ‘protesters’ hit Trump in Cleveland

9. Trump violence, planned attack

10. Pepper spray in Kansas

Man who attacked trump has interesting history and allegiances. Its almost like he is a Muslim who hates America or something.

Thank you Pym Purnell, M., Sassy, Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan and many more. More to come.

Public trust in mass media appears to be about 20% higher than it should be. 

Trump Dayton speech (scroll to after 55 minutes)


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7 Replies to “Man in 50s raped in England, Trump Trump Trump: links 2 on March 12 – 2016”

  1. The far left organizations are planning on having a summer of riots, this was the opening attack. Given the way one “protester” had a Uzi shows what the true intent of the “protesters” were. Obama is going to try and get away with cancelling the elections due to massive violence. I know this sounds crazy but just wait, before the summer is out every place where there is a Republican rally there will be a riot and the rioters will be using military grade weapons.

    • Trump said he will bring charges against those who disrupt his rallies. When he said this in Kansas tonight, there were no more protests.
      RE Obama: this idea has been floating around for a while. I think Trump knows and will handle it accordingly. Don’t forget: he intends to the elected President in November.
      I predict massive police presence everywhere and crowd control. Lessons have been learned since Baltimore and other cities.

      • They are going to do their best but the riots will probably not start at the rallies but near them. Remember we are talking about professional agitators who aren’t afraid of being arrested, the ones doing the organizing and leading will be careful so only misdemeanor charges can be brought against them. The police aren’t the only ones learning, and the riots don’t have to happen at the political events, but can occur at anytime and for any excuse. I remember the 60s when there were riots every summer and the radical left managed to shut down a lot of the universities several years in a row.

    • If left wing violence wins the presidency then the left will start to learn what right wing violence looks like, and they will wish they never opened Pandora’s box.

    • You’ve been saying that for a while.
      Now I’m beginning to see Israelis saying the same thing in comments after articles. They’re speculating on when martial law will close down our process. I can’t remember this much interest in our elections before.

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