French patriots fight back, Germans protest Merkel in real numbers and more: Links 1 on March 12 – 2016

1. The Identitaire group in France appear to be more directly fighting for French nationalism now. I do not fully understand what is taking place but if it is as described, it could fairly be described as a recognizable battle in a civil war for France against the international communists who run France and the Muslim migrants who are its battering ram Vs. the French patriots who are trying to stop further colonization.


In this clip, the French patriots are chanting: “This is our home” and then, “We are French”

2. At least one mother of a dead jihadi gets it

“I am Christian, I go to church. My child is a church boy. The bad thing is Islam,” said his mother. Yet the churches have no response whatsoever to concerted efforts by Muslim groups to convert Christian young people to Islam. They wouldn’t dare respond: it might harm their wonderful “Muslim-Christian dialogue.” Isn’t that right, Bishop McManus? And so Fasil Towalde, aka Abu Abdullah al-Habashi, is dead, and the churches once again are silent, washing their hands of any responsibility.

Abu Abdullah al-Habashi

3. Turkey: Teaching children not to run in public

(For the multiculturalists)

4. North Korea submarine ‘goes missing’ during US and South Korea drills

North Korea says its military is ready to pre-emptively attack and ‘liberate’ the South if it sees signs that American and South Korean troops involved in annual joint military drills are attempting to invade the North

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un aboard one of his country's submarines

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un aboard one of his country’s submarines in this 2014 file photo Photo: EPA/Rodong Sinmun

A North Korean submarine is missing, reports said on Saturday, as the reclusive state issued a fresh threat of retaliation against US and South Korean forces involved in joint military drills.

The unknown class of vessel had been reportedly operating off the North Korean coast earlier in the week when it disappeared.

A South Korean defence ministry told AFP Seoul was investigating the reports. Pentagon officials declined to comment on the matter.

5. THOUSANDS gather to protest Merkel and her policy of utter destruction of the German people.

UPDATE: At around 2 hours 30, a speaker from Hungary’s profoundly NAZI party Jobik speaks. I did not know that when I posted the video. It was early on in the live stream and it was just thousands of people with anti-Merkel signs at that point.

Thanks for the heads up JW

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Richard, JB., and all.

This will be an interesting summer in the Chinese sense of interesting.

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6 Replies to “French patriots fight back, Germans protest Merkel in real numbers and more: Links 1 on March 12 – 2016”

  1. ! – This is interesting, the French are moving to increase the level of resistance to the Marxist government and the Islamic invaders.

    4 – This is probably just the normal bluster and threat from Kim, but given the previous events around the world it may be more then that, this is the problem when world events are coming hot and heavy, how do you tell the normal BS from a major therat?

    FYI: threat analysis’s are normally based on a nation or groups capabilities which are usually known instead of their intentions which are at best guessed at.

    5 – Merkel is in trouble and at the moment Germany is the most likely nation for the citizens to start a violent counter revolution against their Marxist government. The most likely nation can change from Germany to another nation very quickly.

    • It can’t hurt if they are elected and if they are Jew haters they will probably be better for civilization then the Moslems.

  2. I saw lots of women standing on their own and not a worry or care. If this was a Muslim demo they would be raped, groped and assualted. Amazing how civilized Western born and bred men are. Just thinking and asking.

    • Even back in the 7th Century in the west rape was normally saved for the conquered women or slaves that were purchased. That part of our culture goes back further then I know. The idea of keeping their women inside and not letting them out was an Arabic custom long before Mohammad, I don’t know about the rape of women.

  3. Jobbik is a sh*t. He has no business anywhere. If I could, I would bind him & ship him to the IDF. They need targets for practice.

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