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  1. Magyar TV:

    -Macedonia sending back more than taking in.
    -12000 at Macedonia border this morning
    -Greece providing migrants with false stamps on papers to help move them on into europe
    -heads of refugees fighting among each other about which railroads to try to illegally shut down
    -all women and children were lined up on greek side for entry into Macedonia but then Macedonia denied entry
    -6k or 7k Macedonia troops on border
    -an armed Greek helicopter took photos of the area
    -Greece planning to move in army because police cannot handle the situation
    -Austrian army helping to build a double fence in Macedonia which will be patrolled by V4 troops
    -80 percent of migrants illegal, coming from all over the world but not war torn areas.
    -human smugglers trying to revitalize route through Hungary because Balkan countries tightening up.
    -Austria has joined the V4. Germany now fighting with Austria AND the V4!

    • heads of refugees
      That’s a giveaway, Johnny-

      – Moving in the army is overdue. This hasn’t been a law-and-order issue for a long time. Watching the police – especially the little police-girls – face those animals is sickening. Military-age men hold up signs for the camera, “I’m human”, “Help me”. Seems like the army approach would be entirely more business-like.

      V4- hurray!
      I’ve been reading up on the Visegrád Group. Even created my own tiny icon for the file based on this map:

      • It is a military matter but the leftist in control of the European governments are going to try and keep this as a police matter until the Moslems take off their masks and it is no longer possible to fool people into thinking it is a police matter.

  2. Migrants in Greece to be handed cash in envelopes to ‘maintain their dignity’ under £550million EU disaster fund
    Migrants in Greece are set to be handed envelopes of cash under a £550million EU disaster fund announced yesterday.

    Brussels officials said despite the obvious dangers of giving taxpayers’ money directly to those in refugee camps to spend as they wish it would help them ‘maintain their dignity’.

    The EU aid plan – the first of its kind to provide humanitarian relief inside the continent – will be used to help charities provide essentials such as medicines, blankets and food.

    Read more:
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  3. EU considers more North Korea sanctions after U.N. vote: diplomats

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union is considering additional measures against North Korea following the approval of harsh new sanctions by the U.N. Security Council in order to show solidarity with South Korea and Japan, both major trade partners, diplomats said.

    EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has welcomed Wednesday’s U.N. unanimous vote to expand existing sanctions following North Korea’s latest nuclear test and rocket launch, saying the bloc would update its sanctions regime.

    “There is scope for the European Union to adopt additional autonomous restrictive measures to complement and reinforce the new U.N. measures,” said a diplomatic note seen by Reuters on the latest discussions.

    Germany, France, Spain and Poland want to see what more the bloc can do in areas such as finance and insurance, as well as hitting more North Koreans with asset freezes.

    Germany, one of seven EU member states to have an embassy in Pyongyang, also wants better monitoring of the “non-diplomatic” activities of North Korean envoys, EU diplomats said.

  4. U.S. Navy’s Farsi Island incident report: Horrifying breakdown of morale, operational discipline

    If what’s being reported is true, your Navy is in big trouble.

    (Or, as Donald Trump would say, big, big trouble. YUUGE.)

    CNN has a summary, posted Tuesday, from the first Navy report on the 12 January incident with Iran near Farsi Island. It doesn’t give me a warm-fuzzy that this report took seven weeks (and was probably forwarded officially by the Defense Department only because John McCain ?
    demanded to see something by 1 March, otherwise he was going to subpoena the sailors and their chain of command to appear before the Senate). Even granting the freighted politics of such a report, the scope of this event wasn’t so big that it should have taken that long.

    Moreover, if what CNN has reported is what the Navy really thinks happened, there was little to analyze or investigate other than the actions of the boat crews and their chain of command. The whole thing was the fault of those players – players who behaved in a preposterously un-Navy-like manner.

    If the Navy report alluded to is a truthful reflection of what happened, a number of people need to be relieved of their positions – starting with the president and the secretary of defense. Have they really allowed our military to sink into such an appalling state?

  5. This is possibly the worst betrayal of the American fighting man that has ever occurred, the report is either a total bunch of lies or the three stooges are in charge of the US military, or both. I know what my opinion is you make up your own mind.

  6. Could this radical power grab also be part of Obama’s ‘final solution’ for Gitmo?

    Republicans want to make sure there’s no chance the Obama administration can shut down the terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Bay by returning the land on which the facility was built to Cuba.

    GOP Rep. Mac Thornberry ?
    , chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, noted that a provision existed in last year’s defense bill to prohibit the Obama administration from carrying out exactly that plan, but said he appreciated a suggestion from GOP Rep. Ted Yoho ?
    to tighten up the language in this year’s defense bill. Yoho proposed that no change to the lease should be allowed without congressional approval first.

    “As I work to move my stand-alone bill, I want to take this time to urge the Armed Services Committee to take similar actions in protecting against this potential for executive action and ensure that the president must come to Congress first,” Yoho said, according to The Hill.

    Thornberry seems to think the suggestion is solid enough that it may find its way into the bill, even though the Obama administration has denied any intention to give into Cuba’s demands and return the U.S. Navy base to President Raul Castro.

    One of Castro’s central demands as part of the renormalized relationship between the U.S. and Cuba has been the return of Gitmo, an area which the U.S. has leased since 1903.

  7. FIND HIM: Child rapist on loose after fleeing court moments before jury found him guilty (express, Mar 3, 2016)

    “POLICE are hunting a convicted sex offender who fled court moments before being found guilty of raping a child.

    Tariq Javed, 37, of Aspinall Street, Rusholme, Manchester fled Minshull Street Crown Court on Monday February 29 while the jury were deliberating their verdict.

    He was found guilty, in his absence, of eight counts of sexual activity with a child under the age 13.

    Police believe the paedophile is a flight risk and have warned anybody helping Javed will face arrest.

    Javed’s escape was not made public until this afternoon- three days after he fled the court.

    A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: “The officer came to us late last night with this.

    “Until then they had been making their own enquiries to try and locate him but came to us to publicise this.”

    Detective Inspector Ian Cottrell said: “Javed has been convicted of incredibly serious offences committed against children.

    “He is thought to be a flight risk and warnings have been put in place at ports and airports to ensure he does not escape the country, but faces punishment for his atrocious crime.

    “I would like to make very clear that anyone found to be sheltering Javed will face arrest and prosecution.”

    Javed is due to be sentenced on Monday March 21 and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

    He is known to have links to the Stockport and Manchester areas of Greater Manchester….”

  8. US Delivers 8 Black Hawks to Jordan for Its Anti-IS Battle (abcnews, Mar 3, 2016)

    “The United States gave Jordan eight refurbished helicopters on Thursday for the battle against Islamic State extremists along the kingdom’s borders.

    Pro-Western Jordan is part of a U.S.-led military coalition against IS, which controls large parts of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

    The kingdom also faces internal threats from IS sympathizers. Earlier this week, Jordanian troops killed seven suspected IS-linked militants in a raid in the north of the country. The suspects had allegedly plotted attacks in Jordan.

    Alice Wells, the U.S. ambassador to Jordan, said in a handover ceremony Thursday that the delivery of the Black Hawks is part of ongoing military support for Jordan that also includes additional guns and surveillance equipment.

    Wells told her hosts at Marka military airport in the capital of Amman that “as you employ these aircraft in the fight against Da’esh, please know that we are honored to partner with you.” Da’esh is an alternative Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group…”

  9. EU’s Tusk warns illegal economic migrants: Do not come here (BBC, Mar 3, 2016)

    “European Council President Donald Tusk has warned illegal economic migrants against coming to Europe, during a new push to solve the EU migrant crisis.

    He said illegal economic migrants were risking “lives and money” for nothing.

    Mr Tusk is visiting Greece and Turkey to try to secure agreement on reducing the flow of migrants travelling west.

    More than 25,000 migrants have been left stranded in Greece by a tightening of border controls to the north, raising fears of a humanitarian crisis.

    On Thursday, a group of migrants blocked a railway line on the Greek side of the border with Macedonia to protest at the restrictions…”

  10. The Leftist Fascists Take Over College Campuses

    Last Thursday, all hell broke loose at California State University Los Angeles. Hundreds of students gathered to chant slogans, block entrances and exits to the student union auditorium, rough up those who wished to enter, pull the fire alarm, and trap other students inside that auditorium under threat of violence. Police officers stood aside and allowed that mob to violate basic safety protocols, reportedly at the behest of the school administration.


    Because I was coming to speak.

    I had been scheduled to speak at Cal State Los Angeles for weeks. Young America’s Foundation had organized the Fred R. Allen Lecture Series; CSULA represented the kickoff event. Student activists worked hard to publicize the event. Two separate radical professors at the university objected publicly to it, with one challenging “white supremacist” students to wrestle him, and another asking on Facebook, “I say this event is a problem…What we go’n do y’all?!?!”

    Then, the Monday before the big conflagration, the president of the university, William Covino, summarily canceled my speech. “After careful consideration, I have decided that it will be best for our campus community if we reschedule Ben Shapiro’s appearance for a later date, so that we can arrange for him to appear as part of a group of speakers with differing viewpoints on diversity. Such an event will better represent our university’s dedication to the free exchange of ideas and the value of considering multiple viewpoints,” Covino stated in Orwellian fashion.

  11. Now, all municipalities (in Sweden) to receive refugees

    All municipalities will now be required to take in refugees who received a residence permit.
    On Tuesday,(March 1st) the new law will enter into force.
    Many municipalities are expected to have problems with arranging accommodation and school.
    On Tuesday takes the so-called instruction law in force that allows no municipalities can reject to receive refugees received a residence permit and must provide the Migration Board’s fixed places.
    In 2016 to 21 700 refugees and their dependants is allocated to the municipalities. That’s about three times as many as in 2015.
    Municipalities with good labor market, large population and so far little refugees should receive a greater share in the past. Among those who received the last few years, at least in relation to population, see Vaxholm, staffanstorp, Vallentuna, Vellinge, Lomma and kungsbacka. For example, 318 people assigned to kungsbacka and 159 to Vellinge.
    Housing a narrow sector
    Provincial governments see a risk that some local authorities cannot or has major difficulties to cope with the municipality the distribution because of the housing shortage, writes the Migration Board in its latest forecast.
    In addition to the 21 700 to be designated by the employment services, so is expected to 34 000 persons with residence permits have arranged accommodation on their own. More than 20 municipalities that already have many refugees or are expected to receive many arranged accommodation on their own do not have instructions in 2016, for example, Södertälje and Östra Göinge.
    Unaccompanied asylum seeker children and adolescents covered by its own distribution system to enter into force on 1 april. Currently 40 000 residential places is estimated to be needed for unaccompanied young in 2016. Of them there are today about 22,000. For some communities, the current distribution major changes. Jönköping from 50 seats to 400. The municipality, the distribution may be subject to change in the coming allocation system from 1 april.
    Municipalities receive compensation from the State for each refugee received.
    – Certain allowances have increased now and some municipalities say the money is enough, some not. The picture is not clear cut, “said Per-Arne Andersson on the Swedish Association of local authorities and regions (SKL).
    Large investments

    The large number of unaccompanied children in the autumn has been very costly for many municipalities because they have had to find emergency accommodation solutions.

    The large influx also means that many municipalities are facing major investments.

    – What is of concern is that a number of municipalities have to invest in schools and nursery schools and even homes. For example, build a number of schools of Malmö that you get so many more children, “said Per-Arne Axelsson.
    A third of those enrolled applicants are in school and high school age. This means a continuing major challenge for municipalities to meet the sharply increased need for, writes the Migration Board in its forecast.

  12. 12-Year-Old Girl Latest Executioner for Islamic State
    She executed five women including a doctor who refused to take care of ISIS fighters who were injured during an coalition air strike.

    A 12-year old girl who is under the control of the Islamic State is the brutal terror group’s latest executioner.

    Speaking on Wednesday, March 2, a local source in Ninveh who requested anonymity told Alsumaria News, “On the evening of March 2, a 12-year-old Islamic State girl executed five women including a doctor who refused to take care of ISIS fighters who were injured during an air strike conducted by the international coalition. She shot the victims in the El-Razalani (Ghazlani) camp [in Mosul, Iraq]. This was considered to be the first time ISIS used a young girl as an executioner.”

    Mosul has been under the control of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) since June 2014. Since the takeover, residents of the city have been suffering from a security and humanitarian crisis under the extreme strictures of the group.

  13. DAILY MAIL – Terror in Turkey as two armed women are shot dead in police siege after opening fire in the street then barricading themselves inside government building in Istanbul

    Dramatic CCTV footage shows women attacking police bus with a ‘machine gun’ and grenades near a police station
    Officers injured one of the attackers in a firefight before tracking them to a nearby building where they were hold up
    Residents were evacuated and schools cordoned off as special forces stormed the building and shot the pair dead
    Women identified as members of the radical left-wing group The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front

  14. ISIS Sells Yazidi Sex Slaves Far and Wide
    Yazidi captives are being smuggled abroad and sold as sex slaves as far away as Afghanistan, Chechnya and Pakistan according to Kurdish authorities.

    Thu, March 3, 2016

    The Islamic State has been selling Yazidi girls captured in Iraq as far away as Afghanistan, Chechnya and Pakistan, according to the mayor of the Iraqi town of Shingal.

    He found the information by speaking to freed Yazidi women and girls whose families had paid the substantial ransoms to the Islamic State through mediators.

    “At this moment we do not know how these girls were moved outside of Iraq or Syria but we believe they could have smuggled them out of the countries overland,” Shingal Mayor Mihemma Xelil told the Kurdish news agency Rudaw.

    Of the 6,255 Yazidis kidnapped by the Islamic State, 3,878 are believed to still be in captivity, according to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

    “We have paid the ransom for many of the rescued victims, especially in cases where we knew for sure that they would be released for ransom” Hussein Koro of the KRG told Rudaw.

  15. Social Media Outcry Over Saudi Course ‘Is a Woman a Human?’
    The course, which was to begin Monday in the Saudi Academy for Training and Consulting, was ultimately cancelled because of the criticism.

    A course being offered in a Saudi academic institution titled Is a Woman a Human Being? provoked an angry response on social media, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

    The course, which was to begin Monday in the Saudi Academy for Training and Consulting, was ultimately cancelled due to the criticism. In response, a special hashtag was launched #thewomanisahumanbeing.

    In announcing the course’s cancellation, the academy published a clarification saying it would not allow any denigration of Muslim women. However, the academy also said the cancellation of the course had nothing to do with the course’s content, which remained under wraps. It also said it was surprised by the intense reaction, saying previous courses that used the same title didn’t garner any reaction.

    The head of the academy, Hani el-Chamdon, said the course title was in the form of a question in order to attract attention, but many people assumed the worse, that the course was meant to disparage women.

  16. Germany: Fire at asylum shelter in Dresden leaves three injured

    At least three people were injured after a fire broke out at an asylum shelter in Radebeul, a suburb in the north of Dresden, on Wednesday night. Firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze on Thursday morning.

    SOT, Ingo Nestler, chief of local fire brigade (German): “A fire was started at an asylum shelter. Upon informing the fire brigade, the situation was such that there was a fire on the second upper floor of the asylum centre. The operation to extinguish the blaze took place simultaneously with the rescue and evacuation operation of the residents here. The problem was that we were not aware of the exact number of residents. Then we were informed that they were 123 and we evacuated 60 of them from the building.”

  17. Young Couple Among 18 Caned in Indonesia for Sharia Breach
    18 people, including a young couple caught alone, were publicly caned in Aceh province, Indonesia, for violating the province’s sharia codes.

    A 19-year-old woman was caned for spending time alone with her boyfriend in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province, Indonesia.

    She and her 21-year-old boyfriend were given 10 strokes of the cane each. The sentence had been reduced by two strokes because of time spent in detention.

    16 others were caned for a variety of offences that violated Aceh province’s sharia by-laws, known as ‘Qanun’ according to The Jakarta Post. The canings were meted out publicly in front of the mayor and thousands of local residents on Tuesday March 1.

    • Vice News – Protest Through Sewn Lips: Breaking Borders

      As Europe continues to struggle with the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the minority of migrants aiming to make it as far as the UK often end up in camps in northern France, such as the now infamous “Jungle” in the port town of Calais.

      At the start of the year the Jungle was temporarily home to as many as 6,000 people. But the French authorities are determined to reduce it in size. On February 29, police began demolition work on the south side of the camp. VICE News reported on confrontations between activists and refugees and the police.

      As demolition work enters its stride on day three of the evictions, VICE News returns to the Jungle to find out what life is like for those affected. Reporter Ben Ferguson talks to the man whose home was the first to be dismantled and witnesses a silent protest by a group who sew their lips together.

  18. House Probe Reveals Audit Detailing Climate Change Researcher’s ‘Double Dipping’

    Congressional investigators have obtained an internal audit from George Mason University that suggests that one of its professors—a major proponent of man-made climate change—mismanaged millions of dollars in taxpayer money by “double dipping” in violation of university policy.

    The professor, Jagadish Shukla, received $511,410 in combined compensation from George Mason University and his own taxpayer-funded climate change research center in 2014 alone, without receiving required permission from university officials, the audit found.

    The audit looking at more than a decade of Shukla’s finances is disclosed in a letter sent this morning from Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, to the inspector general of the National Science Foundation.

    “The committee’s investigation has revealed serious concerns related to Dr. Shukla’s management of taxpayer money,” Smith writes in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Daily Signal.

  19. Colleges Use Tax-Exempt Status to Excuse Restricting Free Speech

    Universities point to the tax code as an excuse to suppress free speech on campuses across the United States, an education rights group told a House panel.

    Students, professors, and others, testifying Wednesday before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight, said college officials often are reluctant to eliminate “microaggression” policies and allow free speech for fear they will lose tax breaks.

    Campus activists define microaggressions as actions or comments that unintentionally offend or discriminate against minority groups.

    Alex Atkins, a second-year student at Georgetown University Law Center, told the House panel that the university stopped him and other students from campaigning on campus for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

  20. The Women-Hunt in Germany
    Muslim migrants openly follow, film and sexually harass teenaged girls in shopping mall.

    Many Germans welcomed with open arms the million, mostly male and Muslim, migrants Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel invited into Germany last September. At train stations, they handed out water bottles to the newcomers, while holding signs stating: “Willkommen!” At first, everything was, as the Germans say, “Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen” (“peace, joy and happiness”).

    But the good feeling these greeters created, especially among themselves, has somewhat dissipated, primarily due to the increasing number of reported sexual assaults by migrants against women and children. The best known incident was the sexual molestation of hundreds of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve by about 1,000, mostly North African men that included migrants.

    The latest such multicultural enriching incident to create similar outrage occurred last Thursday in Kiel, a northern German city in Schleswig-Holstein, a state bordering Denmark. Three teenage girls, aged 15, 16 and 17, were visiting a central shopping mall, the Sophienhof, in “broad daylight” when two young Afghan asylum seekers, aged 19 and 26, began to follow and film them with their cell phones.

  21. What Is the Fair Share of Taxes?
    Why voters fall victim to political charlatans.

    Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with President Obama, say they want high-income earners, otherwise known as the rich, to pay their fair share of income taxes. None of these people, as well as the uninformed in the media and our campus intellectual elites, will say precisely what is the “fair share” of taxes. That is because they would look ignorant and silly, so they stick with simply saying that the rich should pay more. Let’s you and I take a peek at who pays what in federal income taxes.

    The following represents 2012 income tax data recently released by the Internal Revenue Service, compiled by the Tax Foundation ( The top 1 percent, 1.37 million taxpayers earning $434,682 and more, paid 38 percent of all federal income taxes. The top 5 percent, those earning $175,817 and more, paid 59 percent. The top 10 percent of income earners, those earning $125,195 and up, paid 70 percent of all federal income taxes. The top 25 percent, those earning $73,354 and up, paid 86 percent. The bottom 50 percent, people earning $36,055 and less, paid a little less than 3 percent of federal income taxes. According to estimates by the Tax Policy Center, slightly over 45 percent of American households have no federal income tax liability.

    With this information in hand, you might ask the next person who says the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes: Exactly what percentage of total federal income taxes should the 1-percenters pay? I seriously doubt whether you will get any kind of coherent answer. By the way, since 1-percenter income starts at $435,000, it might be pointed out that $400,000 or $500,000 a year is not even yacht or Learjet money. Plus, if one has two kids in college, a big mortgage and car payments, I doubt he would declare himself rich.

  22. “Jeder Flüchtling kostet uns mehr als 450.000 €”

    Hans- Werner Sinn, Chef des Münchner Ifo- Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung, malt ein düsteres Bild über die Folgekosten der Flüchtlingskrise. Nach Berechnungen eines Freiburger Finanzwissenschaftlers würden mindestens 450 Milliarden Euro auf den deutschen Sozialstaat zukommen. “Das sind pro Kopf 450.000 Euro”, erklärt Sinn, wenn man mit einer Million Flüchtlingen kalkuliere. In Wahrheit seien aber noch viel höhere Kosten zu erwarten.

    Der Freiburger Experte Bernd Raffelhüschen hatte berechnet, dass eine Million Flüchtlinge über ihr gesamtes Leben gerechnet 450 Milliarden Euro weniger in den deutschen Sozialstaat einzahlen würden als sie diesem entnehmen. Sinn kontert allerdings, dass dies nur dann gelte, wenn jeder Asylwerber auch möglichst rasch in den Arbeitsmarkt integriert würde – was allerdings zu bezweifeln sei.

    Problem der zu geringen Bildung

    Ein grundlegendes Problem dabei sei nämlich, dass die ankommenden Flüchtlinge zu schlecht ausgebildet seien. “Das ist das Fundamentalproblem von Immigration aus ökonomischer Sicht”, sagt Sinn: “Kommen die Richtigen?” Das bezweifle er. Schon bisher sei die mangelnde Qualifikation der Migranten das größte Problem gewesen, auch wenn dazu immer wieder andere Zahlen herumschwirren würden: “Man darf sich die Dinge nicht schönrechnen.” Während der Ausländeranteil in Deutschland 7,3 Prozent betrage, würden Migranten 25 Prozent der Sozialhilfe- und 18 Prozent der Hartz- IV- Empfänger ausmachen. Alleine daraus sei schon zu sehen, dass Zuwanderer dem Staat oft mehr kosten als nutzen würden.

    Neue Arbeitskräfte würde das Land allerdings durchaus vertragen, allein aufgrund der Überalterung der Gesellschaft. Das grundlegende Problem sei derzeit aber, dass sehr viele Ankommende zumindest temporäres Aufenthaltsrecht erhielten – nämlich knapp 50 Prozent. Selbst für die andere Hälfte würde aber gelten: “Wer drin ist, ist drin.” Es sei schwer, “sie wieder loszuwerden”, so Sinn.

    Ifo- Chef lobt Österreich als Vorbild

    Auch daher hätte eine effektive Kontrolle der Grenzen im Schengenraum oberste Priorität. Falls dies nicht umsetzbar sei – und Sinn zeigt sich skeptisch bezüglich einer “gesamteuropäischen Lösung” -, müsse man ernsthaft überlegen, dem österreichischen Vorbild zu folgen und die nationalen Grenzen effektiver zu kontrollieren. “Horrorzahlen” über angebliche Kosten dieser Vorgehensweise durch Handelsbeeinträchtigungen und Staus hält er dabei für völlig überbewertet.

  23. CBC – Liberals consider covering all refugees’ travel costs as 1st budget nears

    For now, privately sponsored refugees have to start paying their own travel costs again

    Privately sponsored refugees from Syria have to start paying their own airfare now that government-organized flights out of the Middle East have ceased, but Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government is considering paying the travel costs of all refugees Canada will resettle in the future.

    The last government flights arrived in Canada on Monday marking the end of the first phase in a plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees — a mix of government-assisted and privately sponsored refugees — by the end of February. The Liberals have pledged to resettle another 10,000 government-assisted Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

    Canada has been providing refugees and other newcomers with loans to help them pay for the costs of making their way here and required medical exams, but that decades-old practice could be changed by the upcoming budget.

    McCallum, who has been reviewing the Immigration Loan Program, said that cancelling the loans is one of the options the Liberals are considering ahead of their first budget on March 22.

    “There are many things that we, as a government, want to do in the budget,” McCallum said in a phone interview with CBC News on Tuesday.

    “So whether the full amount of that money is included remains to be seen, but that is certainly one option.”

    According to a 2015 government analysis, some $13 million immigration loans are issued on average each year, with newcomers receiving an average loan of $3,090. The Immigration Loan Program is funded through an advance of $110 million from the government’s Consolidated Revenue Fund.

    “The extreme option would be for the government to pay for all travel in the future,” McCallum said. “Of course, that’s the most expensive option.”

    “I think that will be in the budget one way or another,” he said.

    The most recent forecast shows larger than expected deficits of $18.4 billion in 2016-17 and $15.5 billion in 2017-18, even before adding billions in promised spending.

    2-tiered system

    Canadians who are sponsoring Syrian refugees complained that the Liberal government created a two-tier system when it decided to waive the travel costs for privately sponsored refugees who arrived in Canada after Nov. 4, after the Liberals were sworn into power.

    “We were covering the travel costs for privately sponsored refugees from Nov. 4 to Feb. 29, because most of those came on the [government-organized] flights so we didn’t charge them for that,” McCallum said.

    “But as of March 1, they will have to pay their travel costs.”

    While a final decision about scrapping the loan program has yet to be made, McCallum said the government is exploring other options.

    Typically, refugees have to start repaying the loans 30 days after arriving in Canada, with interest kicking in after one to three years.

    But the government assessment of the 65-year-old program found that refugees are having a difficult time repaying the loans and recommended that the Department of Immigration make some adjustments, including providing interest relief and debt forgiveness where necessary.

    “Another option would be to make it easier to pay it back either through lower interest or more deferral in repaying the loan,” McCallum said.

    1st phase within budget

    When the government rolled out the details of its plan to fast-track the resettlement of Syrian refugees last November, it estimated the cost of resettling migrants at $678 million. That was nearly three times more the $250 million over two years the Liberals had budgeted for in their election platform.

    To date, the government has asked Parliament for a total of $609.2 million over the next two years.

    McCallum said the first phase of the resettlement plan came in within budget.

    “We are under budget in the sense that we have not had to draw on any of our contingency reserves,” the immigration minister said on Tuesday.

    “Part of the reason for that is that we have not had to use the military bases which would have been an additional cost.”

    The government had initially made plans to temporarily lodge Syrian refugees at military bases in Ontario and Quebec, but decided they would be used as “a last resort,” McCallum said.

    “But that only covers up until Feb. 29 and there will be more funds coming soon, subject to budget approval for the remaining 10,000 [government-assisted refugees] or so,” McCallum said.

    The supplementary estimates for 2015-16 show the government asked Parliament for $429.8 million, which includes a $100 million grant to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to help those affected by the Syrian crisis.

    The government is also waiting for Parliament to approve some $179.3 million for 2016-17.

    It is unclear whether the department will ask for more funding beyond that. McCallum’s office did not respond to a request for clarification from CBC News.

    McCallum will be tabling the government’s much-anticipated annual report to Parliament on immigration before March 9.

    The report will tell Canadians how many newcomers the government will welcome in 2016-17.

  24. German court rules Facebook may block pseudonyms (reuters, Mar 3, 2016)

    “Facebook may prevent its users from using fake names, a German court said on Thursday, overturning a previous order from the Hamburg data protection authority.

    The ruling is a coup for the social network firm which has long argued its real-name policy ensures people know who they are sharing and connecting with and protects them from the abuse of the wide-open Internet.

    The Hamburg data protection authority, which is responsible for policing Facebook in Germany, said last July that Facebook could not unilaterally change users’ chosen usernames to their real names, nor could it ask them for official identification.

    A woman had complained to the Hamburg watchdog after Facebook blocked her account for using a pseudonym, requested a copy of some identification and unilaterally changed her username to her real name.

    Forcing users to stick to their real names violated their privacy rights, the watchdog said.

    The Hamburg Administrative Court ruled Facebook did not have to implement the order for the time being since its European headquarters are in Ireland it should therefore only have to abide by Irish law.

    A spokesman for Facebook said it could not immediately provide comment.

    In an audit in December 2011, the Irish privacy watchdog concluded Facebook’s authentic name policy did not contravene Irish law and its reasons for the policy, such as child safety and the prevention of online harassment, were justified.

    Privacy remains a sensitive issue in Germany due to extensive surveillance by Communist East Germany’s Stasi secret police and by the Nazi era Gestapo. Memories of espionage were stirred anew by Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations of prying by the U.S. state.”

  25. Greece: Refugees make last scrabble for Balkans route as EU borders tighten

    The Greek-Macedonian border crossing was opened again near Idomeni, on Thursday afternoon, after refugees ended their protest over travel restrictions and the living conditions in the Idomeni refugee camp.

    Faris, a refugee from Syria, complained that the border-closures were a “political problem”. He is keen to cross the border before a summit will be held on the refugee crisis on 7th March. Faris fears that the resulting decision will further limit the possibility for refugees and migrants to travel onwards into northern Europe.

  26. ‘Revenge against Putin for Syrian airstrikes’: Nanny who beheaded child in Moscow ‘explains’ killing

    The nanny accused of beheading a four-year-old girl and waving her severed head outside a Moscow Metro station said it was revenge for “Putin’s airstrikes in Syria.” The claim came as it emerged the woman was a mental hospital patient in her native Uzbekistan

  27. It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    Is UK’s conversion to Islam a joke? Maybe not
    The decline of the Church of England is one of the most amazing trends in Britain. “2030: the year in which England has ceased to be a Christian nation,” headlined the Daily Mail. The Church of England is dying, it loses the faithful, churches and public spaces. Within a decade will be delivered into insignificance.

    In 2020 the members of the English Church will be just 680,000, compared to today’s 800,000 and 5 million in 1979. Meanwhile, Islam advances in the UK: the Muslims have just become three million. In some parts of London, half the population is already Muslim. They call it multiculturalism!

    A few years ago, during the Danish cartoon crisis, the playwright Simon Gray attacked the director of the National Theatre, Nicholas Hytner, asserting that he would host Jerry Springer but he would never mock Muslims in a play. He was right.

    The National Youth Theatre censored the play “Homegrown” about the radicalization of British Muslims who go to fight with ISIS in Syria or Iraq. It is not the first time that sharia, and its favorite ally, the cowardice of the élite, decided what should go on stage in the theaters of London.

    Director Richard Bean has been forced to censor an adaptation of Aristophanes and his “Lysistrata” comedy, in which the women of Greece hold a sex strike to stop their men who want to go to war. In Bean’s original version, the Islamic virgins strike to stop the suicide bombers.

    And “Tamerlane”’s Christopher Marlowe was censored at the Barbican Theatre under the direction of David Farr. The purified version did not include the scene where the protagonist burns the Koran.

    In 1996, Prince Charles, heir to the English throne, said: “The materialist West has much to learn from Islam”. It seems that in London, for once, they have taken him seriously. The Bank of England just opened its doors to Islamic finance, while three government buildings in London are now ruled by sharia, because these palaces have been transfered to Islamic investors.

    Four government departments (Work and Pensions, Treasury, Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Interior) have recognized polygamy. Sharia is becoming as British as fish and chips.

    Meanwhile, Israeli students are treated like enemies in the UK universities.
    Will imam Anjem Choudary, who calls for establishing a British caliphate, be called to give lectures on ethics at the House of Lords?

  28. Apple Lawyer Claims He Was Fired Over Muslim Faith

    A former attorney for Apple filed a lawsuit this week alleging that the company violated anti-discrimination laws by failing to accommodate his religious beliefs.

    In a complaint filed in state court in San Jose, Feras Mousilli claims the company refused to print Arabic on his business cards, and repeatedly told him he was not a “cultural fit.” Mousilli, who lives in San Francisco, also states that Apple AAPL refused to re-schedule weekly meetings with his supervisor so that he could attend Friday prayers.

    Mousilli, who is of Syrian origin, also claims Apple was a hostile environment in which other employees, named only as “John Doe,” repeatedly told “inappropriate jokes about the war in the Middle East, ISIS terrorists, and the war taking place in Syria.”

    Apple did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

    Mousilli says he was fired by Apple in January 2015 on the grounds that he breached confidentiality rules by showing a prototype of iWatch to family and friends. He claimed this was a pretext to fire him.

    “I didn’t display anything that wasn’t public already,” said Mousilli by phone. “I showed a Mickey Mouse display of the watch that had already been paraded on stage by no less than Tim Cook.”

    He said he the real reason that Apple fired him was because it did not wish to abide by a legal duty to accommodate his religious rights.

    The lawsuit seeks at least $25,000, including for back wages and for other monetary and punitive damages along with compensation for emotional pain and suffering. The complaint, spotted by Courthouse News, also claims that Apple failed to accommodate physical disabilities relating to his blindness in one eye and color-blindness.

    The new discrimination suit comes during a sensitive week for Apple. The company is currently locked in a bitter battle with the federal government, which is seeking a court order to force Apple to decrypt an iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the dead terrorists in the San Bernardino shooting in December.

    Muslim woman claims Hotel Plaza Athénée fired her because of her religion and age

    A Muslim woman charges in a new lawsuit that the upscale Hotel Plaza Athénée fired her because of her religion and age — and then replaced her with a non-Muslim in her 20s.

    Azza Hamid Amer charges in documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that she worked as the sole assistant reservations manager at the five-star hotel from 2003 to 2015 and maintained a “high standard of excellence.”

    She said her troubles began in last August when new management took over the boutique hotel on E. 64th St., which bills itself as “a premier choice in luxury Manhattan hotels.”

    Amer’s new bosses “engaged in systematic age discrimination and discrimination based on religion against its employees over 40 years of age and its Muslim employees,” the suit alleges.

    She was 55 when she was fired in December, according to her attorneys at Eisenberg & Baum law firm.

    Amer, of North Bergen, N.J., charges her case wasn’t unique. Two Muslim women in their 50s and 60s were also fired and replaced with young non-Muslims around the same time, according to documents.

    Amer, who is still looking for a new job, seeks damages to be determined at trial, as well as a commitment from the hotel that it reform its policies regarding age and religious discrimination.

    A spokeswoman for the hotel — where rooms with a king-sized bed start at $429 per night — declined to comment.

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