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2 Replies to “Muslims protest ban of religious display in courts”

  1. ‘Bosnian muslims’ are called bosniaks. Perhaps those women are actually albanians or even turks who have infiltrated bosnia and turned it into a city of horrors for Christian Bosnians.
    You are correct. Bosniaks–and the majority of muslims world-wide–are non-miscible with other cultures. Christians would do well to withdraw the ‘Welcome’ sign when muslims appear. Look at the lands of rape and murder Germany, Scandinavia, Britain, etc., have become since their greedy, libtard governments opened their borders to terrorists, rapists, and assorted criminals. Christianity is in PERIL.

  2. Magyar TV:

    3-8k migrants coming to Macedonia Greek border/day. Officially 3k but rumors say up to 7k.

    Soldiers and dogs patrolling Hun-Serb border day and night. Last week 80 migrants caught going under fence. Prison sentences given 1 to 2 years to these people.

    Route of migrants from Greece to western Europe depends on routes chosen by human smugglers. They have found migrants from 80 countries. Even Cuba.

    Germany Chancellor gone to talk to Turkish PM to slow migration. Turkey will blackmail EU and Germany terribly. Turkey will ask for more and more money.

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