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  1. 92% of Brits want to QUIT the EU: Shock poll result as asylum claims rocket yet again (express, Feb 5, 2016)

    “AN overwhelming majority now want to quit the EU amid frustration at David Cameron’s “pathetic” deal with Brussels, a survey has found.

    By last night, of the 68,777 who took part in an exclusive online poll for express., 92 per cent voted to leave.

    In a separate telephone poll in the Daily Express yesterday, 99 per cent of readers said they did not trust the Prime Minister’s deal.

    The poll results came as it was revealed that the number of people claiming asylum in Britain rose by almost 50 per cent last summer as the EU failed to get to grips with the global migration crisis.

    The Home Office figures will only add to the growing sense of unease shared by millions of voters that Britain can no longer control its own affairs.

    It follows disappointment at Mr AN overwhelming majority now want to quit the EU amid frustration at David Cameron’s “pathetic” deal with Brussels, a survey has found.

    By last night, of the 68,777 who took part in an exclusive online poll for express., 92 per cent voted to leave. In a separate telephone poll in the Daily Express yesterday, 99 per cent of readers said they did not trust the Prime Minister’s deal.

    The poll results came as it was revealed that the number of people claiming asylum in Britain rose by almost 50 per cent last summer as the EU failed to get to grips with the global migration crisis.

    The Home Office figures will only add to the growing sense of unease shared by millions of voters that Britain can no longer control its own affairs.

    It follows disappointment at Mr Cameron’s attempts to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU – a deal which will see migrants still paid benefits, no return of control of our borders and no guarantee that Parliament will regain its sovereignty.

    The deal could yet be rejected at the European Council summit later this month after it emerged last night that none of his fellow EU leaders are happy with the draft agreement.

    Mr Cameron will face a two-week battle to win support for his reforms. A Downing Street spokesman said there was “still hard work ahead”.

    The poll results reveal the growing resentment at EU meddling in Britain’s affairs and a seemingly unstoppable surge in support for the country to be unshackled from Brussels’ bureaucratic rule.

    The poll asked what is to be the official question in the referendum expected to be held in June: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

    Just seven per cent said they wanted Britain to remain in the 28-member bloc. One per cent was undecided. Cutting Britain’s ties with Brussels has been championed by the Daily Express’s five-year crusade to get us out of the EU.

    Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said the poll revealed the “intelligence and native wit of Express readers”.

    He added: “It shows the Prime Minister’s deal is failing to butter parsnips.”

    Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “Given David Cameron’s frankly pathetic EU deal, it is clearer now than ever that the only way we can take back control of our borders, stop handing over £55million every single day to Brussels and become a self-governing, independent country is to leave the European Union.”

    The party’s MP Douglas Carswell added: “This is very encouraging. It shows Express readers are very sound and sensible people.”

    Labour MP Kate Hoey, co-head of her party’s anti-EU Labour Leave group, said: “I am not surprised at the Daily Express poll. This mirrors what I am finding as I speak at meetings all over the country. The British public want to have their voice heard and want to make sure we get the yoke of EU dominance off our back.”

    In a further demonstration of the backlash against the EU’s handling of the migrant crisis, a separate survey revealed yesterday that attitudes to allowing refugees into Britain have hardened.

    In a Comres/BBC Local Radio poll, 41 per cent of the 2,204 people interviewed said Britain should accept fewer people from war-torn Syria and Libya.

    In September last year, when photos of a drowned two-year-old Syrian boy were published, that figure was 31 per cent.

    The Home Office figures on asylum claims, given to the independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt, show more than 9,500 applications were lodged in just three months last summer at a rate of 103 a day.

    The figure is up from 6,695 over the same period in 2014. The watchdog’s report voiced concern that the UK’s immigration system could go into meltdown because of the rise.

    “If sustained, this increase posed a risk to the efficiency and effectiveness of the asylum casework system,” it said.

    It also revealed that attempts to transfer applicants to other countries often failed because of “an inability to find escorts to facilitate the removal”.

    Steven Woolfe, Ukip’s migration spokesman, said: “We have been warning for some time that the way in which the UK asylum system is being run by the Home Office is sub-standard. It’s now time to declare the system in crisis, in need of emergency measures.”

    Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall said: “While we are in the EU Britain’s immigration figures are controlled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has let in a million refugees without any screening.”

    A Home Office spokesman said it was putting in place measures to address the inspector’s concerns.”

  2. TERROR WARNING: Germany ‘receives HUNDREDS of tip-offs that ISIS jihadis pose as refugees’ (express, Feb 5, 2016)

    “GERMANY’s domestic intelligence agency has reportedly received more than 100 tip-offs that Islamic State jihadis have infiltrated the country as refugees.

    Top German spy Chief Hans-Georg Maassen is believed to have mentioned the shocking figure while talking to interior ministers, who focus on domestic policies including refugee integration and civil security.

    But Maassen believes that many of these cases may be false claims by people hoping to discredit the migrants according to the Berliner Zeitung.

    Some 1.1 million migrants have moved to the country over the last year, with 91,000 of those entering last month to take advantage of the European economic stronghold’s “open door” policy.

    The surge in terror tip offs comes as hundreds of police officers scrambled to carry out mass raids across Germany in the hunt to find four men connected to the depraved death cult.

    The raids, which involved a total of 450 officers in the heavily immigrant areas of Kreuzberg, Templhof and Berlin-Mitte, were carried out to prevent “severely violent attacks” police revealed.

    Meanwhile Police spokesman Stefan Redlich said four Algerians were being sought for their suspected links with ISIS terrorists in Syria.

    It comes as surging migrant populations and the increasing threat of jihadi terror have led to tighter security across Europe.

    Germany remains on high alert after November’s terror attacks in Paris at the hands of twisted terror group ISIS.

    Some of the attackers are believed to have passed through Greece on their way to carry out the barbaric atrocity.

    Shortly after the attacks, a football friendly between Germany and Holland at the Tui Arena was cancelled after police received “concrete information” of an attack at the stadium.

    Hannover’s police chief Volker Kluge later revealed the plan was to “detonate explosives” at the stadium.”

  3. Afghan Taliban Close Ranks Around New Leader (abcnews, Feb 5, 2016)

    “Afghanistan’s Taliban are closing ranks around their new leader after months of infighting that followed the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar, which could allow the insurgents to speak with one voice in hoped-for peace talks but will also strengthen them on the battlefield.

    The Afghan government’s announcement last summer that Mullah Omar, the reclusive one-eyed founder of the group, had died two years earlier in Pakistan aggravated longtime rifts within the movement. Many senior figures said his deputy-turned-successor, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, had deliberately misled them.

    The upheaval led to the collapse of Pakistan-brokered face-to-face talks between Kabul and the Taliban after just one round, and clashes flared between Mansoor loyalists and a splinter group led by Mullah Mohammad Rasool, which declared him the leader of the Taliban in November.

    But Abdul Rauf, a Taliban commander close to Rasool, said senior Taliban figures who had objected to the rapid and secretive succession are now reluctantly returning to the fold. “We all took a stand against Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, but now one by one we are joining with him without demanding any changes,” he said…”

  4. Barbie gets a Muslim makeover – now there is ‘HIJARBIE BARBIE’ (expess, Feb 5, 2016)

    “BARBIE has been given her most surprising makeover yet – and we don’t just mean a curvier body or different skin tone.

    Following the creation of the new curvier Barbie, we give you ‘Hijarbie’.

    Complete with a tiny hijab on her plastic head, the miniature fashionista could not be further away from the blonde doll that has brandished the bedrooms of millions of youngsters for almost 60 years.

    The ‘Hijarbie’ was created by 24-year-old Haneefah Adam, from Nigeria, who wanted to create a doll that dressed the way she did…”

  5. US struggling to build anti-Islamic State strategy in Libya (yahoo, Feb 5, 2016)

    “The Obama administration is struggling to find the right mix of military and diplomatic moves to stop the Islamic State in Libya, where the extremist group has taken advantage of the political chaos in the country to gain a foothold with worrying implications for the U.S. and Europe — particularly Italy, just 300 miles away.

    U.S. officials have publicly warned of the risks of Libya becoming the next Syria, where the Islamic State flourished amid civil war and spread into Iraq.

    No large-scale U.S. military action is contemplated in Libya, senior administration officials said, but Obama last week directed his national security team to bolster counterterrorism efforts there while also pursuing diplomatic possibilities for solving Libya’s political crisis and forming a government of national unity. While the Islamic State has emerged in other places, including Afghanistan, Libya is seen as its key focus outside of Syria and Iraq…”

  6. Swedish Police Under Fire for Not Sharing Information on Jihadi Returnees (sputniknews, Feb 5, 2016)

    “The Swedish police are not giving local authorities enough information about returning Islamic militants, the country’s coordinator for fighting extremism told Sveriges Radio.

    Sweden’s police and interior ministry are neglecting to provide sufficient information to local authorities about jihadists returning from the Middle East, raising the risk of recruitment to jihadism, the country’s coordinator against violent extremism told Sveriges Radio.

    “There is a great risk that those who are returning are seen as heroes. They could become role models who successfully recruit new fighters,” Mona Sahlin said.

    “That is why, in order to properly prepare people psychologically and give those surrounding them immunity against this ideology, not only the police should know who they are.”

    Sahlin, a former leader of Sweden’s Social Democratic party, was appointed Sweden’ first official coordinator against violent extremism in July 2014.

    Her agency is tasked with “protecting democracy against violent extremism,” by working to improve cooperation between government agencies, municipalities and organizations at the national, regional and local level…”

  7. Air strikes kill dozens in Syria’s Aleppo (aljazeera, Feb 5, 2016)

    “Russia has intensified its air strikes in an attempt to back up the Syrian government’s offensive in Syria’s Aleppo, killing scores of people, Al Jazeera has learned.

    The reports of deaths come amid another breakdown of peace talks in Geneva and a donor conference in London where world leaders have pledged $10bn to help Syrians.

    At least 37 people have been killed, including three children, in suspected Russian air strikes on several neighbourhoods in Aleppo city, a local activist speaking on condition of anonymity told Al Jazeera on Thursday.

    “Syrian and Russian air strikes have targeted al-Bab, Hmeimeh, Soran and several other neighbourhoods in Aleppo province. We can confirm that 37 people have been killed but we are expecting the death toll to rise,” he said….”

  8. French PM defends emergency rule, says terror threat ‘here to last’

    PARIS (Reuters) – Thousands of house searches since November’s Islamist attacks in Paris have helped foil another terrorist plot, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Friday as his government sought to extend emergency rule.

    Valls, defending state of emergency rules that have allowed police conduct thousands of house searches in just a few months, also said over 2,000 French residents were believed to be involved with jihadi networks based in Syria and Iraq.

    The Islamic State militant group that controls large parts of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for the Nov 13. attack on Paris, in which gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 people and injured hundreds more.

    “The terrorist threat is here, and here to last,” Valls told the National Assembly, where the government is asking lawmakers to extend the state of emergency to the end of May and amend the Constitution so people convicted on terror charges can be stripped of their citizenship.–business.html

  9. German spy agency says ISIS sending fighters disguised as refugees

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) said on Friday, a day after security forces thwarted a potential IS attack in Berlin.

    Hans-Georg Maassen said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.

    “Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing,” Maassen told ZDF television.

    “We are trying to recognize and identify whether there are still more IS fighters or terrorists from IS that have slipped in,” he added.

    The Berliner Zeitung newspaper cited Maassen on Friday as saying that the BfV had received more than 100 tip-offs that there were Islamic State fighters among the refugees currently staying in Germany.

  10. Syria advances in Aleppo, breaking siege and cutting off rebels

    BEIRUT – The Syrian army entered two pro-government Shiite towns outside of Aleppo and advanced against rebel forces in the northern province on Thursday, threatening to entirely encircle the opposition-held parts of the key city.

    Government forces and their allies have now cut off the main supply route from Aleppo city to Turkey, a key backer of Syria’s opposition.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 40,000 people were already on the move in Aleppo province, and that many could seek refuge in neighboring Turkey owing to clashes between government forces and rebels.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has warned tens of thousands of refugees would try to enter his country, which already hosts the largest number of Syrians who fled their homeland.

    Speaking in London, as world leaders launched a donors’ conference asking for billions of dollars in aid for Syria, Davutoglu had also warned that tens of thousands of Syrians are fleeing the fighting in Aleppo and would seek shelter in neighboring Turkey.

    He blamed the mass movement on Russian airstrikes and the Syrian government’s forces and called for more U.S. leadership.

  11. Syrian rebels are losing Aleppo and perhaps also the war

    GAZIANTEP, Turkey — Syrian rebels battled for their survival in and around Syria’s northern city of Aleppo on Thursday after a blitz of Russian airstrikes helped government loyalists sever a vital supply route and sent a new surge of refugees fleeing toward the border with Turkey.

    The Russian-backed onslaught against rebel positions in Aleppo coincided with the failure of peace talks in Geneva, and helped reinforce opposition suspicions that Russia and its Syrian government allies are more interested in securing a military victory over the rebels than negotiating a settlement.

    After two days of what rebel fighters described as the most intense airstrikes yet, government forces had succeeded on Wednesday in cutting off the rebels’ main supply route from the Turkish border to the portion of Aleppo city that remains under opposition control. On Thursday, the government captured several more villages in the surrounding countryside, prompting fears among residents and rebels that the city could soon be entirely surrounded.

  12. US weighs options as IS presence soars in Libya

    Washington (AFP) – Islamic State fighters have streamed into Libya in recent months, a US official said Thursday, heightening fears the extremists are gaining ground and influence in the north African country.

    About 5,000 IS jihadists are now in Libya, the defense official said, approximately double earlier estimates, while the number of IS extremists in Iraq and Syria has dropped.

    The updated tallies come as the administration of President Barack Obama faces growing calls for the US military to step up action against the IS group in Libya, where the jihadists have already seized the city of Sirte and an adjoining length of Mediterranean coastline.

  13. Thousands flee as Russian-backed offensive threatens to besiege Aleppo

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Syrians fled an intensifying Russian assault around Aleppo on Friday, and aid workers said they feared the city which once held two million people could soon fall under a full government siege.

    Iran reported one of its generals was killed on the front line assisting government forces, direct confirmation of the role Tehran is playing along with Moscow in what appears to be one of the most ambitious offensives in five years of civil war.

    The government assault around Aleppo, and advances in the south of the country, helped to torpedo peace talks this week in Geneva. President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and their allies are making a new bid to achieve victory on the battlefield after Russia’s intervention ended months of stalemate.

    The last 24 hours saw government troops and their Lebanese and Iranian allies fully encircle the countryside north of Aleppo and cut off the main supply route linking the city – Syria’s largest before the war – to Turkey. Ankara said it suspected the aim was to starve the population into submission.

    Aleppo would be the biggest strategic prize in years for Assad’s government in a conflict that has killed at least 250,000 people and driven 11 million from their homes.

    Video footage showed thousands of people, mostly women, children and the elderly, massing at the Bab al-Salam border crossing. Men carried luggage on top of their heads, and the elderly and those unable to walk were brought in wheelchairs. Some women sat on the side of the road holding babies and awaited to be allowed into Turkey.

    • Turkmen Seeking Refuge From Syria in Turkey

      ISTANBUL – There are a growing numbers of Turkish nationalists fighting with Syrian Turkmen, as Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower step up their operations against the Turkish minority. Growing numbers of Turkmen are now seeking refuge in Turkey to escape the fighting.

      Last week, thousands of Turkish nationalists turned out for the funeral of a senior member of Turkey’s National Action Party or MHP, who was killed fighting with Syrian Turkmen.

      Political consultant Atilla Yesilada says growing numbers of nationalist Turks are being drawn to the conflict.

      “The way the Assad armies and Russians are treating Turkmen is nationalizing the problem. Its the Pan Turkish issue, MHP thinks whether Turks live in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan or Syria, they belong to the same homeland so they go to the defense of homeland, they go to the defense of their kinsman. They fought in Bosnia as well,” said Yesilada.

      Since Syrian Turkmen forces killed a Russian pilot shot down by Turkish jets in November, military operations by the Syrian regime forces backed by Russian airpower has intensified.

      But Political columnist Kadri Gursel of Al Monitor website, says the Turkmen are key part of Ankara’s efforts to overthrow Syrian regime of President Bashar Al Assad.

      “Sunni Turkmen were Ankara’s natural allies in a strategy to topple the regime. They have armed and organized Sunni Turkmen battalions, baptized to the names Ottoman Sultans, which were famous for their Ottoman Islamism, Sunnis. They have created a perception which, all Turkmen were the allies of Ankara. Turkmen will be the biggest losers of this Syria policy,” said Gursel.

      Thousands of Syrian Turkmen are fleeing to Turkey in the face of a series of victories by Syrian regime forces. The Russian foreign ministry in a statement Thursday claimed it had detected secret preparations by Turkish forces to intervene into Syria.

      But political columnist Gursel says the risks of such an intervention makes it unlikely.

      “If they decided to invade Syria, to defend Turkmen, Ankara will be bogged down into a quagmire, with no exit strategy. And they will be not only one adversary there. There are Kurds, there are Syrians, there are Russians, even Iranians, and also ISIS. I think it is not a defendable position,” he said.

      But observers says the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is famed for doubling down in high risk confrontations, especially after investing so much political capital supporting the Turkmen, whose defeat could ultimately symbolize a wider failed Syrian policy.

      Turks wonder if they are at war with Russia

      With Turkish-Russian tensions climbing, some Turks wonder whether their country is sliding towards an open confrontation with Moscow.

      The Turkmen region of north-western Syria has been under attack by Russian planes and Syrian gov­ernment forces for months. Turk­ish authorities said more than 1,600 refugees entered Turkey in two days in late January. News reports said another 20,000 could be preparing to cross the border.

      Erdogan has accused Assad and Russia of stepping up their offen­sive in the Turkmen region close to the Turkish border as part of a wider push to secure the area around the port city of Latakia on the Mediter­ranean coast. Latakia, a stronghold of the Alawite community to which Assad belongs, was to form the core of a “boutique state” in the event that Syria broke up, Erdogan said.

      Syrian Turkmen National Move­ment Party Vice-Chairman Tarik Sulo Cevizci said recent attacks by Syrian troops and Russian aircraft around Mount Turkmen on the Turkish border were supposed to strengthen the government’s posi­tion at peace talks in Geneva.

      “This place is of strategic impor­tance,” Cevizci said. “If no solution comes out of the Geneva talks and if everybody starts to create their own state, Assad wants to put the Mount Turkmen area within the borders of the Nusayri state he wants to form,” he added, using another term for Alawite.

      With Turkish-Russian tensions climbing, some Turks wonder whether their country is sliding to­wards an open confrontation with Moscow.

      “At this point, my country runs the risk of entering an open war if it continues to support confronta­tions in Syria,” columnist Nuray Mert wrote in the English-language newspaper Hurriyet Daily News. “We should know whether we are at war with Russia.”

      Turkmens in Syria

  14. German far-right’s language is close to that of Nazis, Gabriel says

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s far-right, led by the rising anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, is using language similar to that deployed by Hitler’s Nazis, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Friday.

    Support for the AfD has jumped amid deepening public unease over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees from Syria and elsewhere after some 1.1 million migrants came to Germany last year.

    “Those who accuse democratically elected politicians of treason, call them ‘parties of the system’ and menace journalists as ‘lying press’ – they are very close to the language of the enemies of democracy, the Nazis of the ’20s and ’30s,” Gabriel said.

    He was speaking in Berlin at an event to promote integration – the hot popular issue in Germany. Concern over the refugee influx has hurt support for Merkel and fueled the AfD’s rise.

    • I think the left has played the far right card way too often, people are realizing that the far right is not the evil they have been painted.

  15. Cologne Carnival: Police record 22 sexual assaults

    Police in Cologne have said that 22 incidents of sexual assault occurred in the city on the first night of the traditional Carnival street party.

    They have 190 people in custody and officials have described them as “a cross section of the general public”.

    Security has been beefed up in the city, after many women suffered sexual assaults and robberies there on New Year’s Eve.

    Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants.

    […]A suspect was in custody after a woman was attacked and raped while on her way home, they added.

    The city in western Germany has deployed 2,500 police officers for the week-long event, which usually draws 1.5 million visitors.

    Turnout is said to be lower than usual despite the extra security, which some officials have attributed to rainy weather.

    • Schmusekurs mit Erdogan ( 9 min 52 )
      Deutschland und die EU setzen in der Flüchtlingskrise voll auf die Türkei. Drei Milliarden Euro bekommt das Land, um Flüchtlinge von den EU-Außengrenzen fernzuhalten. Doch im Schatten dieser Flüchtlingskrise führt die türkische Regierung einen erbitterten Krieg gegen kurdische Kämpfer und Zivilisten im Südosten. Regierungskritiker werden bedroht, eingeschüchtert und teilweise auch weggesperrt. Für die deutsche Bundesregierung ist dies kein Thema. Im Gegenteil: Der deutsche Innenminister verbittet sich jetzt jegliche Kritik am NATO-Partner.

    • Erdogan Guard Attacks Pro-Kurdish Lawmaker in Ecuador

      The incident occurred during a Kurdish solidarity protest against Turkey’s president as he visited Ecuador.

      Supporters of the Kurdish struggle took to the streets Thursday in Ecuador’s capital Quito to protest Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in Ecuador on an official two-day visit.

      The protesters gathered in opposition to Ankara’s military operation in the Kurdish southeast areas of Turkey against the militant PKK group. Hundreds of civilians have been killed since August.

      Protesters were heard chanting slogans such as ”Long live Kurdistan,” “Murderer Erdogan” and “Out with Erdogan” as the Turkish leader entered the IAEN University in Quito.

      Giran Ozcan, the Latin American representative of the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), was at the protest and told teleSUR that Ecuadorean lawmaker Diego Vintimilla, who was with the protesters, was injured in a confrontation with one of Erdogan’s security guards.

      “Erdogan’s security guard attacked a protester, broke his nose and he is going to hospital now,” Ozcan said following the incident.

      “People of Ecuador realise that a murderer is visiting their country today,” Ozcan said as he joined the protest against Erdogan. “Through President Erdogan’s support for ISIS (Islamic State group) he is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria.”

      Ozcan added that Erdogan is responsible for the killing of hundreds of civilians in Kurdish towns such as Cizre and Sur as part of his push for consolidating power in Turkey.

      According to the Turkish Human Rights Commision, at least 167 civilians have been killed in Turkey’s majority-Kurdish southeast since August last year.

      Erdogan met with Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa in the capital in order to finalize economic deals between the two nations, which Erdogan described as “strategic” and the beginning of a golden era between Turkey and Ecuador.

      Despite being far from Turkey, Ozcan said the protest was an important action where “the people of Ecuador are showing solidarity with the Kurdish people and people of the Middle East against aspiring dictators such as Erdogan and evil organisations that he supports such as ISIS!”

      • ‘Murderer!’ Female protesters interrupt Erdogan’s speech in Ecuador

        Ecuador has summoned the Turkish ambassador in Quito to formally protest the treatment of three of its citizens who were forcibly removed after demonstrating against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he was speaking at an event.
        The three women were removed from Quito’s Centre for Higher National Studies on Thursday by Erdogan’s security personnel when they interrupted his speech. Local media were also prevented from filming the altercation.

  16. The flipside of Obama’s apologetics for radical Islamists

    On Wednesday the US media interrupted its saturation coverage of the presidential primaries to report on President Barack Obama’s visit to a mosque in Maryland. The visit was Obama’s first public one to a mosque in the US since entering the White House seven years ago. The mosque Obama chose to visit demonstrated once again that his views of radical Islam are deeply problematic.

    Obama visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore, a mosque with longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. During Operation Protective Edge, the leaders of the mosque accused Israel of genocide and demanded that the administration end US support for the Jewish state.

    According to The Daily Caller, the mosque’s former imam Mohammad Adam el-Sheikh was active in the Islamic American Relief Agency, a charity deemed a terror group in 2004 after the US Treasury Department determined it had transferred funds to Osama bin Laden, Hamas, al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

    El-Sheikh left the Baltimore mosque to take over the Dar el-Hijra mosque in northern Virginia. He replaced Anwar al-Awlaki as imam after Awlaki moved to Yemen in 2003. In Yemen Awlaki rose to become a senior al-Qaida commander.

    Awlaki radicalized many American jihadists both through direct contact and online. He radicalized US Army major Nidal Malik Hasan, and inspired him to carry out the 2009 massacre of 13 US soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood in Texas. Awlaki was killed by a US drone strike in 2011.

    In 2010, a member of the Islamic Society of Baltimore was arrested for planning to attack an army recruiting office. According to the Mediaite news portail, the mosque reportedly refused to cooperate with the FBI in its investigation.

  17. ‘I’m Just Asking a Question’: Rush Limbaugh Reveals What He’s ‘Always Wondered’ About Obama
    Feb. 4, 2016 8:50pm Oliver Darcy

    Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh asked aloud on his radio program Thursday why President Barack Obama made the choice to become a Christian.

    Limbaugh, referencing the president’s recent trip to a Baltimore mosque this week, argued Obama is “constantly talking [Islam] up.”

    “President Obama is routinely defending it, talking it up, promoting it,” Limbaugh contended, according to an online transcript posted to his official website.

    He talks about how awesome Islam is all the time, one of the most beautiful sounds he’s ever heard is the morning call to prayer in an Islamic country,” the radio show host added. “He says it’s the most peaceful, most giving religion out there, that the mosque called a prayer one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. And, at the same time, he’s out there, and look what he says about Christians. He says he is one. Look, he talks about ‘em as bitter clingers and they hold on to their guns when they’re nervous.”

    Limbaugh then revealed his question.

    “My question is, given all this, why did he choose to become a Christian? I’ve always wondered that,” he told his audience. “He’s such a defender and promoter of Islam, and, on the other hand, he and his party are constantly denigrating Christians. I don’t care what the issue is, whether it’s guns, whether it’s gay marriage, any cultural or social issue, or the bitter clinger comments. I’ve always wondered about this.”

    The radio host argued he was “not saying anything.”

    “I’m just asking a question,” he insisted.

  18. Facebook’s War on Freedom of Speech

    It was only a few weeks ago that Facebook was forced to back down when caught permitting anti-Israel postings, but censoring equivalent anti-Palestinian postings.

    Now one of the most sinister stories of the past year was hardly even reported. In September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at a UN development summit in New York. As they sat down, Chancellor Merkel’s microphone, still on, recorded Merkel asking Zuckerberg what could be done to stop anti-immigration postings being written on Facebook. She asked if it was something he was working on, and he assured her it was.

    At the time, perhaps the most revealing aspect of this exchange was that the German Chancellor — at the very moment that her country was going through one of the most significant events in its post-war history — should have been spending any time worrying about how to stop public dislike of her policies being vented on social media. But now it appears that the discussion yielded consequential results.

    Last month, Facebook launched what it called an “Initiative for civil courage online,” the aim of which, it claims, is to remove “hate speech” from Facebook — specifically by removing comments that “promote xenophobia.” Facebook is working with a unit of the publisher Bertelsmann, which aims to identify and then erase “racist” posts from the site. The work is intended particularly to focus on Facebook users in Germany. At the launch of the new initiative, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, explained that, “Hate speech has no place in our society — not even on the internet.” She went to say that, “Facebook is not a place for the dissemination of hate speech or incitement to violence.” Of course, Facebook can do what it likes on its own website. What is troubling is what this organization of effort and muddled thinking reveals about what is going on in Europe.

    • BRETIBART – Journalists at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) should refer to the Islamic prophet, Mohammed, as “the Prophet”, according to the corporation’s in-house style guide.

      Under the section labelled “Muhammad”, the guide says: “For the founder of Islam, our style is the Prophet Muhammad; at second reference Muhammad or the Prophet.”

      This advice is repeated in the sections on “Arabic names” and “Islam”.

      The assertion that Mohammed is “the Prophet”, with a capital P, will likely cause controversy. While followers of Islam believe him to be the last prophet sent by God – Christians, Jews, atheists and followers of other religions do not regard him as a prophet at all.[…]

  19. Over 10,000 ISIS affiliates based in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Report (khaama, Feb 5, 2016)

    “Over 10,000 loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group are based in the remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, a new project report.

    The project by the UK-based Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has been launched amid concerns that the loyalists of the terror group have stepped up efforts to expand foothold in the region, including swaths of southern and central Asia under the terror group’s so-called Khurasan province…”

  20. U.N. migration chief says Angela Merkel is a hero (reuters, Feb 5, 2016)

    “The U.N’s top migration official called German Chancellor Angela Merkel a hero on Friday, saying she had taken a principled stand to support refugees while some European leaders had failed a test of human decency.

    Popular support for Merkel has tumbled to its lowest in 4 1/2 years, a poll showed on Wednesday, after 1.1 million migrants entered Germany last year. Mistrust of migrants grew after some were linked to sexual assaults on women during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne.

    “In my opinion Mrs Merkel is a hero,” Peter Sutherland, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s special representative for international migration, told a news conference in Geneva.

    “She knew it was a moral issue. She knew she was going to take political attack … with her popularity affected negatively as a result,” said Sutherland, who has headed the World Trade Organization and was non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs.

    He praised Sweden’s attitude too but said that Europe had overall taken in a “relatively miniscule” number of refugees.

    “Some have said we will take refugees ‘as long as they are Christian’. What century are they living in? What about the concepts of the dignity of the human being and the equality of man?” Sutherland asked.

    European countries prioritizing Christian refugees include the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Slovakia. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said the influx – mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans – threatens Europe’s Christian roots.

    Sutherland told reporters that politicians were influenced by “your proprietors, the press” in depicting migrants unfavorably.

    “The evidence is irrefutable. Migrants in general, and in every country in Europe, make greater fiscal contributions than they take in benefits. They’ve lower levels of unemployment and in general a greater interest in education.”

    The European Union, with a substantial proportion of the global economy, had an obligation to help,

    “Why can’t a continent that has over 500 million, living in the most prosperous part of the world, take in a million who come across the Mediterranean every year, and share them on the basis of fair allocation?” Sutherland asked.”

  21. Newsweek – Inside Al-Qaeda: The Real Lives of Suicide Bombers in Syria

    […]Refsdal’s new documentary, Dugma: The Button, which he showed exclusively to Newsweek ahead of its premiere in Oslo, Norway, on March 10. It provides an unusually intimate look at some of the most demonized figures of modern conflict—suicide bombers. (The film will be broadcast on TV in at least four European countries in March.)[…]

    […]Giske says Refsdal has made a film that challenges the world’s perceptions of extremist groups. “He’s trying to say that they are normal people and we have to treat them like normal people,” she says. Come March, audiences can make up their own minds about that.

    Dugma: The Button – Trailer

  22. Belgium to Hire 1,000 More Police to Combat Radicalism (abcenews, Feb 5, 2016)

    “The Belgian government has approved a plan to combat Islamic radicalism and the threat of extremist violence by hiring 1,000 new police officers over the next four years.

    The plan, presented Friday to reporters by Interior Minister Jan Jambon, calls for adding 300 officers this year, and more than 500 by 2017.

    Jambon says 300 new officers will be added in Molenbeek and other neighborhoods with a history of radical Islamist activity. Ninety-six police investigators will be hired, and 260 TV cameras positioned to monitor movements on the highways.

    The November attacks that killed 130 people in Paris were staged from neighboring Belgium, and a subsequent official investigation revealed how ineffective the surveillance of suspected radicals in the country has often been.

    Belgium has also been one of the prime European recruiting grounds for foreign fighters enlisted by the Islamic State extremist group.

    On Monday, the prime ministers of Belgium and France and their top justice, police and intelligence officials held an extraordinary meeting in Brussels, and agreed to step up cooperation in the counterterrorism field.

    Under the new Belgian security plan, special attention is being paid to Molenbeek and seven other districts in the greater Brussels area that have produced large numbers of Muslim extremists and radicals. In a tweet, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said 300 of the new police hires would be sent to those neighborhoods. Earlier reports from RTBF French-language broadcasting and other Belgian media had put the number of new local officers earmarked for those areas at 100.

    Michel also said the security upgrade would cost 300 million euros ($334 million).

    Molenbeek, home to the suspected Paris attack ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud and three other attackers, became the symbol of the presence of Muslim radicalism in Belgium and the inability of authorities to stamp it out. Jambon said 50 of the new police hires will quickly be deployed there.

    Law enforcement personnel will also be reinforced at Belgian airports and on the country’s North Sea coast. Michel told a joint news conference with Jambon that 103 new hires will be made in the Belgian state security services.

    “On the ground, we’ll work together,” Jambon told reporters at the beginning of Friday’s meeting of Belgium’s federal Cabinet.

    According to the interior minister, the priorities will be combatting the foreign fighter phenomenon; shutting down illegal commerce in firearms, drugs and forged documents that is often linked to the extremists; drying up their other sources of revenue; and fighting attempts to radicalize Belgians, including through mosques or prayer rooms.

    The Nov. 13 attacks that claimed 130 lives in Paris were also staged from Belgium, and at least four of the attackers, including suspected ringleader lived in Brussels, Belgium’s capital.”

    • 1000 new officers is not near enough and spreading their hire over 3 years says this is a cosmetic act and not something done to help the Europeans.

  23. Al-Shabab retakes key Somalia port city of Merca (BBC, Feb 5, 2016)

    “Islamist militant group al-Shabab has taken control of the port city Merca, residents say.
    Merca, some 70km (45 miles) south-west of Mogadishu, is now the biggest town under al-Shabab control.

    African Union forces who had held the port city for three-and-a-half years withdrew earlier on Friday morning.

    The loss is a major setback for the African Union force (Amisom) in its decade-long battle against al-Shabab, the BBC’s Tomi Oladipo says.

    The governor of Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region Ibrahim Adam told the AFP news agency that al-Shabab secured control without fighting.

    “Amisom forces moved out at midday and the local administration and all other Somali security forces left a few minutes later – and then heavily armed al-Shabab militants entered the town,” local resident Ibrahim Mumin told AFP.

    “They have been addressing residents at the district headquarters,” he added.

    Another resident, Mohamed Sabriye, told AP news agency that al-Shabab fighters had hoisted their flag over the city’s police station and administrative headquarters.

    The withdrawal from Merca comes three weeks after al-Shabab overran an African Union military base outside the southern Somali town of el-Ade, saying they had killed about 100 Kenyans soldiers.

    Kenya has not said how many of its troops died.

    Al-Shabab was ousted from the capital, Mogadishu, in August 2011, but still has a presence in large areas of southern Somalia and often stages attacks across the country.”

  24. Socialism Works Until You Run Out of Money to Pay for the Paper Your Money is Printed On

    Here’s a preview of Bernie Sanders’ economic policy over in Venezuela.

    Millions of pounds of provisions, stuffed into three-dozen 747 cargo planes, arrived here from countries around the world in recent months to service Venezuela’s crippled economy.

    But instead of food and medicine, the planes carried another resource that often runs scarce here: bills of Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar.

    The shipments were part of the import of at least five billion bank notes that PresidentNicolás Maduro’s administration authorized over the latter half of 2015 as the government boosts the supply of the country’s increasingly worthless currency, according to seven people familiar with the deals.

    And the Venezuelan government isn’t finished. In December, the central bank began secret negotiations to order 10 billion more bills, five of these people said, which would effectively double the amount of cash in circulation. That order alone is well above the eight billion notes the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank each print annually—dollars and euros that unlike bolivars are used world-wide.

    • The headline describes the economy of every nation the left has managed to gain control of, which is just about all of the nations on earth.

    • I shouldn’t watch these.
      I try to believe my vote would count – or be counted, whatever – if I didn’t live in THE most corrupt state of these United States.
      But when I see this guy’s videos, I’m ever more convinced that my fellow Americans aren’t fit for a republic.

  25. Pakistanis form human chain on Kashmir Solidarity Day

    Muslims take to the streets and make a human chain to show their solidarity with [ Muslim ] Kashmiris in Indian held-Kashmir. The disputed Kashmir region is divided between India and Pakistan, both of which claim the Himalayan territory in its entirety.

  26. BREITBART – 10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna

    An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries. The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months.

    Police investigators have ascertained that the 20 year old man entered Austria on the 13th September, travelling into the country via the Balkans.

    On the December 2nd he brutally attacked the young boy, pulling him into a changing cubicle, pulling down his swimming trunks and assaulting him. Although the boy cried out he was not heard by anyone, Kronen Zeitung has reported.

    Following the attack, the Iraqi amused himself by diving repeatedly from the three metre board. The young boy, meanwhile, went to a lifeguard in tears and told him what had happened. The police were immediately called and were able to arrest the Iraqi on the spot, while the boy was taken to hospital suffering from serious injuries.

    During his interrogation the man attempted to excuse himself, saying that it had been a “sexual emergency.”

    He explained that he had to satisfy himself with the lad as he had not had sex in four months, explaining “I couldn’t stand not having sex as I have excess sexual energy.” He added that it had been “a huge mistake” and that he had known it would “scar the boy”.

    When asked whether it was illegal to have sex with ten year old boys in Iraq, the man said “Such a thing is forbidden in any country in the world.”

  27. British teenager is gang raped by ‘Moroccan’ men after being dragged into a car in Spain

    Girl, 18, was attacked by gang while walking home from work late at night

    She was dragged into car behind a supermarket in Sabinillas near Marbella

    Victim’s friend: ‘She is absolutely devastated. They are lowest of the low’

    Police say they are investigating a group of Moroccan men in the area

  28. Channel 4 – Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks – victims speak
    ( 8 min 12 )
    Hundreds of women said they were sexually assaulted in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – in attacks that police in Germany were widely accused of covering up. The women who were assaulted are still traumatised by what happened.

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