Multi-faith prayer rooms…? Oh! you mean a mosque!

Great little video illustrating how ‘multi-faith’ prayer rooms in fact means a mosque, except one that gets more public funding than one called a mosque.

This video is as I found it except for two alterations I made. One is that I leveled the audio so you can hear each person a little better than in the original. I also tried to make the audio a little clearer for ease of listening. For some, this might seem grating and for others, a little better than the Facebook original. The second alteration was I added a freeze frame of the sign at the door, as the original video has them going by it so quickly that the fact that it says: “Multi-Faith prayer room” clearly on the entrance can be lost on the viewer. so I emphasized that aspect of it.

The original is from Facebook at this link.

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4 Replies to “Multi-faith prayer rooms…? Oh! you mean a mosque!”

  1. WOW, allah-lujja WOW AND TRIPLE WOW WOW WOW.

    This little deceptively innocent looking video really really really hits it right where it should wake people up, or hurt them whatever they deserve.

    This needs being distributed WIDELY and OFTEN !

    BRAVO Vlad for finding those little pearls. !!!

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