President of France vows to take impotent and unverifiable action, restricted by US oversight in response to IS threats.

Meanwhile, the mosque half way down the block will continue to incite and plot against the French and generate terrorist events and virtually nothing will be done about that.

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7 Replies to “President of France vows to take impotent and unverifiable action, restricted by US oversight in response to IS threats.”

  1. The scale of betrayal is stunning. It would be like declaring war with China while you entertain multiple Chinese districts under the functional rule of the Chinamen in which supposedly the vast majority of Chinese are “loyal French citizens”.

    But substitute “China” for “Islam” and suddenly it’s all supposed to make sense?

  2. That the damnable thing about it. Here in Canada, it’s the same story, with Ezra Levant citing at least 24 extremist mosques (We have at least one ISNA mosque in Calgary, and a few other are linked to shady organizations that I looked at.) In addition, there are more are articulating, the logic of the life of Mohammed, and the role attributed to him by lineages of authority and the Koran. So naturally even a mosque, filled to the brim with the best intentions, will promulgate the same Islamic theory, tactics, strategy and objectives of war.

    • In the end they will always be forced to choose between western freedom and Islamic dogma, and a great many will choose the dogma with disastrous effects.

  3. As usual the Feckless,spineless, and balless Western European political class are ‘fighting’ IS,ISIS,ISIL and the many of the Islamic Jihadi groups with the same pompous bluster, BS and ‘stern determination’ as the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ and his Muslim Brotherhood influenced administration.

  4. More cosmetic responses to military attacks, the lefts refusal to live in the real world is making sure the war will last a lot longer, cost a lot more lives and possibly destroy civilization.

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