Turkey ups the anti on crushing opposition media, Paul Weston at CPAC, an Austrian woman describes her day and more: Links 2 on March 4 – 2016

1. British trio charged with funding terrorism

The men were arrested last year

Pervez Rafiq, of Huddersfield and Mashoud Miah and Mohammed Ibrahim Hussain, both of London, will appear in court today charged with arranging funds or property for the purposes of terrorism.

Raffia and Miah were arrested in April last year and Hussain was arrested in September, the North East Counter Terrorism (NECTU) unit said.

2. Canadian editor suspended form Multicultural Council after praising jihad against Israel

Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh (???? ???? ?????), a Canadian of Lebanese descent, the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper? (????? ???????) printed in Windsor, Ontario and distributedin Windsor, London and Detroit, was suspended from his position with the Windsor Multicultural Council.

The Windsor Multicultural Council is a body that receives funds from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is intimately connected with the welcoming and resettlement of Syrian refugees.

Following CIJnews report on Khalifeh’s editorial lauding the Palestinian knife attacks aimed Israeli Jews as a “sacred duty of jihad”, the Jewish human rights organization B’nai Brith Canada urged the Ontario government to “launch a full investigation of the paper and particularly the offensive editorial.”

(Somehow I don’t think this will affect his pension in any way)

3. Macedonia: (Muslim) Albanians protest erection of 55 metre-tall cross in Skopje

(Objecting to a giant mosque would be Islamophobic and ‘racist‘ however)

4. In this video we can tell that by ‘justice’, they mean sharia, as one imposes sharia and one desires justice.

5. Another comedian is being taken to the Canadian anti-rights commission and may be dinged for $180,000.00 for telling this joke.

6. Austrian woman describes her day. (This is worth the watch)

7. 4 Catholic Nuns, 12 Others Killed in Yemen Retirement Home

Gunmen in southern Yemen on Friday stormed a retirement home run by a charity established by Mother Teresa, killing 16 people, including four Catholic nuns, officials and witnesses said.

The killing spree began with two gunmen who first surrounded the home for the elderly in Aden. Meanwhile, four others entered the building on the pretext they wanted to visit their mothers at the facility, according to the charity, Yemeni security officials and witnesses. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The gunmen then moved from room to room, handcuffing the victims before shooting them in the head. A nun who survived and was rescued by locals said that she hid inside a fridge in a storeroom after hearing a Yemeni guard shouting, “Run, run.”

Khaled Haidar told The Associated Press that he counted 16 bodies, including that of his brother, Radwan. All had been shot in the head and were handcuffed. He said that in addition to the four nuns, one Yemeni cook, and Yemeni guards were among those killed.

8. Paul Weston at CPAC yesterday

9. Turkish police enter opposition newspaper, ‘Today’s Zaman’

Turkish police fired tear gas and used water cannon on a crowd to forcibly enter the country’s top-selling newspaper on Friday after a court ordered its confiscation.

An Istanbul court appointed trustees to take over the management of the Feza Media Group, which includes Turkey’s biggest-selling newspaper, the Zaman daily, as well as the Today’s Zaman daily and the Cihan news agency, dealing a fresh blow to the already battered media freedom in Turkey.

Thank you Maria J., Wrath of Khan, M., Kathy, and all who sent in materials and there are lots of you. 

As may of you may have noticed, my site was forced down today by the usual suspects using the usual methods. Quite unusual as the protection on the site is rather good and I have truly excellent and dedicated people working with us, which is why it is back up now actually.

Lots and lots and lots going on. Will be posting a lot in the next little while.

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4 Replies to “Turkey ups the anti on crushing opposition media, Paul Weston at CPAC, an Austrian woman describes her day and more: Links 2 on March 4 – 2016”

  1. 3/ Macedonia.
    Isn’t that where the mannerly mob was insisting, “Open the borders! Open the borders!”?
    You’d think they’d be on their best behavior, demonstrate their openness to multiculti…or was this it…?
    Yes, I was a little concerned about the site this morning. I checked for info at GoV but nothing was posted. Glad we’re all up now.

  2. 6 – I don’t know what the Austrian laws laws are about carry a concealed weapon but if it is possible to get a permit and carry all Austrians, not just the women but all Austrians need to get one and be armed al all times.

    This advice is good for all European nations and for the US citizens living in states that let them carry. Remember that if you do get a firearm and keep it at home locking this weapon up will delay you if you need it, maybe fatally.

      • Funny you mention it.
        I just read a post on an Israeli-American blog. The monitor reported from a book-signing event somewhere in Jerusalem. Things are so tense there his mild question provoked a shouting match. Ducking quickly into a taxi, he found a friendly driver. They were chatting away in Arabic when all of a sudden the driver flipped out screaming.

        – – Well – – the bloggers (US-based) gave him hell. “Why do you take such risks?!” And then, “Do you carry?”

        He downplayed things, didn’t answer. Soon he was under virtual fire. They’re very fond of him and everybody here is always worried about everybody there.

        Though badgered repeatedly, he never did answer the question. So I figure he does indeed ‘carry’.

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