Corsica shops shot at, is Canada’s beef on the East coast all halal now? Cologne Carnival less fun than usual: Links 1 on Feb. 5 – 2016

1. French clip on the shooting of a couple of muslim owned buildings in Corsica that seemed to be at the locus of the conflict that took the Corsican resistance to the kinetic

(This is reported on a lefty French channel. But you get the idea anyway)

2. Canada: Atlantic Beef Products can now sell with assurance to Muslims

(I’m not getting the totality of this. Does this mean ALL beef in Eastern Canada is now halal? And that people who cannot eat halal meat for any number of reasons, not the least of which is some of us want to obey the laws on animal cruelty, and others do not want to fund the jihad against us, have no choice anymore?)

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFNCC) has certified the Albany beef plant for halal production of its products.

Atlantic Beef Products Inc., is eastern Canada’s only federally Inspected producer of beef products.

IFNCC says it is Canada’s leading halal certifying organization.

A halal certificate provides Muslims with a reliable and independent testimony that a third party has examined the plant for quality assurance, said a press release from the plant.

The council web site says meat must not be, with absolute certainty, contaminated by pork or certain other animals, must be hung to properly drain of blood and must be killed in the name of God, to name a few criteria.

3. Pakistani-American dentist charged with sexual assault of sedated patient

(I wonder if the Ramones will do a sequel to their huge hit called, ‘I wanna be sedated but not by a Pakistani dentist’)

A Pakistani-American oral surgeon has been charged with first degree sexual assault of an anaesthesised male-patient.

Bilal Ahmed has been accused of forcing the sedated patient to perform oral sex on him. The patient, who went to show Ahmed a chipped tooth in May 2014 at his practice centre, Universal Smiles, in Washington DC, said the dentist knocked him out with nitrous oxide and then unbuttoned his trousers and forced him to perform oral sex.

4. Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’

In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked.

“We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” suggested agent Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

(Also for the ‘Things Obama is doing to destroy America’ files, this nugget)

5. Here are some links on the story of American citizens protesting the murder of small town America by forced mass muslim migration..

5a. Montana (Speech posted before but worth seeing again )

5b. Amarillo Texas being destroyed 

5c. Idaho citizens defeat proposed resolution in support of refugees

5d. More evidence that big business is a driver of refugee resettlement in America

(Title is a little misleading. Its not big business as it has exactly nothing to do with free market economies, It has to do with privately owned companies selling out their nation for tax dollars being given to them to do things that would never normally happen in nature. Technically this is fascism but the more fashionable term, ‘Crony Capitalism’ will have to do for the moment.

6. Glenn Beck makes the important point that if you read the damned koran you will understand the actions of muslims.

7. Parents are forced to watch ISIS executioner behead their 14-year-old son after he missed Friday prayers

(Perhaps if the parents bring the corpse to prayers at the local mosque 5X a day after this they can avoid any future amputations and show that he has learned his lesson)

ISIS thugs forced two parents to watch as they beheaded their 14-year-old son for missing Friday prayers, local media has reported.

The terror group, who accused the boy of apostasy, or abandoning Islam, executed him in the northern Syrian city of Jarablus on Saturday.

He is said to have been arrested by ISIS fighters after missing prayers at the central mosque, where fanatical preachers usually deliver propaganda filled speeches.

ISIS thugs forced two parents to watch as they beheaded their 14-year-old son for missing Friday prayers, local media has reported (file photo of ISIS fighters)

8. Cologne Carnival: Police record 22 sexual assaults

(Lets see, if they recorded 22, there may have been 100 reported as we know the police cover up this crime now for a fact. and if there was 100 reported, whats the ratio that is always kicked around of actual number of sexual assaults Vs. number reported to the police? 68% remain unreported, and thats in the US before it was invaded by people who feel non-muslim woman are war booty.  So that would be over 300  by 1990s feminist math at the very least. On the practical side, how would you destroy someone’s culture if you have no planes or missiles? Well, you could make all their cultural events feel dangerous and no-fun. Which would make more sense than the rain explanation given for low attendance. Something which could be easily checked by looking at attendance at the last carnival when it was raining)

BBC shows arrest of skinhead instead of muslim rapist for reasons of CVE






Police in Cologne have said that 22 incidents of sexual assault occurred in the city on the first night of the traditional Carnival street party.

They have 190 people in custody and officials have described them as “a cross section of the general public”.

Security has been beefed up in the city, after many women suffered sexual assaults and robberies there on New Year’s Eve.

Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants.

(The original caption on the photo, which was probably taken at a BBC studio, is the following: Officials are refusing to discuss the ethnicity of those arrested at the street festival. Because anything which is true, but may lead the reader to being capable of making an informed decision for their own safety is now illegal)

9. Parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’ desperately deflect from the fact that Islam is what made their son become a rapist and murderer.

(Here it should be pointed out that people who have OCD at any level of severity who are not muslim never become rapist and murderers for political or religious reasons. If they ever do at all. This should be enough to abandon the notion that his mental disorder is the cause, and also that if the parents to send him money, it would be used by the Islamic State and therefore would be supporting terror. Its unlikely he would use it to pay a shrink over there and equally unlikely that there is one)

10. Erdogan’s embassy guards mix it up with Kurds in Ecuador.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Kathy, Wrath of Khan, Buck, Richard and many more.

Here is an impractical idea Europeans can joke about while what they really need to do is organize and fight for their culture, rights and freedoms.

Yesterday, I joined Red Fox and Tim Burton for an extra session of BlogTalk radio to discuss where the world seems to be now.


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7 Replies to “Corsica shops shot at, is Canada’s beef on the East coast all halal now? Cologne Carnival less fun than usual: Links 1 on Feb. 5 – 2016”

  1. 5D – Don’t forget to point out that the companies chosen by the left to succeed are all controlled by leftist who donate large amounts of money to the Dems.

  2. Re. the disingenuous drivel being peddled by the parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’.

    “Testicles; he is not just a product of your loins but also of your distorted world view. You created him, your weird ideology moulded him and I do hope that if you have ever paid any taxes you now appreciate that this could be in part the only useful contribution you have ever made to our cultural survival. And for that I thank you, some this money at least having been well spent on that distant, hovering Drone lurking beyond his near horizon.”

    So, ?????? ???? ????, Jack, deranged victim of your upbringing. Give our love to the virgins.

  3. #9:

    At 0.30 mins the mother of the ISIS jihadi says she fears he will not come out of this alive.Well call me callous: I fear that he will.

    But never mind, these FULLY RESPONSIBLE parents (he certainly seems a typical product of THEIR kind of education) will soon get an invitation from Obama for afternoon thé at the White House.

  4. Canada: Atlantic Beef Products can now sell with assurance to Muslims?
    AND now we know why USDA stopped the COOL Certification. We will not know if the meat we are eating is from Canada or not or if it is halal or not except pork of course. Soon every thing will be halal. Not only will we be supporting jihad with our foreign aid tax dollars but with every bite we eat. Just check at the store everything that is marked halal or has Arabic writing on it. Companies that have the halal symbol pay a type of tax/fee to the local halal group to be allowed to sell their product as halal. It lets the islamists know that the infidels have paid them a tax/jizyah for the privilege of being in business.

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