Some disturbing videos and some worthy news: Links 1 on Feb. 18 – 2016

1. Muslims ready to pony up and support Clinton because she will stop criticism of islam

(For those who are surprised by that, part 1. of Stephen Coughlin’s interview may help explain it in part)

2. Some provocative thinking on female evolutionary biology/psychology and the political state we are in.

(Of course, while all of this is demonstrably true, none of it would be a problem if we hadn’t invented birth control pills, the single most destructive drug for civilization by orders of magnitude. Not to mention the destruction of our religions and cultures)

3. EU tells Austria daily cap on asylum applicants against law

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos wrote to the Austrian government on Thursday to warn Vienna that its plan for a daily cap on the number of asylum seekers it would let across its border would break EU law.

“What the Austrians have decided is not according to European laws,” Avramopoulos told Reuters. “I am sending the letter telling them that what they decided to do is not compatible to the European legislation. The Austrians are obliged to accept asylum applications without putting a cap.”

(Those two paragraphs alone should be a Casus belli for a European civil war against Brussels, if not against the various traitorous national governments who sold out to the EU as well as islamic interests)

4. Austria sticks to cap despite EU warnings 

(For once the national governments are more afraid of the correct people)

5. Brooklyn College: Protesters called a Jewish professor present at the meeting a “Zionist pig”

Brooklyn College protesters demand ‘Zionists out’

Protesters break into faculty meeting, demand removal of “Zionists”, call professor ‘Zionist pig’.
By David Rosenberg

First Publish: 2/18/2016, 11:19 AM
Dov Hikind

Dov Hikind
Flash 90

Student protesters broke into a Brooklyn College faculty meeting on Tuesday, issuing demands and verbally abusing staff members.

One faculty member who spoke to the JTA on condition of anonymity described the protest’s anti-Semitic rhetoric.

6. Donald Trump speaks to the Vatican’s strikingly uncharitable attitude towards him and Christendom for that matter.

7.  Breitbart has a rolling updating live feed of migrant news from Europe. Take a Gaviscon and maybe a Tylenol 3 and have a look.

A couple of samples:

8/02/2016 – DONAUESCHINGEN, Germany – Migrant assaulted security guard

A 19 year old private security guard employed to keep order at one of Germany’s many immigration centre had a “coffee cup smashed over his head” in a confrontation that led to both men being injured. The 21 year old asylum seeker responsible started the fight after he accused the guard of touching his sister “inappropriately”. Police are investigating.

18/02/2016 – WIESBADEN, Germany – Exhibitionist sought

Police are appealing for witnesses after an “exhibitionist” described as having a “black beard” and “dark skin” after he opened his trousers and ran along a side-walk exposing his “bare member” yesterday.

8. Hungary Central Bank Stockpiles Guns, Bullets Citing Terror Risk

Hungary’s central bank, already facing criticism for a spending spree ranging from real estate to fine art, is now beefing up its security force, citing Europe’s migrant crisis and potential bomb threats among the reasons.

The National Bank of Hungary bought 200,000 rounds of live ammunition and 112 handguns for its security company, according to documents posted on a website for public procurements.

Additional protection is needed due to the rise of “international security risks” including bomb and terror threats and migration, central bank Governor Gyorgy Matolcsy said in a written response to a lawmaker who asked about the purchases, posted on Parliament’s website Feb. 17. The central bank’s assumption of the role of financial regulator and the related increase in the number of its properties also contributed to the need for further defenses, he said.

(Reverse alchemy is by far the most practical of political sciences at this time)

Thank you Nash Montana, M., Wrath of Khan, Kathy, and many more. More to come tonight.

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12 Replies to “Some disturbing videos and some worthy news: Links 1 on Feb. 18 – 2016”

  1. The #2 video was amazing, it all makes sense. Men are all castrated, feminized beings in the west and women are the boss. That explains also why there are increasingly more gay men. This is also why I have trouble integrating here, I actually came here to be Canadian, not to bring my original culture and rub it in everyone’s face. You may think im paranoid with the NWO, but that explains why this is happening.

    “.. a feminized nation will surrender their cultural sovereignty, heritage, wealth, religion, individual financial freedom and national sovereignty. And a feminized nation will welcome mass third world racial immigration colonization.” Globalist NWO 1969

    • It also explains why eastern Europe isn’t falling for all of this feminization and cultural Marxism. I wondered what it was about the Iron Curtain that insulated it from the current western disease and I thought it was it’s familiarity with communism but that isn’t it. You didn’t have Cultural Marxism like we do. You had the failed economic brand but men stayed men and just paid lip service to the Party and you survived. I also think this is why people support Trump. I’ve had enough of anyone who smells like a “sensitive” leader. That’s not a leader. With very few female exceptions (Thatcher) a leader is a fighter. A businessman must fight every day without exception. A lawyer is hired by a businessman because he is a lawyer before he is a fighter. I want the fighter. Mental deficits, as always, are supplemented by the constellation of well chosen staff. Oh and Behead, you seem to be “integrating” here alright, so why keep banging that drum?

      • For a while I also thought that I integrated well, I learned both official languages, better then most immigrants and have more or less western values, but lately I realized I did not integrate. If you call having no friends and being on welfare, successful integration, then I guess I’m an example to follow. There’s absolutely zero solidarity among white people in the west, because that would be racist. So it all turned into a self hating for the white population. I’m trying to stay out of trouble and keep a low profile, that’s the best I can do.

        • You probably expected the Canada of WWII and just after, right now we are in a fight to see what if any of western civilization will survive. There are still enough traditional males around to see that a nation named the US will survive but it is questionable if it will be a nation we would want to live in. this will depend on how long and how nasty the war is, and how bad the destruction in the west is.

          You will find that most of the traditional males live in the country not the big cities.

          • Wow there, I’m not that old lol. Only expected the Canada of the 80s, 90s, before the massif population replacement started. Got here in 93.

          • This society is not based on merit anyways. It’s based on quotas. So I’m at a big disadvantage simply for being a white male. Let me give you an example, my welfare agent was a frickin ching chong who couldn’t put two words together in English, zero grammar. She only knew a handful of words, why did she get that job? cause of her skin colour and having a vagina also helped. A well paying gov. job that I would never get, even though I’m Shakespeare next to her.
            Same thing with the police, if I get assaulted by another race, the cops will side with him no matter what. This is commie land, I don’t care about integrating any more now. I’m sure those Syrians will make much better Canadians then me.

    • Civilization may fall but I don’t think Islam will become the dominate culture, there are still enough men in the west who will fight to ensure that.

  2. 8- Once again Orban shows leadership by encouraging Hungary’s central bank to accumulate hard assets and engage in reverse alchemy. Also and more importantly, investing 700m in education against neoliberal economics (Keynes) by teaching Austria Economics is the greatest investment. Keynes will go down in history as the greatest economic witch doctor in the field. With sympathies extended to any and all ex Romanians reading this, the Magyars remain a feisty beacon and thorn in the liberal thigh of Europe. (Just pulling your leg BS) (hey nice acronym you’ve got there!)

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